Introduction to Investment Funds – Financing University Costs

In December 2011 MPs allowed universities to raise undergraduate fees from £ 3,350 to £ 6,000, and up to £ 9,000 in "exceptional circumstances" such as Oxford and Cambridge. Financing a child's higher education pathway has there since potentially become significantly more difficult for a large percentage of those entering University this year and beyond.

This report investigates ways in which the burden of financing a child's University costs can be alleviated via sound financial planning and a solid investment strategy.

Junior ISAs

Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISAs) were introduced in November 2011 as a means to establish an investment portfolio for young children in order to give them as secure a financial start in life as possible.

Junior ISAs can hold cash like normal savings accounts, or they can take the form of Stocks & Shares investments, but all benefit from having a yearly tax-free allowance.

Depending on the type of ISA chosen, they can either provide instant access funds or a long term investment fund helping to offer and secure a child's financial future, while promoting the concept of structured saving to the next generation of investors.

Investment Trusts

It is calculated that three years of University schooling plus living expenses will run up to about £ 50,000 in the current environment. This cost is projected to increase steadily through the coming decade.

As a result, investment trusts can be one of the most effective ways of accumulating funds in time for a child's higher education.

Investment trusts consist of diversified ports that are professionally managed. Because the portfolio contents are pre-selected by experts, opening an investment trust can be one of the simplest methods of establishing a successful long-term investment strategy.

Trusts exist with a variety of risk levels which allow investors to select on the basis of financial risk exposure versus return potential.

The level of risk accepted by an investor should depend upon factors such as the value of the initial investment, the length of time available before the child begins University and the investment growth requirement.

As independent journalist Malcolm Anderson states for example;

A trust might hold 30% of assets as cash, 30% as reliable bonds and 40% in diverse equities guaranteeing a stable return that is not overly subject to the volatility of the stock market.

However, a portfolio of up to 80% diverse equities may make better financial sense as the opportunity to earn greater debts is increased but if the stock market takes a downturn the investor will still have cash on hand to recoup losses.

If the investment trust can be structured for the long-term – 10 years + – even greater financial risks can potentially be taken which will yield the greatest returns in stable or positive conditions. Successful investments can be exploited for longer and there is also time to regain losses should stock markets suffer a fall. The fact that the natural short-term volatility of stock markets is balanced out over time means that investment trusts …

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The Career Mom is the CEO of Everything!

I realized the critical importance of the role of career mom when I had my kids and had to work at home at the same time. Not only are skilled moms assuming the roles of being mom, they are also taking on the role of being a woman, a wife, a daughter, a business owner or an employee, etc. And we're not even talking about bringing a driver to the kids, a cook to the family, a teacher or tuition teacher every single day of the year until the kids are capable of driving themselves around. Most of the time, the career mom may have to assume the role of psychiatrist and counselor as well!

Now, I do not know about you but I think this whole thing about multi-tasking and multiple role-playing is pretty hard to stomach.

That's why it's essential to the emotional and physical health of the career woman to take care of herself and remain in tip-top condition health-wise, emotionally, physically and mentally. As soon as we, career moms, crumble, the people around us who are dependent on us (although husbands may refuse to admit their dependency on us) will crumble along with us!

Career moms work, on average, 51/2 days a week and that turns out to be around 44 hours a week. And when they return home, it's not the end. There's no time to sit around, lounge around in the bath or put on a facial mask or anything like that because the kids need to be fed, the clothes need to be ironed, the floor needs sweeping and the garbage needs to be taken out! Career moms do not normally get overtime, if they are approaching above average salary and yet they do not get paid anything for working on the family. It seems that career moms have to spend right about 25 hours every single week on household responsibilities while their male counterparts get off work and STAY off work.

Balancing a career and a family is never an easy thing – no one in his or her right mind will tell you that it's a walk in the park. The process of trying to balance the importance of a career and the significance of the family in her life is never ending. However, with some form of plan that can help the career mom organize and plan the days of her week, a career mom might be able to find some time to spend on herself!

