Career Change Resume Strategy

You may be changing jobs for many reasons: health, interest level (boredom with your old job). You may have family issues, you could be part of a dying industry, or just fed up with the one you are in.

Regardless of the cause, you now have to take the big step and make the change . The Career Change Resume is a "Must Have" tool in order to be successful in your career transition . A Career Change Resume opens doors and gets you in at a higher level than using a typical resume.

Most job seekers err in using the same old "typical" resume in applying for new jobs. The next most common error is to write a resume that makes them appear to be inexperienced and unindoctrinated to the work-a-day world, a resume that leaves the out the vast majority of their applicable skills and abilities.

Their resumes literally shout out "Entry level pay please"!

You have to write your resume in a way that highlights your skills and abilities and convinces the employer that you will be an asset of value to his staff . The skill in writing the resume is in how smoothly and seamlessly you will be able to bring over your experience to his company. Be specific, be clear, do not waffle or seem insecure.

Your Resume Objective must clearly state what you will be contributing as an employee and it needs to give the employer a most compelling reason to call you in for an interview. The body of your resume should back up your objective, Selling your transferable Skills and Abilities.

You should always use a cover letter that stresses how excited you are about the position and a professional thank you letter as well for follow up.

Show your motivation and enthusiasm and sell yourself as an ideal candidate.

Take a good hard look at all of your talents, your skills and your abilities. choose the ones that will be the most valuable to a new employer and write your Resume around those characteristics.

Good Luck!