7 Common Myths About Career Coaching

Once a career path is chosen, and you get a fair idea about that field, you are ought to develop some prejudices as the time flies and will always want to be in a comfort zone. As a result, even if you lose your track and find yourself in the middle of the road, you falter to take any advice because preconceptions are hard to break. The best thing in such situations is to seek help from a career coach.

A career coach is a person who assists you in analyzing your career performance. They can be thought of torchbearers who make you realize your career goals and guide about strategies to implement for achieving the same. However, due to popular misconceptions, people seldom avail such opportunities. Sadly, these career coaching myths act as an impediment to what could have been an eye-opening experience. Some myths are:

Mandatory for youth

One common notion is that coaching must be only for the young generation or those who have underperformed in education and left with very limited options. Such people often keep a preconceived idea in mind that coaching must be taken only up to a certain age.

Only for the rich

The sessions from such mentors are aimed at delving into the minds of an individual and igniting their inner spark. They are highly qualified professionals who help align your career trajectory. As it is a rigorous task and involves long conversations, it will surely put a dent in your pocket. Therefore, people fix it in their minds that such meetings are only for those who can afford them.

Quick solutions for all your questions

One more common thought process is to visit the mentor only when there is a serious crisis, or you are considering a transition in your career. While these instructors aim to give satisfactory answers to all your doubts, they are not someone who can read your mind. They cannot give you a detailed explanation within half an hour or in first meeting, but once a few sessions pass, they will definitely provide you useful insights that will help in shaping your career.

Writes your CV and guarantees you a job

Even if they have read numerous CV, their job is only to comment on the positives and irrelevant sections that are present in your CV. You will be responsible for writing your CV and not the career coach. They will help you take steps to get the first job, build your career or when you decide to change your field, but that does not imply they will be recruiting you or referring your name to your dream company.

Similar to college counseling sessions

Most individuals think that these sessions will resemble guidance sessions that they had in their college while pursuing graduation or masters and so nothing new will come out of it. Since they have already attended multiple lectures on the same topic, they think it would be a total waste of time. However, the fact is totally different. The coach will be mentoring you on a personal level and help you realize your potential.

Just for individuals who want to make elite careers

Sufficing yourself with mediocre life goals also reduces the tendency of a person to take a stride in something new and face the risks involved. Such mindset further fuels the concept that guiding sessions is only for those candidates who want to make it big. Due to this way of thinking, there is a perception that taking career coaching is only for those who want to pursue elite careers like share market, currency or equity trading, investments in banking etc.

A single session or two is all you need

The outcome of the guidance session depends upon your willingness to take actions in order to accomplish your set goals. Attending one or two meetings never gives you the clear idea of your benchmarks in your journey to success. Doing so will only add to more self-doubts in later stages of life and may require you to start again from the scratch.

Whether you are starting afresh, planning to change the field or have stumbled at some point in your current career, the suggestions from a mentor at the right time can help you pull through all obstacles with ease. If you go on applying the tips, you learn at a career coaching session, then you will surely become successful in your life.