Top 5 Countries to Study in Europe

Study in Europe

Getting a higher education abroad is a great achievement and life-changing experience, but most of the times it includes high costs and many other higher requirements which can be difficult for some students to complete. For such students it is a good option to study in Europe. There are many European countries where the requirements for a student visa is not so high, also some countries are cost-effective.

You will find an ideal destination abroad, where you can take advantage of your higher studies at low learning and living cost. If you are likely to study abroad, you should also examine some of the most economic countries in the EU for your study. Let's go to the most economic places where you can get your internationally accredited degree at affordable prices:

Study in Germany:

With the motto of quality education for everyone, Germany is one of Europe's top overseas study destinations. German universities are known for providing world-class education and state-of-the-art research opportunities to their students. There are approximately 300 universities in Germany (10 worldwide top ranking universities) in which over 900 international programs are available. Although the cost of living in some German cities may be higher compared to other cities in Europe, but in the case of tuition fees, Germany is a very cheap country.

More information about the perks of Studying in Germany are as follows:

  • Education is provided in an interactive and vibrant manner which is affordable for all students.
  • The great standard of quality education, safety and quality of life makes it the most prominent destination for higher education.
  • Diverse range of study opportunities along with stay back options.
  • Due to the increase in the number of international students, there is a wide range of programs available in the English language.
  • International students with good academic records are also given scholarships to fund their studies in Germany.
  • Experience is provided in internship as part of the program, making it easier to get employment after completion of the course.
  • The opportunity to learn a new language, which can open many doors.

Study in France:

France is a place of study abroad where you can learn in a prestigious international environment. With many higher education institutions in forty cities, France is a cheap country to study abroad. Every 9 out of 10 international students recommend France as a study destination in Europe. This destination is especially preferred by those students who love French culture.

Below, you can find out about the perks of studying in this highly recommended study destination in Europe :

  • Excellent research and development opportunities with advanced education tailor to the needs of students.
  • France is a world-class economic power with attractive tuition rates.
  • There are many leading international corporations such as Airbus, Total, Orange, LVMH, L-Oreal, Danon in France.
  • In France, young talent is valued in innovation and entrepreneurship sectors.
  • France is a fascinating destination for students from around the world and French is the third most common business language.
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