College Gameday Crew Responds to BYU Football’s Ranking

When the first College Football Playoff rankings were released on Tuesday, national analysts voiced their displeasure for BYU’s #14 ranking. The Cougars were 9-0 and coming off four straight weeks in the AP top 10 before dropping behind three teams with two losses in the first edition of the rankings. On Saturday morning, the College Gameday crew dedicated a segment to BYU’s ranking and the hypothetic betting lines if BYU played one of the 13 teams ranked in front of them. You can see the hypothetical betting lines below:

According to Vegas oddsmakers, BYU would be favored over Indiana, Iowa State, Miami, Texas A&M, and Northwestern. They would have a 50/50 chance to beat Georgia and Cincinnati, and they would be less than 10 point underdogs against Notre Dame, Clemson, Ohio State, Florida, and Oklahoma. Alabama is the only team ranked in front of BYU that would be a heavy favorite over the Cougars – the Crimson Tide would start as a 17 point favorite over BYU.

The College Gameday crew strongly disagreed with BYU’s ranking. Here are a few things they said about BYU during the segment: 

“I think we were all shocked that BYU was 14th…what it tells me is that the committee is more looking at BYU’s schedule as opposed to on-the-field performance.” – Chris Fallica

“I just look at BYU as a team–control the line of scrimmage on both sides…it’s a beat-you-into-a-pulp type of system…and I think that has staying power. You can go on the field and play against anybody, anywhere.” – Kirk Herbstreit

“I don’t believe that their schedule is enough–their challenge is enough–to put them in the playoff. I also believe it would be a complete injustice if they finish undefeated and they don’t go to a New Year’s Six bowl.”  – Rece Davis

Davis also added that prior committees have revisited controversial rankings and adjusted them before.

“For him to tell you, ‘we watched the film, we were impressed with BYU’…which film did you watch? How could you be impressed and mark them at 14 below 3 teams with two losses? It just doesn’t jive well with me at all.” – Desmond Howard

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