Aeronautical Engineering Institutes

Aeronautical or aerospace engineering is now becoming one of the challenging streams of engineering with wide scope of career prospects. Young aeronautical engineers get easily enrolled in the field of aviation, space research and exploration as well as in defense. The engineers of this stream are required to have good aptitude in technical and mechanical skills. There are many aeronautical engineering institutes in India. There the young students are taught with techniques of designing, development, construction, testing, operation and maintenance of the air craft, missiles, and satellites developed for both commercial and military purposes.

The Eligibility for Getting Admission in Aeronautical Engineering Institutes

The following are the criteria for obtaining admission in the reputed institutions for studying Aeronautical Engineering in India.

  • Passing out 12 th standard with the combination of physics, chemistry and Mathematics with 60% and above.
  • Should qualify in the JEE conducted by the IITs or screening tests conducted by other aeronautical institutes.
  • Soft skills include possession of good observation power with an analytical mind.
  • He or she is required to be healthy and fit.
  • Must have good eyesight. Poor eyesight and color blindness are often the grounds of elimination of aspiring aeronautical engineers.
  • The students should have a good command over their communicational and crisis administrative skills.

Scope of Aeronautical Engineering in India

Young aeronautical engineers are mostly absorbed by ISRO or Indian Space Research Institute and the national defense ministry. Job opportunities are also available in institutions like Department of Civil Aviation, National Aeronautical Laboratory, Defense Research, Development Laboratories or DRDO and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited or HAL.

Scope of Aeronautical Engineering Abroad

The counties like United States of America, United Kingdom, France and Germany have great scope for aeronautical engineers. A good number of technicians in NASA are Indian engineers.

The following is the list of educational institutes that offer specialized degree on Aeronautical Engineering.

Names of Aeronautical Engineering Institutes

  • Dhaneshwar Rath Institute of Engineering & Management Studies in Orissa
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science in Delhi
  • Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics in Haryana
  • Jaya Engineering College in Tamil Nadu
  • MVJ College of Engineering in Karnataka
  • Madras Institute of Technology in Tamil Nadu
  • PSN College of Engineering & Technology in Tamil Nadu
  • Park College Of Engineering Technology in Tamil Nadu
  • Rajlakshmi Enginering College in Tamil Nadu
  • Shree Jwala Jee Institute of Aeronautical Engineering in Uttar Pradesh
  • St Peters Engineering College in Tamil Nadu

The IITs in India also offer the course at a post graduation level. There are also other institutions in India that train aspiring aeronautical engineers. You are recommended to go for a thorough research work on the status of the institutions before you get notified to your preferred engineering college.