Student Financial Aid – Background Info and Application Tips

The Financial Aid Offices run rather in a very strange manner.

The universities will not tell you that you did not get the financial aid just because you did not apply as soon as the other students. This is why the first most important thing is to prioritize the deadline of submission of your financial aid forms. The deadline may be different for many universities, and your best shot at getting the financial support is if you apply early for the process.

The next thing to keep in mind is to be as accurate and as focused while you're filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form as you can be. If you have made any errors, there is huge chance that your application will be returned which could cost you a heavy delay. Many students often make a mistake of putting their allowance and tax information in the parents section – make sure you know what you are doing.

Sometimes the parents who are not well off insist that their children also exclude expensive universities from their list of options. On the contrary, the expensive schools may be more affordable than an average school. The reason is when you apply to a school whose tuition fee is less there are very slim chances that you will not get any financial aid and force you to end up paying the entire tuition fee on your own if the tuition is low enough.

As for the universities that are more pricey and famous you can get up to a 100% tuition subsidy in many cases, especially if you maintain good standing at the school. So rather than just give up on what you could have you should at least take a chance as you never know if you could successfully land at any top school and study for free.

Applying for an early decision of acceptance into a university is not the wisest way of getting the financial aid, though, as your chances of getting it are very low to none. Students usually apply for early decision at the top schools way ahead of time on the condition that if they get accepted they will attend that school. Also you can only apply to one university for an early decision. This shows your determination to get into that school which makes the council think that you are willing to pay anything to get an admission. However, if you need financial aid it would be better if you apply on a regular basis as along with other students, especially if you have a good SAT score and a strong academic background and extracurricular activities to back up your application. Applying for government grants can also help you if you're in a bind, particularly if you have a strong background to begin with.

Trying to trick the financial aid committee is not a very good idea either. These people are clever and good at what they do, so if you're …

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Drone Career Opportunities and Training Courses

When you were buying your very first drone, did you have any idea that these aerial vehicles would become so popular and useful that full-bodied training courses and study modules would have been made available to public through university and college degree programs? Well, there are a good number of colleges in the USA that are already offering drone training to thousands of students. Of course, drone engineering is a full-fledged discipline because there are so many types of unmanned aerial vehicles now available through the world ranging from simple just-for-fun drones to combat flying vehicles housing missiles and other payload and military surveillance drones. Next is the category of drone pilots that need robust training as well as certification in order to become skilled, reliable and expert pilots of these aerial vehicles. In the years to come, the drone industry is only expected to grow and there is more study modules need to be added to the pool for producing highly skilled drone experts in various fields.

Career Opportunities for Drone Experts

Students who decide to pursue a degree in drone education have a number of career paths to take. Some of these include;

· Military drone pilot

· Disaster control and relief

· Agriculture

· Search and rescue

· Traffic control and reporting

· Package delivery

· Filming and cinematography

· Aerial photography

· Seismic study and storm chasing

· Engineering and computer studies

· Drone consultancy and training

· Drone insurance

· Security

· Firefighter

There can be many other fields where drone applications are being recognized throughout the world. Since the concept is relatively new and still in its infancy, there is a horde of opportunities for fresh graduates of drone training programs. With the growing number of people who wish to take these courses, there is also a need for more teachers and instructors who will be paid huge amounts of money for transferring their skills to the next generation of drone experts.

How to Apply

If you are interested in one of the degree programs or certificates in drone training, you first need to do a little research on various colleges that are currently offering study programs in this field. There are online degree programs as well, which you can easily take while sitting in the comfort of your home. The application procedure is just like applying for any other degree program; you need to fill out an application form and submit it to the concerned department along with required documents and a covering letter to show your interest in a particular college.

Before you decide to apply, determine whether you want to learn to build drones or fly them. These are the two basic categories that exist when it comes to drone training or education. Some of the degree programs offered by colleges in this discipline include;

· Bachelor of Science in Unmannned Aircraft Systems Science

· Master of Science in Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Engineering

· Master's in Unmanned Systems

· Bachelor …

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Find a Lucrative Career in Data Science

Data science is giving too many opportunities today in the professional world. As the number of business concerns using data analytics is on the rise, so is the number of jobs in this field. Last year the analytics industry recorded more than 16,000 fresher candidates and this will increase in the coming years.

Data science deals with enormous amounts of raw data. Data scientists wrangle the given data and find meaningfulful insights from it. These insights are used for taking strategic decisions.


Data scientists are those professionals who turn masses of unstructured data into analyzable results. They find patterns and trends which are hidden in them. They usually use various software specifically organized for this task and find inferces which can be easily explained to people in the organization who does not belong to the IT realm.

