Become an Airline Flight Attendant, What's a Flying Career Really Like?

Flying as an airline Flight Attendant can be one of the most rewarding career choices that you could make. Flying for an airline will see you experience a broad range of experiences simply through the sheer number of people that you meet and the number of places that you will visit.

There is absolutely no substitute for what airline travel as a Flight Attendant can give you. The good, the bad and the ugly of traveling life from a work and passenger perspective will be encountered over time and very likely it will be experiences that are totally unique in their own way.

A career as a Flight Attendant with a well traveled airline will certainly open your eyes to the world. The opportunities of coarse are certainly what you make of them and there are many of them to experience.

If you love people, varied work hours including weekends and public holidays such as Christmas and Easter and you're at ease with living out of a suitcase, plus you possess a strange penchant to the smell of Av-tur, then flying as an airline Flight Attendant is for you.

Being a Flight Attendant is like being part of a large family. It allows you to travel half way round the world, pull up a seat in a bar, restaurant, gym or other meeting place and talk to another Flight Attendant or airline employee as if they were your best friend. Yes, the camaraderie of flying for an airline is fantastic and possibly one of the best things about a career as a Flight Attendant. And if you are genuine, hard working and a positive person it will stand you in good stead to get along with many people and you will achieve much in your flying career.

The world really is at your feet as an airline Flight Attendant. Certainly you can find jobs that pay you a lot more money but very few that can give you the airline lifestyle. So if you are a people person and have a sense of free spirit, you will have to go a long way before you find a career that comes anywhere close to what you will experience as a flight attendant. And this is particularly so if you fly with an international airline.

Having flown for many years both domestically and internationally myself, I considered that it was the job I had that really was not a job because I looked forward to actually going to work for every flying tour of duty. It always presented variety and challenges in every day and never for one moment was it boring.

While much more could be written about the fantastic life and career that is enjoyed by a airline Flight Attendants, I hope I have whet your appetite with new goals and dreams and that you now do all within your capabilities to chase your dream to become an airline Flight Attendant. Flying, there's nothing like it and from my perspective, it is surely worth the chase.