The 'Simple Science' Behind a Juice Detox Program

The ancient healing modality of fasting is generally looked upon unfairly by modern medical science. When we review the simple logical processes behind fast we soon realize that this is unjust. The infinite power and wisdom of the human body is best expressed through the process of creating the most amazing complex organism on the planet from one single cell.

Digestion is a process undertaken holistically by the human body and by individual individual cell. This process requires vast amounts of energy as the food is broken down into tiny particles and then metabolized into working nutrients. The amount of energy required to perform this task is greater than any other biological process. This is absolutely an essential task as the human body requires massive amounts of nutrients to survive.

It is possible to eat a diet which minimizes the energy required to be used up on digestion. This is a diet which maximizes the enzymatic activity of the food ateen. Enzymes are biological catalysts which initiate and carry out the process of digestion. They are naturally produced by the pancreas and other endocrine organs through the body. Enzymes also naturally occur in food. It has been shown that heating food above 118 degrees Fahrenheit destroyro its natural enzymatic activity. When the incoming food has low amounts of enzymes the pancreas has to compensate by producing more enzymes to carry out the task.

The production of enzymes for digestion takes away the enzymes needed to be used for other metabolic activities around the body. These processes importantly include the elimination of dead cells and the formation of new ones. It includes detoxifying the blood and organs through the body.

Most modern diets are chronically deficient in enzymes requiring the body to waste vast amounts of energy in digestion. The problem is compounded when we consider that modern diets are so deficient in nutrients. Energy is being digesting with very little nutritional return.

When we stop eating completely for a short period of time this process can be dramatically reversed. Instead of the expenditure of energy on digestion the body is able to use its enzymatic activity to go through the body and do some general 'housekeeping.'

At this stage the usual question posed is; Where do I get my energy if I am not eating? It is a well known fact that the body can go for 40 days surviving on just water and for periods of 100 days or more on fresh juices. After the first 3 days the body enters a process called Autolysis where it begins to digest its own cells. In the infinite wisdom of the human body it begins with the defective cells. These cells are broken down and the amino acids extracted to build brand new cells.

This is a very exciting concept and should be dwelt upon and further searched for some time.

It is also interesting to briefly consider the first 9 months of life in the womb following our conception. From …

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