3 Motivational Strategies in the Workplace Proven to Achieve Success in Your Career

Everyone would agree that there really is no point in dragging yourself to the workplace if you're not in your best or if you're driving level is way down there. That's counterproductive! That's why you need to find the best motivational strategies in the workplace that will truly work for you to help you succeed in the workplace such as starting with the right attitude, competitiveness with your collections, and thinking about your compensation package.

But first, let's establish one very important aspect of your working life; your regular working shift, whether you're working during the night or during the day. There's no point in holding on to a shift if your body, heart and mind do not agree with the sort of schedule that you're on. They should be congruent all the time. Most people find that they are more productive during the day, while there are quite a number of people who can churn out productivity during the night.

Start your day (or night) with the right attitude

As they say, it's all in the mind. You can start your day right by thinking right, thereby creating a powerful positive attitude within your whole being. Only your mind and the preparedness that you've caused yourself to be in by thinking the right things to do to create a momentum can help you achieve success day in and day out.

One of the most powerful motivational strategies in the workplace that you can do even before reaching your office, or wherever you're working, is to create a mental picture of the things that you want to accomplish and create a mental emotion that it brings when you've done that you wish to accomplish at work. Hold on to those mental pictures while you're on your way to work and even as you reach the workplace. By doing so, you'll be able to create a powerful momentum in your head that will push your entire being into accomplishing your goal.

Remember that our thoughts are very powerful. If you start your day right with a positive mental thought, you'll have the right attitude to help you through the day at work.

There's nothing quite like competitive with collections

You do not have to go yelling at your peers at work that you've got a challenge for them. Just silently try to outdo them at work without them having to know it. If you know who among your collections is churning out the most number of, say, sales on a monthly basis, make it as your holy resolve to beat his numbers. Perhaps you find yourself struggling to go to work on time, why not find out who among your peers is the most punctual and try to beat his time.

By competitiveness with colleges, you give yourself a dose of adrenalin to keep yourself motivated throughout the day. But do not burn yourself out with just one type of challenge. If you've completed one challenge or if you can not beat someone at it, try to find another challenge that you think you can one up someone on. Just do not try to beat someone who clocks out of the office the earliest.

Contemplate on your compensation package

Perhaps one of the most powerful motivational strategies in the workplace that works for a lot of people is imagining one's self in a situation where he does not have a job and struggling to find one. You've got a lot to thank for for having stayed on your job through the past global financial difficulties. If you're down and out, why not try to think about the amount of money you're getting every payday? Think of the stuff that you can buy out of that amount and the things it can do to your family.

Only YOU can be creative enough to motivate yourself in the workplace and hold on to the job that you have right now while others are struggling to find a gainful employment these days. Remember to start your day right, find creative ways to challenge yourself at work and think about your salary, and you'll find yourself right on track again in the workplace before long.