A career mom, Kimberly, once told me that she made a pact with her husband, Geoffrey, that he is not to watch television on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays because those are the days that Geoffrey is expected to help deal with the kids. Kimberly further told her husband that she will go the gym or attend to her personal needs every Thursday and Sunday, hence, Geoffrey will have to take over from this career mom, family-wise. Although we have to admit that not every …

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Education Career – Top 10 Skills Needed for Education Jobs

Making a successful education career is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work, determination and patience. In order to fetch out an education career for yourself, you must have a great academic career through. Along with it, you must have some special skills. Read on to find about them.

The skills:

• You must be a very good learner: learning is something that you must get a grasp of. You have to face examinations every now and then. You must learn in order to prepare for the examinations. Not only will you have to learn up your textbooks, you must read books other than your text books. This will help in increasing your knowledge. Just limiting yourself to text books will not take you a long way if you are planning to make a career in education.

• Writing skills: viva or oral examinations are very few. You must be able to produce in paper what you have learnt. Writing skills are very important when it comes to education career.

• Public speaking: if you want to be a teacher, a professor or a lecturer, you must be able to do public speaking. You will have to appear in front of a large group of students and interact with them, impartial knowledge etc. in cases of seminars you will have to interact with a larger number of students. So you must be able to speak well in order to hold the attention of students.

• Self management is very important: remember that you are in a very respectable position. Many people look up to you for knowledge, morals and a lot of support. You have to be very good at self management. Teachers are supposedly to be flawless. But as humans, no one is perfect. Therefore, teachers should also practice self management.

• Time management: you have to do everything within a specified time. Tending to your personal needs also must be accompanied within a particular time. You must complete the syllabus within a specified time.

• Interaction with students: as a teacher you must be able to interact with the students well. You have to inspire them. You may need to interact with them outside class in case they want to share some of their problems with you.

• Strictness: you have to be strict with the students in order to make them listen to you.

• Build up a strong personality: people will look up to someone with a strong personality, not someone with a weak or a feeble personality.

• Try to be popular with the students: help them out with everything you can. This will make you popular among the students.

• You must be competitive: you must be competitive and have a healthy competition with the other teachers around.

A school career or an elementary education career is not difficult to pursue. But you must plan for your education career right from the beginning. These days, it is possible to have …

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Taking Charge of Your Career – Small Changes Reap Great Rewards

Taking charge of your career has never been more vital than it is now. In the past, employers used to reward employees who had worked with them for a while. People were promoted based on job experience and company loyalty, but not anymore. If you want a promotion, you have to work for it. You are the one who has to take charge if you want to move up the corporate ladder.

Create a Smart Strategy

Hard work is important, but hard work alone will not get you anywhere. You need to be creative. Employers want skilled employees, so you need to enhance and add to your skill base regularly.

Before you choose a career, make sure that employment opportunities are expanding for that particular field. Choose a position that lets you use your talents and offers plenty of opportunity to add to those talents. Confirm that there will be opportunity for advancement before you accept any position.

Be Open to Change

If you're stale, your career will become stale. Taking charge of your career means that you need to be willing and ready to learn new skills. Be the first on your team to welcome new policies. This will prove to your company that you are willing and able to be flexible in your work habits. Let's face it; technology changes minute by minute. If you're not willing to change along with it, you could become obsolese.

Strive to be a leader. Companies progress because they employ individuals who are not afraid to take the initiative and develop innovative solutions. Be that employee.

Do not back down from challenges. Challenges are obstacles that are meant to be surmounted, but you have to claim. Nobody said success was easy; you have to be willing to work for it.

Become a Self Promoter

Companies reward those that stand out from the rest and those who are not afraid to put themselves in the lead. Avoid looking to others for help. Sometimes, it is more beneficial to make a mistake and learn from it than it is to always lean upon others. Dependency will only hinder your success. You have to create your own opportunities.

Work Well With Others

Taking charge of your career also understands being a team player. Participate in meetings and do not be afraid to offer advice. Hone your leadership skills and help out others whenever you can.

