5 Ways To Avoid Choosing The Wrong Career Mentor

A mentor may be said to be an individual that has expert knowledge in a particular area of life or industry. The person would have spent years practising in his field of endeavour. An assortment of highly sought after mentors in various industries can be found on reviewsbird.co.uk.

Someone desiring to learn from a mentor is called a mentee. This person has little or no experience of what the mentor knows. To have a successful career of any kind, one must get a mentor to facilitate the ease and pace at which this success will be achieved.

A mentorship relationship must benefit both the mentee and mentor. How does this happen? As the mentor releases to the mentee his knowledge, wisdom and expertise, he develops his capacity as a mentor. In other words, he is growing his “mentor muscles” as he teaches the mentee what he knows.

For instance, a person looking to be mentored by a veteran in the investment industry can dig into reviews of investment firms, to access the mammoth database of mentors there.

The list below highlights 5 ways to avoid choosing the wrong mentor.

1. Discover And Define Your Career

It helps you to focus on one thing and streamline your search. If you are a medical doctor with a dream of becoming a cardiologist, start to study cardiologists who have made a tremendous impact in the field of medicine. Read everything about them – their works, history, values, character, and much more. Then find one in particular, whose work ethics you admire. If the person is still alive, find a way to connect with them. Not all mentoring is done on a one-on-one basis. You could be mentored through someone’s works. Just like when you read books of your favourite motivational speaker.

2. Don’t Ever Think Your Mentor Is Your Coach

Coaching and mentoring are not the same. A coaching relationship is usually short term and it’s basically to aid both personal and professional development. The coach engages creative and thought-provoking strategies to help his client. For mentorship, the relationship is longer spanning over a year plus.

3. Don’t See Your Mentor As Your Friend

Your mentor is not your friend. You can be casual and friendly but understand that the person is only your guide in the industry. They are there to teach you about their experiences, not to hold your hand and tell you sorry every time you are hurt.

4. Don’t Choose Someone Just Because You Like Them

Never make someone your mentor just because you like them or how they look. That could be one of the most disastrous actions you could ever make for your career.

5. Don’t Choose Someone Because All Your Friends Or Colleagues Do

Just because someone is a mentor to your friends or colleagues doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Even if the person is among the best in your chosen profession, do you believe they can teach you how to become better at what you do?

Choosing a career mentor is one intelligent and fast way to become successful in your chosen field, but you need to be careful when choosing one, so as to get the desired results.