Data Science Providing a New Dimension to the World of Marketing

Data science is spreading across all industries and sectors. There is an intense amount of data which is produced on an everyday basis. What is done with all such data?

Data in raw form can be of no use and one can miss on many opportunities. That is why data in today's world is given such huge importance and is worked upon relentlessly to find answers for various questions. Data science is a complex form of the interdisciplinary subject where mathematics, statistics, programming, and business knowledge is needed. It includes a data cycle where data is collected and stored, cleaned, explored, visualized and then interpreted to the management. All these activities, though sound simple, involves many tools, techniques, and highly skilled experts.


Data science has great application in all forms of business and organizations. Its major help is that it discovers hidden truths in the data collected and help in understanding market relevant issues. Some of the general benefits of data science are:

  • Increase business value by optimizing profitability, workflows, operational efficiency, workforce performance etc.
  • Better analysis of industry trends and risks by analyzing suppliers and customers and get updated on news and social media feeds.
  • Knowing one's customer by their preferences, demographics, demands etc and tailor products and services according to it.
  • Helps in recruitment by sorting numerous applications in less time and select according to the needs of the organizations.


Every business organization has marketing at their core and depends on it. They have some kind of product or service to market and sell for earning revenue. Now that data science is such an up and coming tool for businesses, marketing is not far from using it.

Market trends and demands are changing with inexplicable speed and the companies need to keep up with the changing environment or it can lead to losses and become obsolete. Ways data science is helping marketing are:

  • Demand forecasting: using predictive analytics one can predict the future demand volume. This helps businesses to be prepared for the future, either by heightening the demand if predicted low or increase production if predicted high.
  • Targeting and segmentation: this is done through statistical analysis and data clustering. Usually, businesses have many segments of customers and segmenting can help in increasing the value of the product and also targeting become cost-efficient. Creating micro-segmentation strategies and targeting improvements marketing efficiency.
  • Digital advertising: today digital media helps a lot in advertising to the targeted customers, so the product information reaches the one who is a potential customer. This also reduces advertising costs.
  • Increases marketing performance and speed : analytics keep on analyzing data sets and decides which marketing campaign is working and to what extent. This helps save money and time from getting wasted on campaigns which are not fruitful.
  • Customer satisfaction and feedback: analytics keep a continuous check on customer feedback and reviews, which in turn helps in improving the product and customer service.

From product designing, production to …

Supercomputers – Advancement in Science and Technology


Supercomputers are a specialized type of computers which are used for complicated tasks like weather forecasting as well as biological researches. They are very expensive and are also responsible for working out many mathematical calculations in no time. The Blue Gene/L is the fastest computer in the world. It is in the national laboratory of Japan. It can execute up to 35.6 trillions of mathematical problems per second.

The chief difference between a supercomputer and normal PC’s:

1) Supercomputers are a specialized type of computers used for laboratory researches, weather forecasting, nuclear researches, and data analysis and in animation industry etc.

2) Supercomputers execute power into a few programmes, while computers run all applications concurrently.

Working and market:

Supercomputers have large processing capacity. It is mainly known for the great speed of calculation.

Supercomputers introduced by Symour cray. He is associated with Control Data Corporation. Samour cray introduced supercomputers with new design. He introduced those computers by his own company ‘Cray research.’

In 1980’s large number of smaller competitors entered into the super computer market. Market crashed.

Now the cray, IBM and Hewlett-Packard are building supercomputers. The IBM Roadrunner located in Los Alamos National Laboratory is the fastest supercomputer in the world.


In 1939 Atanasoff-Berry Computer was created at Iowa State


Supercomputers are a very useful resource for the science and technology. They have proved to be very useful tool in the processes of science and technology. they are relatively fast but can only power limited data compared to normal PC’s.

Author: Anil Purandare…

Technology As a Hobby

A hobby is a non profitable human choice of act for passing leisure time. Practising technological facts are very popular and common choice as a hobby. This kind of hobbyist already has a preference and basic knowledge in science and they like to learn more and apply it in making technical things. Technology dependent pastimes are not for everybody for its relative complexity.