They usually indulge in experimentation and research to find new technological solutions for the analytics process. They come up with various models and algorithms which in turn help business concerns to face the new daily challenges.


As a data scientist, one may have to take part in various activities that are involved in the entire procedure of data science. Just because data science has many areas to focus on like data collection, mining, cleaning, visualizing, interpreting that one can say that data scientists too can have many roles like data engineer, architect, programmer etc.

Some of the responsibilities of this profession are:

  • Ask questions related to the industry trend and conduct research.
  • Extract and obtain data from various sources like web, databases, media, cloud etc.
  • Clean the data from any kind of anomalies and gaps that may become a hindrance in analysis.
  • Explore the data thoroughly to find all the hidden patterns and trends which can help to make the data more understandable.
  • Use various statistical tools and machine learning to prepare the data for analytical use in real-world problems.
  • Devise and design algorithms which will use the data patterns as their requisite.
  • Communicate and present the data preferences to the management which can help in taking a decision.


To become a data scientist one need to have mathematical, statistics, programming and communication skills. On top of that, a person should have the curiosity to ask market relevant questions and should have inquisitiveness to search and find data from all directions possible.

Apart from all this, a data scientist must have skills relevant in using tools and techniques of analytics. Some of them are:

  • Mathematics- linear algebra and calculus.
  • Statistics- statistical models, probability and hypothesis techniques.
  • Database management – SQL and NoSQL
  • Data mining and cleaning
  • Data visualization tools- ggplot, d3.js etc.
  • Reporting techniques
  • Python, R, SAS and their libraries.
  • Java, C / C ++
  • Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Flink
  • Industry knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical problem solving and decision making

Need for data scientists is in many sectors like telecommunications, E-commerce, finance and banking, agriculture, research and development, …

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The Psychology of Ideas

On why ideas do not belong to anyone, but to the world … and are objective, independent entities.

Ideas are important, and are primarily responsible for creating 'things'. Ideas are created from concepts and concepts transform our reality. So ideas indirectly transform the reality, the world and the future. We need to dissect how ideas happen and where they really come from. Highly creative people get more ideas, so ideas relate closely with creativity. A creative mind is a good resource for new ideas. The physiology of ideas would be similar to that of creative thoughts but the psychology of ideas and the psychology of creativity would be quite different. That is why, the psychology of ideas, is so interesting, you see.

An idea occurs suddenly, it does not require a trained mind, although some basic knowledge could help give shape to it. It is finally independent of the mind which conceptualized it in the first place. Ideas stand out in their independence. That's how ideas are different from a creative thought. A creative thought needs you as the creator, whereas an idea is independent and "out there". As soon as the idea comes to you in a flash, it belongs not to you, but to the world. Whereas the creative thought usually moves inwards to torment or inspire the artist, scientist or the writer, an idea jumps out to move into the world. Ideas and creative thoughts have different or opposite directions. Sounds weird that ideas and thoughts can have directions. This is a very new concept and you will not find people talking about directions of thoughts and ideas.

Ideas need to be implemented, and call for some sort of action. They also refer to some aim and the ability of the individual to gain through the idea. Thus a productive idea could help in financial gain, emotional gain or social gain. Ideas belong to the world, and are important as they are independent entities. They are externalized concepts and creative thoughts are internalized concepts. Ideas are more objective and do not really belong anywhere and that is why they are always timeless and eternal. Creative thoughts need to belong and they are also more subjective. Creative thoughts can be used to study a person's mental state and psychoanalysts that do all the time.

Ideas can not however reveal the depths of the psyche. An idea has its own objective existence. I am getting too philosophical at this point, but coming back to the psychology, why do certain people have certain ideas that may be unique or universal?

An idea is unique when your specific circumstances create the underlying concept, and universal if it is shared by all. We have a universal idea of ​​God or how to launch a business. Yet there may be unique elements in the way we perceive God or try to run our business.We may have both unique and universal ideas.

There are individuals who come up with a novel idea. If this …

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Great Examples of Science Fair Projects

Are you searching for examples of science fair projects to help you get started with this year's science fair? Here are some ideas to help you as you prepare. There are five types of science projects, and we've included an example of each.

1. What condition is most favorable for decomposing an apple? Place three identical apples in zip lock bags. Add soil to one, water to another, and let the third simply be exposed to air. Watch the decomposition over three weeks. This project is an observation or demonstration, as the results can not be measured.
2. What products in the home are made from recycled material? Gather items made from reclaimed materials and arrange them into an attractive display. This is a collection.
3. What kinds of birds live in Hawaii? Use books and the internet to research the answer to this question. Type up your findings and present them in a paper. This is a research project or a science report.
4. What temperature water is best for activating yeast? Fill three small bottles with water, one with hot, one warm and one cold. Add sugar and yeast to each bottle, and quickly place a balloon over the bottle mouth. Measure the tallest balloon to see which temperature activated the yeast. This is an experiment, or an investigative project. It follows the scientific method.
5. Make a model of DNA. Use craft beads and chenille wire to make a model of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the building block of life! This is a model.

