6 Great Books On Education You Should Read

Feedback and reviews from Collected.Reviews have revealed why you should read, what reading does and the type of books to read.

Reading is a good culture that brightens the aspirations of visioneers, helps to give big dreams to the confused and removes obscurity from things. Apart from the numerous benefits that come with reading, career and educational books would help you understand the complexities of human learning. It would also broaden imagination and smoothen language and communication skills.

The realities of reading culture and passion for education can only be resuscitated through books, and that is why educational books mirror the pathway to successful career horizons. As much as reading is in tandem with learning, learning can be enhanced by reading. Also, only one who has the mind to learn understands and sees the intrigue in reading.

Bookshops can be seen practically in every place, but before you choose one, you should read reviews about the best online bookstores to make the best buying decisions.

Here are 6 great books on education you should read:


This book by Tara Westover is one of the most revered books on Education. It is a memoir that has gained recognition over the years. It reveals the importance of education and how one can discover self in education.

2.The Privileged Poor

This great non-fiction book has won many awards up till date. It tells the role education plays in transforming a person’s thought and action. This great book by Anthony Abraham Jack is an eye-opener that illustrates the paradoxical inequalities of the poor and the elite in the learning condition. It also reveals the impact of background on success.

3.Thrive Through the Five

This is a great book and key that transforms challenges people face to opportunities they can leverage on for achievement. This book authored by Jill Siler is good for leaders who want to thrive, learn, grow, and do what makes them and the people around them happy. It teaches impact and creates room for improvement for a leader.

4.How Learning Happens

How Learning Happens by Carl Hendrick and Paul Arthur Kirschner is a great book that explains the learning and teaching processes. This insightful book looks critically at cognitive psychology and philosophical expressions of the human mind that aid learning and educational research work. A broader subject of this book captures what inspires people to read.

5.The Way of Mindful Education: Cultivating Well-being in Teachers and Students

How the mind can be a tool for social, emotional and cognitive development is revealed in this book by Daniel Rechtschaffen. The author thoroughly explains new ways to learn and teach taking into consideration the mind.

6.Democracy and Education

This book by John Dewey explains education as a prerequisite for democratic sustainability. Democratic values such as justice, liberty, equality are now being imbibed by educationists. Education on the other hand, strengthens democracy and identifies the weaknesses and loopholes. In the end, education gives emancipation in all forms.

Reading is a ritzy way of learning that everyone should embrace, especially the reading of educational books. This culture over time will boost the mental perception of the way people think, simultaneously making the brain and mind the reception for knowledge.