Bartending Careers

Bartending is a great career but it is not for everyone. Here, if you wish to know how you can become a bartender, you should first study the following Bartending 101 tips or go through a bartender guide. Only after making sure that you can cope up with the unique demands of bartending, you should obtain a bartending license and pursue the career of a bartender.

Bartending is Hard Work

If you think that bartending is an easy job, remove that thought from your mind. Even though bartending allows you to meet lots of new people and have fun, it is a very hard work. You should always be on your feet most of the time and move around continuously. You would also be meeting all types of people and some of them can be really nasty.

Being Nice to Guests

Many people are nasty even when sober and normal persons also become amorous or aggressive when drunk. You should be nice to them but also set limits and boundaries of behavior. A delicate balance is necessary to remain a popular but tough bartender.

Income Might Not be Steady

Bartending income depends on the shifts that you get and the type of customers that come to your bar. The basic income would be there but extra income through tips could vary broadly. If you want a steady and assured income, bartending might not be suitable to you. Moreover, other perks like health insurance, provincial fund, pension, etc. are also usually absent in bartending work. You should consider all these monetary issues before applying for a bartending license.

Risks are Part of Bartending

If you allow a customer to have too many drinks, you can get into legal trouble. For example, if you serve extra drinks to a guest whom you know is already drunk and that person goes out in the car and runs over somebody, you can be blamed for that. Similarly, if you serve drink to a person of underage without checking the ID or if the ID is a fake and you are unable to detect it, you can still be held responsible. These risks are part of Bartending 101 and no bartender guide can prepare you for such unforeseen events.

Bartending Settings and Hours can be demanding

You should also decide which type of settings and working hours would suite you. You can work as a bartender in standardone bars, fancy restaurants, star hotels, dance clubs, pubs, taverns, golf clubs, country clubs, association clubs, dive bars, etc. The setting and atmosphere of each one is different and so is the income. The hours of most bars are also quite demanding and the more you are prepared to lose sleep during nights, the more you are likely to earn.

Temptations and Risks

You would be working in a drinking atmosphere and if you have drinking problems, then this career is not for you. Similarly, your friends might come to the bar and expect free drinks. Even several customers may try to become friendly with you to get a free drink. You should never forget that there is no place for friendship in a professional career. People would also expect you to all types of drinks and cocktails.

Here, if you follow the above tips on 'how to become a bartender' and get a good bartending license, you can make bartending a great career.