Electronics is a hobby for many people and they like to make electronics products by following circuit design. They have an interest in electronics and gain enough knowledge in this field. It is not always mandatory to have an academic education to make electronics products.

Someone can start with some basic knowledge and by practising he may gain lots of practical experiences. Amateur electronics hobbyist likes to make things for their own pleasure but in this process, they may make some good products and make some money out of it. Sometimes this kind of practice may lead to a new invention.

A favourite recreation from the field of mechanical engineering is making vehicles. For the production cost, plane or water vessels are not very popular, but auto mobile is a very accepted form of this recreation. Someone with a keen interest in cars normally wants to make his own car or at least modify it.

The ultimate goal is to make it faster but other modifications like new body designing, lighting, engine performance and sound system are important for the hobbyist. An amateur car enthusiast usually grows his interest in the car from childhood and at a time he wants to modify his own car in his own hands but it requires technical knowledge. Sometimes an amateur with enough practical knowledge may get a job at a professional car manufacturing company. There he can earn a lot of money in the field of his interest.

Almost same as making a car, making radio controlled instruments is a popular hobby for many people. It not only requires mechanical knowledge but also electrical and electronics knowledge. The mechanical part includes the body structure and making it workable. The electronics part for controlling it by wireless instructions and its circuit design. A common example of this kind of hobby is a radio controlled model aero plane. Most of the times, the hobbyist designs the plane by following one of his favourite original models.

Another new hobby, totally based on modern technology, is robotics. This pastime needs a lot of expertise in mechanical and electronics science. But another thing is very important for robotics and that is artificial intelligence. Modern robots don’t just complete the pre determined task, now they are able to make contact with a human. This kind of recreation needs a lot of education and skill.

Programming is a new but fast growing hobby among the young people. Programming and other computer related topics are totally dependent on modern technology. It needs a lot of knowledge about the working process of a computer to write a program. It …

Information on Pursuing Biotechnology Studies


Biotechnology is a science discipline entailing the modification of living organizations to suit human lifestyle. Biotechnologists are equipped with skills that allow them to carry out special practices on living organisms such as plants and microbes to alter normal operations to suit their goals. Students wishing to pursue this discipline can work in several areas such as research and production institutions or manufacturing companies. There are integral factors students wishing to pursue this course have to consider before writing their letters of applications. Without these considerations, they might find themselves not achieving their intended goals.

Graduate or Diploma School

Before considering pursuing a biotechnology course, one should ask them the purpose of their study. People study science courses for different reasons. For example, to become teachers, tutors and professors while others do it for future employment. Depending on one's goals, they can either choose to attend a graduate school or a get a diploma course. A graduate school allows students to have multiple choices to make where a diploma only allows them to make have basic skill. But, they will not be as competitive as their counterparts in the job market who hold bachelor degrees. Degrees allow students get several advances from the market and opportunities to further their education should they wish to do so.

Selecting a School

It may seem like a small factor but the choice of school holds more than the eyes and mind can tell. A school with reputable testimonials in biotechnology studies would be a wiser choice than that with none. Several schools have national ratings. Students should check into these details and statistics before making applications. Similarly, the student should examine the connection of the school with the job market. They should consider if they are going to have a job after completing their studies or will have to do the job searching by themselves. A school with outside connections is better for it will make your job-seeking mission easier.


Finances also play a role when prospective students are selecting a school in which they can study biotechnology. Finances can limit a student from attending a particular school with good credentials. Students who wish to study in a particular school should always determine their financial status before setting out to applying for a school that they want to drop out on the way. Student loans are available for students who do not have enough finances. Neverheless, before seeking these finances, it is wiser for them to determine if the school they wish to join has scholarship programs. Scholarships are a good way to finance one's education. It is stress free and easy to apply if application criteria are met.