If you want to succeed, you have to take charge of your career today. Nobody is going to hand you a promotion on a silver platter. If you follow the advice contained in this article, you will reap great rewards. …

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Get Maximum Benefit With Online Education

Online Degree Tuitions are one of the best ways to keep you updated and trained, while being a part of other important ventures like job and family. Often, getting a tuition class at the vicinity is a problem that most of us may face. You may not always get a skilled tutor too. If in case you get one, he / she may charge exorbitant rates for teaching just a subject or two. The question that remains is that what to do to get well-trained in the subject or subjects and by spending much less or even no amount. There are varieties of such classes, which provide free video classroom tuition on various subjects.

Online Degree Tuition: Advantages

Online Tuition has increased with the popularity of the medium, internet. As the problem of accessing the internet got solved in various countries, students found online learning more convenient, faster and economic. Online Degree Tuition is the best example for this and they help us in having a cost effective degree you can say. When you go for Online Tuition you save much of the money which otherwise would have wasted in conveyance and the tutor charges. So join an online tuition and enjoy a better career without spending much.

Getting a degree is not as tough as it previously used to be. With technology making things easier for us, getting a college degree on any subject is not a far fetched dream anymore. Renowned universities arrange for online tuition classes that take place at various intervals. Some of these tuition classes are held as per the convenience of the working class.High school online subject tuitions costs from 15 dollars, while Boston University Master of Arts tuition costs 614 dollars per hour. Depending on the subject and the degree, tuition fees are determined. Who is taking the tuition class, also determines its fees. For instance, if the online tuition classes are provided by the same university lecturer, the tuition may cost higher than that given by a private tutor.

Online Degree Tuition are more beneficial for students staying in isolated areas as compared to the students staying in metropolitan areas. All you need to do is browse through the pages of the website or attend an hour of audio-video class, by spending much less than what you would have to otherwise. Spending just a few dollars you can now get the right education through the fastest medium of internet. …

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Data Science Online Certification: The Secret Sauce in a Successful Career

An Emerging Course: Data Science Certification

DATA SCIENCE, the most happening and desirable job of the 21st century, has surprisingly little talent available in the job-market. Data Scientists are deemed the crucial assets of an organization because of the intense demand for skills such as machine learning, deep learning, statistical techniques etc., which are the key areas of expertise owned by a data scientist. Expertise in these sectors helps a company leverage the power of data and ensure that decisions are prompt, correct and objective. It also helps the company to stay relevant, modern and efficient in its use of available data. Business communications and methodologies have come a long way in recent decades, and organizations need to regroup to help the company stay agile, adaptable and focused on the larger picture.

According to recent research, around 200,000 data scientists are needed in the industry right now which makes it evident that the industry is soon going to face a shortage of highly skilled professionals. But this shortage can be reduced or avoided if IT experts undergo data science certification on-line.

The question arises as to why would one waste his/her time and money on this course? Would the benefits accrue for themselves or only for the industry?

The benefits involved are tremendous. The list is huge but it is a fact that undergoing a data science certification can help you to shape your career and perhaps switch to a more lucrative and fulfilling one.

Why Should One Pursue Certification In Data Science?

This course can be undertaken by anybody – be it an experienced, skilled professional, a fresher, or one who wants to build new skills and learn new techniques.

Some of the most important benefits include:

1) On-line Certification does not serve as an interruption in your current job or earning level. Classes can be attended on-line according to your own comfort and convenience as they are available 24×7.

2) Certification can help you to shape your career and to reach greater heights. It involves building your skills and enhancing your knowledge-base in data science. This makes you eligible for employment in leading companies that face talent shortage in this sector, and are in a dire need of engaging certified professionals. Salary prospects are not a constraint, as pay packages are showing an upward trend driven by such unparalleled demand.

3) On-line Data Science Certification gives you credibility and it will position you as a fortune builder of big corporate giants, start-ups, small and medium organizations etc. It helps you to add business value to the organization by gaining useful insights and taking smart and logical decisions that are influenced by expertise and tactics not by instincts or intuition.

