Best Tips For Going to University

If you are a student and now it's time to leave the home for university, or if you are a parent trying to find any advice for this subject, why you just do not look at these tips because here I'll show you some tips for the "Golden years of your life".

It's not anything to practice just you should get the right attitude.

Best Tips for Going to University

Have you heard them say that university years will be the best of your life, okay they're right but when you enter in the world of high education it could be quite difficult for some students.

But here are the tips to make the best student life and to make those "golden years of your life" come true.

1) Be yourself. The best thing to do is to be yourself, because you meet loads of people in the first weeks and you can fall into any trap of being desperate to make friends. Even the people will love you more if you'll be your self, so stay true to yourself.

2) Just live it. I think you have heard this before, but you should try every experience in campus or off, Just live the life, go on clubs, communities. Find your passion because when you finish the University you have to tell your "golden years story" so Live the life and enjoy it.

3. You have to study. Look you are there to study and you have to study. Do not act in that way to regret later.

4. It's the 3 + 2. You do not want to study more than 3 years but here is my advice, better living the life of student than going every night in clubs and be drunk all the night.

Hope this advices were helpful for you. …

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Having a College Style Dorm Room or Apartment Matters

Does Your Dorm Really Matter? How is that true?

My college dorm room journey began with an incredible first experience! Image dorm room and apartments decorations are a pivotal part to sustainable success in college. The arrival to college just blew me away at, which played a humongous role in me glossing over the fact that I have not seen my dorm room yet. Nonetheless, I believe that the home-feeling experience can be a game changer!

What: College life

Arrival to college is going to be an experience that you will never forget! Seeing thousands of people just like made a special moment. Spending numerous years on campus, the one thing that helped me maintain that 4.0 grade point average (GPA) was the ability to be discipline and enjoy my dorm room experience. Accomplishing that was not an easy task!

Dorm Room Style Before?

All college rooms are nice, but they fail short at one category. It's the "it" factor called "decorations". The dorm room experience is not what will be advertised during orientation to college campuses. New and up-coming freshman or transfers will all loved being at school at first because of previous trips to see the campus or based on online pictures of show rooms, which is a huge deal, but the thing that's often overlooked by thousands of students is that having a college style dorm room matters still today. Numerous students will arrive to college and not spend a little bit of time in their dorm. That's troubling!

Why not spend time in your dorm?

Living on campus was special; however, it was not free. Image is expensive! So, it's highly respectable to say if I pay for a room, it's fair to have it to look like my room. Well, the key word is "my" because a room without your own unique touch will not bring the home-feeling to school. Yes, the home-feeling is that experience translate the room back home by bringing those crazy pictures hanging on the wall, crazy lamps in every corner, and furniture.

Why is having a home-feeling important?

As mentioned above, the home-feeling decorations such as furniture, lights and more critical things when having your friends over for coffee, playing video games on weekends, and for study sessions to maintain grades. It benefits all those factors mentioned because of it actually kept me in my room. Yes, I actually wanted to stay in my room and get my work done with my friends. No matter what, my dorm room had that effect on me regardless of my other activities on campus. First step is to realizing that change starts from within. Realizing that my dorm would only be what I choose it to be or look like. Having success accomplishing that will depend on where I chose to go because of the amount of time I had to sacrifice by going to local stores where the lines was packed when school started. …

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