Some schools are known to ask for too much when students are applying to join them for a course. Future biotechnology students should seek for schools that require the least of, say, qualifications. A graduate good school that has connections to the outer market and financial support to students should be …

Gender Differences In Learning Style Specific To Science, Technology, Engineering And Math – Stem

There are gender differences in learning styles specific to science, math, engineering and technology (STEM) that teachers of these subjects should keep in mind when developing lesson plans and teaching in the classroom. First, overall, girls have much less experience in the hands-on application of learning principles in lab settings than boys. This could occur in the computer lab, the science lab, or the auto lab – the principle is the same for all of these settings – it requires an overall technology problem-solving schema, accompanied by use and manipulation of tools, and spatial relation skills that very few girls bring with them to the classroom on day one in comparison to boys.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why girls come to the STEM classroom with less of the core skills needed for success in this subject area. Overall, girls and boys play with different kinds of games in early childhood that provide different types of learning experiences. Most girls play games that emphasize relationships (i.e., playing house, playing with dolls) or creativity (i.e., drawing, painting). In contrast, boys play computer and video games or games that emphasize building (i.e., LEGO®), both of which develop problem-solving, spatial-relationship and hands-on skills.

A study of gender differences in spatial relations skills of engineering students in the U.S. and Brazil found that there was a large disparity between the skills of female and male students. These studies attributed female student’s lesser skills set to two statistically significant factors: 1) less experience playing with building toys and 2) having taken less drafting courses prior to the engineering program. Spatial relations skills are critical to engineering. A gender study of computer science majors at Carnegie-Mellon University (one of the preeminent computer science programs in the country) found that, overall, male students come equipped with much better computer skills than female students. This equips male students with a considerable advantage in the classroom and could impact the confidence of female students.

Are these gender differences nature or nurture? There is considerable evidence that they are nurture. Studies show that most leading computer and video games appeal to male interests and have predominantly male characters and themes, thus it is not surprising that girls are much less interested in playing them. A study of computer games by Children Now found that 17% of the games have female characters and of these, 50% are either props, they tend to faint, have high-pitched voices, and are highly sexualized.

There are a number of studies that suggest that when girls and women are provided with the building blocks they need to succeed in STEM they will do as well if not better than their male counterparts. An Introductory Engineering Robotics class found that while males did somewhat better on the pre-test than females, females did as well as the males on the post-test following the class’s completion.

Another critical area of gender difference that teachers of STEM should keep in mind has less to do with actual skills …

Here Is How You Can Write Some Interesting Science Fiction Books

There are many people that have a knack for words and many of these people are capable of writing science fiction books. In order to create an interesting story one must begin with a general topic. In addition, you also need to have a good understanding of science and to build up your knowledge it is recommended that you read books and articles as well as magazines and furthermore you should make it a point to speak to people who are inclined to reading scientific subjects.

Once you have gotten your general topic sorted out and once you are sure that you are knowledgeable about this subject you can then start writing down the draft of the book. You should there before start making notes about interesting things and then you have to pick a suitable topic which you are confident you can write about.

One of the questions that you will need to find a suitable answer for is that of what if. When writing fiction and that too on scientific subjects you will find that it will open up many horizons and if you are not able to keep these in check things can become very crazy for you.

You need to think up something special and when it concerns a what if scenario you should give your imagination a free run. For example, you should think about writing situations in which humans become capable of cloning themselves.

Once you have decided on a particular story line it is then up to you to decide on a suitable conflict. The simplest conflict topic is that of man going up against technology or even man versus man. Aliens will obviously play a very important role in these stories and will obviously be the villains of the story. Technology will have to be used by humans to ward off alien attacks.

At the very least, when it comes to creating a story one must not be afraid of stepping out of the box and being as original as possible. Once this is taken care of it is up to you to pick a suitable time period and you must also pick a suitable setting for your story.

A majority of these stories are those that take place in a time period that is not too far ahead of the present times. Also, these stories go beyond simply talking about our planet as there is scope for using other sciences that can be incorporated into the story. However, once a time period has been set then it is important that the story is one that stays within the limits of this time period.

The next step is that of choosing characters for the story and then you can begin with the main outline of the story. After that, it is just a question of writing all the required chapters.

Last but not least, when writing science fiction books you will want to know the difference between writing on fantasy and on …

Process of Data Science

Data science as a field sound simple, there is data and science is used to find meaning to the data. But it is not that simple in practice. Data volume collected is not in its simplest form, usually unstructured and raw and the tools used need expert knowledge. One can say that the entire flow of data science into a data product is a technical and complex process which needs training and practice.