If you want to have an edge or to stand out from the crowd, choose well-established, reputed data science certification programs that have universal recognition. Certifications serve as a proof of your competency and help the industry to measure your knowledge and skill base. If you have the …

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Career Options With a Computer Science Degree

Main Career Paths

There are various domains and paths which you can take after getting professional degree in computer science. A degree is mandatory to sharpen your skills as per the market requirements and prepare you well for competitive future. Research is the most advanced and prestigious career options with this field. You can work with team of experts involved in creating better technologies and high end computer systems. You need to have masters or PhD degrees to get work as research fellow at enterprises and R & D department of big companies.

The next exciting option for computer science graduates is to enter the creative field of programming. You will be responsible for coding, designing and testing of programs and codes for computer applications. The third option is a back end work which consist of managing database for computer applications. This job requires proficiency in database design and its structural language. It is extremely responsible job which calls for high security and data protection issues. Last but not the least is the job of network administrator which requires maintaining computer hardware and software within an organization and ensures their hassle free functionality.

Educational Establishments

There are many universities which offer you courses in computer science. South Dakota state university is located in Madison and it is one of the best colleges for computer science degrees. It offers masters and doctor degrees along with graduate degrees in all domains like business administration, law, pharmacy and engineering. It also offers numerous scholarships programs and financial aid facilities for students. South Dakota state university is well known for its rewards and prizes and its students get placed in top multinational companies every year. …

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Travel and Leisure Jobs

Travel and leisure industry is one the most favored industry sector for job seekers worldwide. It offers you the wonderful opportunity of seeing new places, getting acquainted with new cultures and helps in developing a more comprehensive viewpoint about world affairs. So if you are one of those persons who are passionate about travel, and like to meet new people a variety of job opportunities are available in various segments of travel and leisure industry.

Here are few of travel and leisure industry which provide extremely good job opportunities, if you possess requisite skills for the job.

Online Travel – With the advent of internet, travel industry went online. Now you can book flight tickets, hotel rooms and buying tickets for the venue. These ventures require computer programmer, web designer, customer support and sales team.

Event management – This industry specializes in the creation of festivals and events which vary in scale from Olympics to the neighborhood Birthday party. Event managers are in great demand by companies.

Cruise ships – Cruise ships are a classy mode of travel which is popular amongst a section of tourists. These massive structures require hospitality professionals, maritime professionals, entertainers and security personnel.

Tour operators – They come in handy for those people who travel internationally and don’t have time for a “do it yourself” holiday. They take care of all the details of the tour saving their clients from the intricacies.

Airlines – Air travel is the most popular means of travel for tourist especially international tourists. Pilots, air hostess and flight crew are some of the most desired career. However an airline employs more people as ground staff in the form of air traffic controller, ticket checker, baggage checker and personal service assistant.

Travel websites, magazines and guides – These guide people on popular tourist spots, the best route to take, best time to visit and must see places amongst others. Here contractual or freelance writers can work as travel writers. Also photographers are hired to shoot photos documenting the journey.

Animation – Animation industry makes animated films some of which are hugely popular like Ice Age. Also they design and execute computer games. Animators, illustrators and designers are widely in demand here.

Cosmetics Industry – The desire to look beautiful is innate in every woman and man. This industry “claims” to make people beautiful. Cosmetics and the beauty industry require hair stylist, beauty therapist, manicurist and shampoo technician.

Games and toys industry – This sector produces games and toys for people of all ages and groups. It requires creative professionals and game designers.

Fitness sector – This sector works on making people fit through exercise and alternatives like yoga. It requires certified fitness trainers and yoga teachers.

Hotels and resort industry – When you travel anywhere you stay in one of these hotels and resorts. Hence this industry plays a very important role in the overall travel and leisure industry so much that hotel occupancy rates are an important indicator of the …

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Computer Degrees Online Available for You

Computer degrees online allow students to acquire a solid education on any computer related course from a reputable college or university, offering online computer program, without actually attending school. It is a distant learning that harnesses the student's knowledge and skills in any computer field.

Online computer degrees provide students with the required talent to enter into a rapidly growing industry with a well-paid profession. As technology advances, the need for computer experts continues to increase. Employment opportunities will exponentially grow in this field as technology and computer use becomes more relevant to the modern life.

