Barry University Commits to Cover Full Tuition for Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Recipients and Announces Upcoming Drive-in Tour

MIAMI, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Florida’s top achieving high school graduates can soon take advantage of the personalized educational experience and world-class instruction offered at Barry University, without worrying about tuition.  The university today announced its commitment to meet full tuition for full-time first-year Barry students who earn the Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholarship, beginning Fall 2021.

While it is typically regarded as a scholarship for public Florida institutions, Barry has long accepted the value of the state lottery-funded Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program Academic Scholars and Medallion Scholars awards. Today’s commitment will fill the gap between the value of the scholarship and Barry tuition for incoming first-year Florida Academic Scholarship recipients.

Award earners will receive Barry-funded scholarships and grants which, combined with the Florida Academic Scholarship and other federal and state-funded grants, will meet 100% of tuition.  The financial aid package is renewable each academic year a student receives the Florida Academic Scholarship and enrolls full-time in an undergraduate program of study.

“At Barry, we seek to maximize affordability for all students,” said Roxanna Cruz, Barry University Associate Vice President for Enrollment. “Through this initiative, we are proud to do so for high-achieving Florida students seeking an individualized education, hands-on experiential learning, and access to the incredible benefits of a Barry degree.”

And, for any interested students who want a closer look at Barry while adhering to health and safety guidelines, the university has reimagined the traditional tour and is hosting an exciting and engaging drive-in event on Saturday, December 5, 2020 from 10am-12pm.

Students and their families can visit the beautiful campus and learn about the endless possibilities a Barry education brings, all from the comfort of their car. Each stop will offer insight into life at Barry and fun giveaways for future Buccaneers. Reservations, and masks, are required. For more information visit

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