Data science is a domain which demands skills in mathematics, statistics, and computer software and programming. Data science use sophisticated models to find meaningful insights. It is a field which has entered every other industry at a rapid speed. Several data scientists are daily finding solutions to problems posed by the market, business environment, customers and clients. So why these businesses are in such a dire need of analytics and how do analytics help them.

  • Helps in knowing one’s customer and their needs from selling to post-purchase satisfaction.
  • Helps in marketing and understanding marketing trends and opportunities.
  • Helps in optimizing production, operation, human resource etc to enhance the performance of the business unit.
  • Helps in branding and communicating with the outer world, and make one’s business visible by digital marketing and social media marketing.
  • Helps in innovation and real-time experimentation, which in turn saves a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, one can say data science increases the business value and helps in competing with other players effectively.


This is one of the major question asked, that what a data scientist do in their day?

  1. Frame a problem: to frame a problem one needs to understand the goals of the person whose project one is handling. What one wants to achieve and what are the hindrances. The problem should be clear and simple, and not compounded as it is the stepping stone and without a problem, one will have no direction.
  2. Collecting raw data: according to the problem framed, one needs to obtain all the data which includes the variables in question. Data can be collected from internal databases or can be bought from external datasets.
  3. Process the data for analysis: data collected are usually raw and unstructured, especially if they are not well maintained. To analyze the data one needs to make sure that all the mistakes and errors like missing values, data range errors, time zone differences and invalid entries are all cleaned and corrected.
  4. Explore the data: this is also called as exploratory data analysis (EDA), more like playing with the data. Analysts need to prioritize the questions they want to ask and search in the data. Data have many trends and patterns hidden in them, analyst job is to identify such patterns that can be turned into insight.
  5. Machine learning and algorithm building: this is the deep exploration and visualization step; here the data explored is put to use to create a story. Data are put through various mathematical and statistical tools and

Core Subjects: English, Maths and Science – Computing?

Nobody can argue against the importance of learning the intricacies of the English language. It teaches us to effectively articulate our ideas, opinions, needs and wants. Mathematics is equally crucial, without addition and subtraction everyday mundane tasks like managing a weekly budget and the hours you have left at work become impossible challenges. And Science, as a study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world is an agglomeration of both. So where does the argument for teaching computing as a core subject stand?

With the dawn of the digital age it quickly became clear that commonplace software and technologies like MS Office, the internet and GUIs were here to stay, and that we had better start education our younger generation so as not to be left behind in the global race for IT education. ICT courses are now ubiquitous throughout UK’s secondary education and Europe’s equivalent institutions.

Today silicon is as popular as ever and careers in programming have one of the highest growth and salary rates in the world. Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Investor, Network Engineer and Systems Administrator are all examples of jobs that require an employee to work closely with complex software applications.

But there are many counterarguments to this, one being that much of computing science is too difficult to teach. And, then again, if a child is capable of grasping algebra, then they’re only a virtual hop, skip and jump away from programming. Programming is an aspect of computing that cannot be spoon-fed, it forces engagement from teacher and student alike and imparts larger, highly transferrable, about life. Writing a program is the closest a child can come to thinking about thinking.

Population over-qualification is another unfounded concern as job markets throughout Europe are forcing university graduates to take on entry-level retail, administration and services positions. The computing industry by comparison is a veritable goldmine with 1.4 million computer intense positions expected by 2020 in the US alone (1). As reported by Forbes, some European countries like Romania are already adopting solutions for the IT expert scarcity.

