Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Back on the Rise

The University of Alabama System announced that the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus was back on the rise this past week, including on the Tuscaloosa campus.

Overall, there were 142 new cases including at UAB and UAH, with 68 in Tuscaloosa. 

While that figure is still relatively low, especially when compared to early-semester numbers, its the highest number since mid-September and twice as many as the previous week. 

Experts are warning that the country is poised to enter its worst stretch yet of the pandemic. The Washington Post reported that hospitalizations increased in 38 states over the past week. 

Per NBC News, the United States set a daily record for coronavirus cases on Thursday as the number soared past 77,000, topping the previous high set in July.

The data is from Oct. 16-22. Football coach Nick Saban, who apparently had a false positive test last week, said on Monday that the Crimson Tide football team has had one positive test over the past three weeks. 

“So we haven’t had any issues, knock on wood,” he said. “Hopefully, guys will continue to manage their personal space and do the right things so that we can minimize that as much as we can.”

However, Director of Athletics Greg Byrne is still recovering from COVID-19 and told the Paul Finebaum Show earlier this week that: “I’m doing better.”

University of Alabama Coronavirus Cases

Oct. 22: 68 new cases; 2,680 total 

Oct. 15: 34; 2,612

Oct. 8: 45; 2,578

Oct. 1: 24; 2, 533

Sept. 24: 48; 2,509

Sept. 17: 119; 2,461

Sept. 10: 294; 2,342

Sept. 3: 846; 2,048

Aug. 27: 481; 1,202

Aug. 24: 563; 720

Aug. 18 (pe-arrival): 158; 158

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