The Right Approach to a PMP Certification Exam

The 200 questions that will make or break your career advancement are the questions of the PMP Certification Exam, so pay attention to your PMP preparation as if your life depended on it; it does. But during the exam, it will be a different story so read on.

What Goes On During a PMP Certification Exam?

The exam simply requires you to pick out the best answer from multiple choices. There will be 25 pre-test questions randomly placed yet these are not scored but you will have to answer a minimum of 106 out of 175 questions to earn your PMP certification.

The 4-hour PMP Certification Exam is computer-based but you will need your calculator, rough sheets, pencils, and an ear plug. After you submit exam, a mark-sheet in the Prometric Center will let you know how you have fared. The 4 hour ordeal is over.

Organize Your Study

The bulk of the preparation are case studies on different management situations and theories. It will be about the HOWs or WHYs a project manager responses to project crisis in relation to several resources, planning and monitoring of the project. But note that each case will be unique and will require a specific action or theory.

Study Guides

Refer to the study guides and take the mock quizzes after you have completed a lesson. If you have botched it, review the entire lesson, focusing on the area where you have failed. Also, time your quizzes – to get used to the idea of ​​a 4 hour PMP Certification Exam.

Review Previous Notes

If you have taken a course previously, take out your old notes. You can see threads of similarities because the course dwellings on the standard knowledge in project management. Your previous notes will eventually broaden your understanding of the different subject areas.

Understand what you Are Reading

Memorizing your notes is helpful but remember that the situations that will vary. Understand their relationships and applications best suited for each case. No matter how the case is presented as long as you have understood the principles you can easily pick out the correct answer from the four possible answers in the multiple choice exam.

Try the Free Online Practice Exams

There are several of these exams online. Try them out so you can learn from the inputs along areas where you have chosen both right and wrong answers. These useful inputs can be added to your store of knowledge.

Strategize Your Preparation

The roadmap to your PMP Certification Exam gets a much needed boost from professional coaching. If the whole idea is to attack a course that's related to your management expertise, anticipate the questions to be directed in handling people in a team, their learning styles, procurement strategies, and applicable theories.

Concentrate on the answers you got wrong. Review the crib notes to understand the how the correct answer relates to the question. Get books on the topic or do your research on online libraries. The more explanations you …

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