Another problem is the lack of creativity when integrating technology with other subjects and this is largely down to insufficient teacher training and inadequate equipment. Governments need to recognise that raising an army of expert programmers is an economic investment, not an economic hit. Until then we can only dream of a world where art teachers show students how to manipulate photo editing software and Math teachers demonstrate mathematical concepts while teaching how to program calculator functions. Those institutions that do make an effort to introduce IT curriculums tend to focus on teaching how to use software with little to no insight into how that software functions under the bonnet. Eric Schmidt, Chairman Google and British Prime Minister David Cameron are just two advocates behind the scheme to teach children more on this subject.(2)

And finally, beyond the economic feasibility of teaching computer science lies a moral dilemma. English, Maths and Science are …

Study in Singapore for a Fast-Growing Career

Singapore is a desirable study destination for students, allowing them to get the best of education for their future career prospects. Singapore has educational institutions of 3 categories operating here:

  • Statutory boards of the Singapore government: These institutions operate by the laws which have been set by the country’s government.
  • Autonomous institutions: They are controlled by the Companies Act.
  • Private education institutions: They are also controlled by the Companies Act but have registration with the Council for Private education.

This country has two of the best universities in the world which are Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore. These universities have high rankings in the QS world university rankings for the year 2016-2017, 13 and 12 respectively. As far as the QS university rankings 2016-2017 for Asia are concerned, these universities also have high rankings of 3rd and 1st respectively.

The desirable place to study IT in Singapore is Nanyang Technological University which has received a good ranking in the top 10 for subjects like engineering and technology thanks to its faculty. It also has good rankings for the domain of civil engineering.

The National University of Singapore is also a coveted place to study IT in Singapore. It has obtained the 3rd rank across the globe for the subjects of structural and civil engineering. It has also received the rank of 4th worldwide for the subjects of engineering and technology due to its excellent faculty for the same.

The country also has a highly sophisticated living ambiance with minimal crimes. So, it provides a peaceful environment for students to continue with their studies.

Apart from engineering, the Nanyang Technological University provides undergraduate courses in different subjects like accountancy and business, communication studies, humanities, medicine, science, education, and sports science etc. The university also offers post graduation studies in different subjects like chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, electronic engineering, mathematical sciences, physical sciences, civil engineering etc. This university has received a score of 5 for different criteria such as research, teaching, specialist criteria, internationalization, employability, facilities, innovation and inclusiveness. The university has the ranking among top 50 for those universities which has been established for a duration of lower than 50 years.

The number of international students enrolled in this university is very high. Currently, there are 32,705 local students enrolled here. Of the number of such students who are a part of this university, 47% are enrolled in postgraduate courses and the rest in undergraduate courses. The university has a score of 100 in the QS World University Rankings as far as factors of the number of hiring employers coming here and its academic reputation are concerned.…

Study the Science of Spirit, Mind and Body

Study the Science of Spirit, Mind and Body, and Learn More About Consciousness, Light and Wave!

Consciousness is the soul of the universe. There is Consciousness and there is Light. That Light has vibration and Wave, which is what we call Light Wave. Yet Light is not a wave! There are vibrations and waves propagating by that Light. Still, light is not what majority thinks as an electromagnetic wave. Consciousness is the life / soul of that Light. If there is no Consciousness, that Light is not alive anymore. That is why consciousness is the soul and life of the universe.

Waves are literal vibrations, but the momentum and the starter of these vibrations are from other types of energy such as light and consciousness, delivered through the core, which was that Light. In other words, there is no momentum and starter to move the waves, even in free space, if that Light has not delivered the necessary types of energy to actually start the movement.

Here, life needs movement, joy and bless which come from that Light of Consciousness through Waves that are propagating and resonating from / through each conscious element of the universe!

The universe is working through Consciousness Light Wave, and each conscious element in this universe and other parallel universes is functioning in that manner. So each conscious element is alive and is moving the universe around us. The universe that has surrounded us is nothing but the movements of Consciousness Light through generated Waves. Each element, as long as there is that Light which has been presented to it, is alive and conscious!

Light is positive and creative. The lack of Light will be addressed in negativity and chaos! Conscious elements are in peace and harmony from the mind / light of the creator. Therefore, even if we are not completely at peace and harmony, and the elements of our environment are not in positive movements, there is always a higher source that controls the whole universe, and can consciously control everything at anytime.

Here, all elements of the universe are conscious, even if not to us. That is to say, all elements of the universe, around us or in other dimensions, are conscious to the source. Therefore, the whole universe is alive and conscious. Everything is made of Consciousness Light Wave!

Here, everything has Consciousness Light Wave in its root, and all matters and things are made of this substance. …