Bible College – An Education in Faith

About attending bible colleges

If you have a passion for theology, or perhaps want to have a post-secondary education within an environment that shares your spiritual values, then Bible college may be right for you. Bible colleges combine education with faith, allowing you to widen your horizons in life at the same time that you deepen your Christian beliefs and faith.

Studying theology at college

To become a minister or pastor, you will need to attend seminary school. There, you will study the Word of God in detail, so that you can delve into the deeper meaning of each verse of the bible, whether it is well-known or obscure. Seminary schools are sponsored by denominations, so to become a Baptist minister, you will need to attend a Baptist bible college, and so on.


You may also explore bible schools online options, if you need to pursue part-time studies, or wish to take classes simply out of your interests in theology. This way, you can keep your job and earn college credits.

Often "Bible college" refers to institutions that teach programs in many traditional subjects, but do so within a context of Christian religious thought. On many subjects, a Christian interpretation to the subject matter is offered. For instance, English literature can easily be viewed through the lens of faith, as many tracts, essays, and novels in fact explored religious themes.

Traditional colleges simply can not offer the combination of faith and education that bible college can offer. To ensure that your commitment to God and the church and to God are reflected in your education, explore the faith-based opportunities that Bible Schools offers.

On-Campus Tours

If you are interested in attending a Bible school in your area, think about attending a special college entry weekend. That will give you a chance to tour the campus, meet with college faculty and staff, and see what life is like at college.

At Bible college, you will likely find an exceptionally caring group of individuals, a set of students passionate about theology, and friends, faculty, and colleges who will encourage you in your spiritual life, and help you train practice for your life in service to God.

Why attend Bible colleges

Image-aged people have a variety of reasons to attend. Some want to extend their high school experience, others are confused about how to spend their post-high school days, so default to attending college; others are looking for career training.

But Bible college students are following a different track altogether. These are people who have come to know God, and want to strengthen their relationship with him through discipleship. They want to engage in a lifetime devoted to serving God, to teaching others, to making a difference in this world.

If that sounds like a good description of you and your motives, then Bible College may be an ideal choice for you. No one knows every detail of the path that they are on, but your instructors at at your college college are there to help you find out; they have dedicated their lives to helping you to meet the challenges that lie on your path to maturity in the eyes of God.