You can use any of these example science fair projects, as long as they conform to the guidelines of your fair. But do not stop at these. Let them give you ideas of your own! …

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The Science Of Beauty

It is without doubt that people desire physical beauty. But wisdom says that we should not define beauty by only what we see on the outside. It says that true beauty comes from the heart. If someone is pretty on the outside but has an ugly heart, then that person is equally not beautiful. But we are also told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What this assumes is that beauty is relative. What may appear beautiful to one person may not needlessly be beautiful to another person. Beauty is whatever pleases you as an individual.

There are other intellectuals who have the idea that beauty is inconsequential. According to them, beauty does not solve anything, explain anything and it teaches us nothing. They feel like the whole debate about beauty is a waste of time and it should not even have a place in intellectual discourse. But it is so hard to agree with these intellectuals especially in the era we are living in right now. Outside the realm of ideas, beauty rules. The debts on what is beautiful and what is not dominant on media platforms everywhere. Some people associate beauty with the color of the skin, some with the intellectual capacity, some with the shape of the body and so on.

Even with endless campaigns to try and redefine what people term as beautiful, for instance the Say No To Racism Campaign, people have never stopped discussing about beauty. Stories about people lightening their skin because they consider white to be beautiful are many. Some are not contending with the size of their lips, so they will go ahead to use lip enhancement procedures that will enable them to have fuller lips. Other people are going on crazy diets to lose weight so that they can achieve a slimmer figure since that is what they consider to be beautiful.

We can not there before turn a cold eye to beauty especially with many things that people are doing around the world in the name of wanting to be more beautiful. It will be like quelling a physical desire or responding with indifference to a cry from a baby. We can say that beauty is inconsequential, but what that really does is only widen the gap between the real world and our understanding of what beauty really is. People are doing extreme things in the name of beauty, some which literally put their lives at risk. You would think that their lives depended on it.

But we can not judge the people that are investing so much of their resources to become more beautiful. Some of them are simply doing that to attain what the world assumes to be beautiful. We are always sizing up other people's looks. The visible self of a person seems to be more important that the inner self in most cases. Even though it is in no way a fair assumption, that is what we have been made to think. …

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Campus Fun – University Sports Themed Parties

University sports are much celebrated by students, since this is one of the most enjoyable times in campus life. Whether it be basketball, volleyball, football, soccer or track, the students make sure that they support and cheer for their school teams. Sometimes, they even throw parties in honor of these events.

University sports theme parties are very popular today because of their simplicity, but fun and exciting nature. Sometimes, they are formal and university-wide events, such as homecoming parties. Other times these parties are very simple, with lots of drinking and merrymaking, and are held in small venues, such an apartment or in a student's home. Sports theme parties usually center on a particular sport. Some are organized by the university, while others are prepared by fraternities, sororities or school organizations.

The most common kinds of university sports theme parties today are those that are held inside regular homes or dormitories. Usually, they are held before a team goes to a game, or if they have won a particular match.

Planning a sports theme party is easy, as long as you know the different elements and details that you need to prepare. Here are several simple but useful tips that you should remember.

To make your venue look more appealing, you can put up simple but fun decorations, such as streamers, balloons, school flags and banners. These should be in your respect team colors, so that your fellow students can feel the school spirit.

If your party is held after you've won a championship, make sure that someone has videotaped the game. During the party, get a large TV so that you can replay the match. The students will once again feel the victorious moment of their school team's win.

The party food does not have to be very extravagant. Pizza, nachos, burritos, chips and dip are very good choices. Just make sure that you have plenty of food so that you will not run out in the middle of the celebration.

If you want to add a bit more fun to your party, arrange some party games that everyone can participate in. Think of some that you can incorporate the sport into. For example, if the party centers on football, a football relay would be a good choice.

The next time you're going to hold a campus party, be a bit more sports-minded, and try to come up with a sports themed party. After all, it Promotes school spirit. So go ahead, get your school colors ready, and prepare for a fun time sporting sports and campus life. …

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Contrasting Plato and Aristotle

This is especially true among the over 30 thousand Protestant sects of Christianity that exist in America today. Only the Catholics have managed to reserve any amount of Aristotle, and that is through St. Louis. Thomas Aquinas.

There are many differences between these two giants of philosophy. I will first briefly summarize the differences in their approaches to metaphysics and epistemology, before moving on to my main topic: the contrast in their political philosophy.

