Climbing the Career Ladder Takes Savvy

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, with companies continually assessing ways to reduce their costs, advancing your career is going to take planning and savvy.

Here are some tips you should consider:

Does Your Company Give You Room To Grow?

This is actually something you might want to consider prior to accepting any position. Consider the size of the company.

Bigger companies offer more opportunities.

And, most companies worth their salt will hire qualified employees from within.

Be the Best Employee You Can Be

Being the best employee you can be begins with paying attention to some of the basics…

o Punctuality

o Always dress for success… even on “casual” day

o Willingness to take on additional responsibility

o Willingness to work as a team and help out your co-workers when needed

o Going the extra mile, working the extra time, and going beyond what’s expected of you

o Volunteering to work on committees and extra projects.

Broaden Your Horizons

Consider your weaknesses – we all have them. Then, consider what you’ll need to do to turn your weakness into strengths.

For instance, many people in middle-management find themselves having to do presentations, either to groups of employees or to visitors. And, perhaps you feel uncomfortable speaking in front of groups of people.

That’s a relatively easy fix. Join your local Toastmasters. It’s inexpensive, and the group helps you to overcome your fears.

Continue your schooling. Additional training in your particular field is highly beneficial. As is, training to improve your leadership and supervisory skills.

Even if the courses you are taking don’t seem relevant to your position – it’s all good. Employers like employees who are continually working to improve themselves.

Whether it’s coaching your son’s little league team, or organizing a 5K benefit run for a charitable cause, consider volunteering to gain additional experience in leadership and organization.

Applying For the Right Position

Chances are you have your dream position in mind. Keep your eye on that position, and don’t be tempted to apply for a position just because it pays a little more.

However, if making a lateral move from one department to another gets you a step closer to that position, then go for it.