Anyone interested in acquiring an online computer degree can choose from any of these courses available in online computer programs of most colleges and universities.

Computer science degree

Computer science degree online will give the students the edge in terms of employment and career advancement in today's fast-paced marketplace. This profession offers a lucrative paying job with a starting salary of over $ 50,000.00, and still increasing as demand for the profession continues to grow.

Computer science is described as the study of theoretical foundations of information and computing. The students also learn practical techniques for their implementation and application in systems.

Software engineering degree

A software engineering degree online can land you a six-figure salary job once you graduate and get certified. Although, this degree is admittedly one of the most difficult Information Technology programs because its coursework consistors of intricate mathematical principles.

Software engineering is the application of engineering to software. It involves the design and development of faster, affordable and easy to maintain software.

Computer networking degree

Computer networking degree online is an off-campus opportunity for individuals to learn and maintain secure network infrastructures. Usual subjects for a computer networking program includes study of hardware devices, including routers, switches and bridges and their problem areas; wireless devices, networking security and security protocols; computer applications and software like sharing files and shared applications; working with various operating systems and programming tools and languages; and designing, modifying and upgrading to more complex systems.

Computer information systems degree

This field is among the fastest and highest paying professions in Information Technology. Individuals can get online computer information systems degree from many reputable universities offering distant learning opportunities.

The program involves designing and developing information-based systems critical for operations and management.

Web design degree

Many now rely on the internet to provide almost everything they need: from getting news to providing information, from doing business to paying bills. Virtually, almost everything is accessible and can be done with a click of button. Because of the convenient use of the internet, more and more people are turning towards worldwide web for business or even their day-to-day needs. This phenomenon has resulted in the surge of websites to cater the growing public demand, thus making web design a very profitable profession. Web designers can easily secure a good paying job whether in a company or working freelance. What's great about it is that an online web design …

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The Right Approach to a PMP Certification Exam

The 200 questions that will make or break your career advancement are the questions of the PMP Certification Exam, so pay attention to your PMP preparation as if your life depended on it; it does. But during the exam, it will be a different story so read on.

What Goes On During a PMP Certification Exam?

The exam simply requires you to pick out the best answer from multiple choices. There will be 25 pre-test questions randomly placed yet these are not scored but you will have to answer a minimum of 106 out of 175 questions to earn your PMP certification.

The 4-hour PMP Certification Exam is computer-based but you will need your calculator, rough sheets, pencils, and an ear plug. After you submit exam, a mark-sheet in the Prometric Center will let you know how you have fared. The 4 hour ordeal is over.

Organize Your Study

The bulk of the preparation are case studies on different management situations and theories. It will be about the HOWs or WHYs a project manager responses to project crisis in relation to several resources, planning and monitoring of the project. But note that each case will be unique and will require a specific action or theory.

Study Guides

Refer to the study guides and take the mock quizzes after you have completed a lesson. If you have botched it, review the entire lesson, focusing on the area where you have failed. Also, time your quizzes – to get used to the idea of ​​a 4 hour PMP Certification Exam.

Review Previous Notes

If you have taken a course previously, take out your old notes. You can see threads of similarities because the course dwellings on the standard knowledge in project management. Your previous notes will eventually broaden your understanding of the different subject areas.

Understand what you Are Reading

Memorizing your notes is helpful but remember that the situations that will vary. Understand their relationships and applications best suited for each case. No matter how the case is presented as long as you have understood the principles you can easily pick out the correct answer from the four possible answers in the multiple choice exam.

Try the Free Online Practice Exams

There are several of these exams online. Try them out so you can learn from the inputs along areas where you have chosen both right and wrong answers. These useful inputs can be added to your store of knowledge.

Strategize Your Preparation

The roadmap to your PMP Certification Exam gets a much needed boost from professional coaching. If the whole idea is to attack a course that's related to your management expertise, anticipate the questions to be directed in handling people in a team, their learning styles, procurement strategies, and applicable theories.

Concentrate on the answers you got wrong. Review the crib notes to understand the how the correct answer relates to the question. Get books on the topic or do your research on online libraries. The more explanations you …

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