Boston College vs. Louisville: Prediction and Final Thoughts

Boston College football is back from their bye week, as they wrap up their home schedule with a game against Louisville (3-6). Here are some of our final thoughts heading into the game. 


When Boston College Throws The Ball: Edge Boston College. If you were to just go by statistical rankings this would go towards Louisville. However, this week on the Locked on Boston College podcast, Eric Hoffses brought up an interesting point. The Cardinals have only faced one of out of the Top 5 passing teams in the ACC, and let up 320 yards through the air. They have been fortunate to face almost exclusively teams in the bottom in terms of passing yards. Jurkovec, hopefully with a healthy shoulder, will most likely find success against the Cardinals.

When Boston College Runs The Ball: Edge Louisville. The Cardinals have struggled to stop the run this year, but on the other hand Boston College hasn’t been all that effective running the ball either. This could be a game where the Eagles get that running game going, but strictly based on what we’ve seen this edge goes slightly to UL. 

When Louisville Throws The Ball: Edge Boston College. Louisville can throw the ball, there is no doubt about that, ranking 9th in the ACC in yards. However they turn the ball over way too much, as Malik Cunningham has throw 11 interceptions this year. BC’s defense is opportunistic and takes advantage of sloppy play, and UL’s play feeds right into this. 

When Louisville Runs The Ball: Edge Louisville. This was a tough one, especially after Javian Hawkins opted out. Louisville ranks 4th in the ACC in rushing. But after seeing what Ian Book was able to do out of the pocket, I will give the edge to the Cardinals. 

Beer of the Game

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale: Winter IPA, beautifully crafted and perfect for the season. One more game in November, let’s get in the holiday spirit with this delicious beer.

Song of the Game: Give Up The Funk

Fan Excitement: 6/10

With basketball, and hockey returning and the holidays in full swing, talk of Boston College football has quieted a bit. But this is a big two game stretch for the Eagles, a pair of wins and Jeff Hafley has his squad in good position to land at a solid bowl game. 

Prediction: There is something about Louisville’s offense that is concerning, given what we saw against Notre Dame two weeks ago. However, the biggest statistic that jumps out to me are the turnovers. We saw what BC was able to do against Duke, another mistake prone team, I think we see the same thing on Saturday. Boston College 35 Louisville 24. 

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