3 Ways to Ensure Your Success in College Through Effective Home Time Management

Life Will not Stop Because You Need to Study!

Because of that, while there are many things you can do to make life easier while you're in college, getting your home under control will be one of the main ones. And that's especially true for nontraditional students. This article highlights 3 ways to ensure your success in college with effective home time management.

1.) Make Time for Studying / Research / Projects

Even though you have midterms coming up … let's face it … kids need help with homework, jelly needs mopped up off the floor, and laundry still needs washed (it's OK to look like you've been studying all week, but please do not smell like it). Not to mention these people expect food multiple times each day.

So, here's what I did … at the beginning of each semester I would take all of my syllabi and record all assignments, tests, and quizzes into my handy-dandy planner on both the monthly and weekly portions. That cave me, at a glance, a good look at what I had coming up for the following week and month.

With this information I could plan meals, housecleaning, and time with kids so that I got done what I needed to get done while ensuring I had adequate time for studying.

For instance, the Sunday before midterm week I may make a big pot of spaghetti sauce then plan menus for that week such as:

· Monday: Leftover spaghetti

· Tuesday: Lasagna (made ahead on Sunday)

· Wednesday: Leftover Lasagna

· Thursday: Shepherd's Pie (How long does it take to boil potatoes?)

· Friday: Chicken Parmesan (Crockpot)

· Sat: Pizza and vegging out on couch … cause I deserve it

Think about how much time that planning saved me … time that could then be redirected towards the major goal that week … Midterms.

2.) Make Time for Family

There are not a whole lot of things that can derail determination like guilt can.

Picture this … you've planned all week long to use Saturday to catch up on your studying. Saturday morning, however, Harmony wakes up and decides she wants more than anything else in the whole wide world to go to the park today … as a matter of fact, her life will be over if she can not. You … knowing you really need to study … do the responsible thing and say "No." This leads to intestinal guilt which not only lasts with you but magnifies to the point where you're not getting any studying accomplished anyway so you decide to go ahead and take Harmony to the park.

One way to make sure that this does not happen is to … again … look at the week ahead. You should be able to get a clear picture all that life will be throwing your way in the next 7 days. If it would help you while learning this new technique get … and make sure to use … a 4 person planner like I do. Then, make sure to incorporate as much family time into the week as you can manage all the while letting everyone know that you're able to do this because you have specific time set aside for studying.

Furthermore, I know I always studied better in blocks of time. If you're the same (here, the whole day Saturday to catch up) then maybe by saving time on chores and cooking you could plan a couple of shooter trips to the park during the week. Again, let them know that this is planned … just as studying is at certain times.

Let Harmony know well in advance that Saturday is going to be a catch up day for you. Use her own situation at school to help her empathize. This could be as simply as having her imagine how she felt if she had a test but had not studied for it.

3.) Make Time for Recuperation

I was not too far into my first year back in college when I discovered how important it was to allow myself to recuperate. I had been out of college for 10 years yet I was determined to finish. Between studying, work, and home I ran myself so ragged it was not funny. And I started off with a head start from already being good with home time management.

Even I ran myself down as evidenced by the following:

On a Sunday morning I woke at 6 am planning to spend the entire day catching up. Here's how I spent the day:

· 6 am: Read ~ 30 minutes fall back sleep for 2 hours

· 9 am: Read ~ 30 minutes fall back sleep for 3 hours

· 2 pm: Read ~ 30 minutes fall back sleep for 4 hours

And I still slept normally that night.

From then on what I did was allow myself time to veg out on the couch with some DVR'd shows following intense periods of work. Even though I do not … as a normal part of life … watch TV there are a couple of shows that I like and I would create my own marathon.

Talk about recuperation at its finest.