Benefits of Choosing a Paralegal Career

There are many benefits of choosing a paralegal career, which are worth considering if you are looking for a career path. This is a respectable professional care with challenges and rewards that make it worthwhile for the thousands of men and women working in the field of law. From an excellent job outlook to a relatively short period of education and training, there are many benefits of a paralegal career.

Job Outlook
Paralegals are very much in demand at the moment, and experts speculate that it will continue to be this way for quite some time. In 2006, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 22 percent growth by 2016. Paralegal was even listed as one of the top 50 jobs by CNN Money Magazine. Regardless of what the numbers say, anyone who is looking into the work that goes on in a law firm, government legal office or corporate legal department can easily see the importance of a paralegal's job. Lawyers simply do not have time to do all the research, paperwork and other tasks required to serve their clients, and paralegals make sure it all gets done in the proper, legal way. This allows the lawyers to serve more clients or do more of the important work that they do.

More Benefits of the Paralegal Profession
Being a paralegal means more than having steady work; it also means having a specialized position that is appreciated and required for the law office or legal department to operate. Aside from the rewards of contributing to the team, paralegals also get to take some good rewards home with them. The average annual earnings for paralegals in the US is a respectable $ 43,040, but with bonuses, overtime, education, training, merit and strategic career choice, top learning paralegals are able to bring home more than $ 67,540 per year. Most paralegal jobs also come with all the perks of an office job like paid vacation, sick days and personal time; medical, dental and vision insurance; and additional perks such as a 401 (k) savings plan or continued legal education reimbursements.

Paralegals can move around in their career a lot too, since there are so many different types of organizations that require this professional service. There are also many different legal areas you can focus on as a paralegal, so you can direct your career toward the things that you are passionate about. From government jobs to boutique law firms, there are plenty of choices; that's just another one of the benefits of choosing a paralegal career.