Career Shift – Why Starting a Greeting Card Business Was Perfect

I had had many jobs before. Starting a greeting card business was the one job that totally aligned with everything i wanted in a job. It paid great. I set my hours and was my own boss. I was in control of what I produced but yet I had a fool proof model to follow.

I was researching business ideas on the internet for some time. I'd had the idea to start a greeting card business with my wife so we both did not have to work for someone else. I wanted to have more time living life instead of working to live it. After some time I found the right opportunity in a greeting card manufacturer that enabled me to set up shop with low start up costs.

I was able to create my own cards and have my clients create their own as well. I created something that made money for me that I did not have to wait and wait till I saw a return on my investment. There was a great satifaction that immediately came from my new shift in career. I was now involved in something that was positive and rewarding.

I used to work for companies or the government that was not always pleasurable or rewarding. I never made enough money either. Why did I put myself through that? I'm glad I now know that I do not have to and neither do you. There's a great opportunity out there to create the type of employment and career for you that does not revolve around sacrificing lots of your time or even lots of money. I started my business for less than 400 dollars and am on my way to creating last income that equates into a monthly salary that would have been my yearly salary. I encourage anyone to start a business and especially to start a greeting card business.

The greeting card business enables people to contribute to the well-being of the world through the positive action of sending cards. When people send cards they feel good and the people that get the cards feel good. Imagine making money in the greeting card business, a business that is largely untapped and always in demand by the public. It is much easier than you think to start a greeting card business and if you want to create a great career shift too, I would recommend the shift that I took.