Metaphysics and Epistemology

In the realm of metaphysics for example, we have Plato's shadows on the wall of the cave symbolizing the perceived world as an illusion created by the senses. This is in stark contrast to Aristotle's objective view of reality in his "A is A," symbolizing the idea that reality is what it is, as it is, rather than merely a shadowy representation of some truer reality.

In the science of epistemology, we have the Platonic journey out of the cave into the other world through Revelation, in contrast with Aristotle's science of logic as the tool of reason for acquiring knowledge of reality. Plato was a mystic and therefore set his metaphysical standard as the unknowable other-world, and revelation as his epistemological guide through the magical world of ideas in themselves – justice in itself, the good in itself, etc. This reality that we all live in, according to Plato, is nothing other than an illusion, a mere shadow of the actual reality that lies beyond our normal understanding.

This other-world is only know through intense contemplation that brings about revelation. I agree with those who speculate that the Platonic schools developed their own complete system of what we would call Yoga very early on. In book VII of the Republic, for example, Plato begins to describe a scientific method for discovering true being: "What is true unity? This is the way in which the study of the one has the power of drawing and converting the mind to the contemplation of true being. "

In contrast, Aristotle's approach is not mystical, not based on revelation, but rather based in human reason. As we shall see, these differences in metaphysics and epistemology have a unique effect on their different approaches towards political science.

Political Philosophy

Some of the most diverse differences come in the realm of political philosophy. The following short quote from Aristotle's Politics Book II: Ch. II serves to illustrate the contrast between these two thinkers:

"I am speaking of the promise of Socrates, 'that the greater the unity of the state the better.' Is it not obvious that a state may at length attain such a degree of unity as to be no longer a state? – since the nature of a state is to be plurality, and in tending to greater unity, from being a state, it becomes a family, and from being a family, an individual; for the family may be said to be more than the state, and the individual than a family – so that we …

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Bristol University Conducts Useful Studies For Any Divorce Lawyer

Any lawyer needs to research their chosen field to the greatest degree, if they are going to be a major player within the legal industry and offer informed legal advice to their clients; a criminal lawyer must study the ins and outs of the criminal mind through psychological research, a property lawyer must look in the statistics of town planning and the rise and fall of the population in their area just as a divorce lawyer must study the sociological theory behind family law. Luckily for them, The University of Bristol has focused much of their law department's attention on studying family law, with top professors and lecturers performing high quality research into several key areas and producing results that will be of great use for any dispute lawyer.

During the 1970's and 80's, former law commissioner Professor Stephen Cretney began to develop doctrinal and historical studies of family law in Bristol, studies which are still cited as key influences on other researchers today. It is because of such studies that social theorists can perform even more in-depth research into the behavioral patterns of families, particularly those whose marriages end in divorce. If a divorce lawyer is well acquainted with such studies, then it gives them a strong backing to argument a case in court, perhaps utilizing specialist knowledge that the opposition does not possess.

The University of Bristol's website gives more information on their particular areas of interest, with their family law researchers engaging in wide range of issues in family law. They are using their wide experience to work on projects in public child law and family property and are also focusing on family law practice in England an Wales, including comparative work and international issues in child law and the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. They have a vested interest in adoption and inter-country adoption, public law children including the impact of law on social work, kinship care and special guardianship and private child law, including child abduction and the enforcement of orders, all of which would be useful research to a divorce lawyer. Other issues that would be of interest to a divorce lawyer would include child support and child maintenance, instances of forced marriage and the cohabitation and the rights and responsibilities in families without marriage, stepfamilies and family property on divorce and separation; these are all covered by the Bristol University law department's research.

All of these studies will doubtless provide excellent figures, statistics and insights into the reasons behind why so many couples are choosing to get divorced in contemporary society, all of which will be essential to the progress of a divorce lawyer's knowledge on the subject. …

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10 Things To Consider When Working in A Lab

Laboratories are essential to the set-up for basic and clinical research at military offices, industries and schools or colleges.

Basically, there are two types of labs, one is Basic Science and the other is Clinical research. Researchers use the Basic science lab to get the knowledge about any concept and principle of objects. On the other hand, we can diagnose the syndrome of any chronic disease in the Clinical Research lab. Working in different types of labs is not an easy task, you need to remember some prominent things to avoid any hazardous effects. For the sake of convenience, we have described here all the important points properly:

  1. Other types of Laboratories:

Some other types of working labs are mentioned below:

  • Film laboratory or darkroom
  • Clandestine (to test how illegal drugs are produced)
  • Computer labs
  • Crime lab for crime scene evidence
  • Language laboratory
  • Medical laboratory (involves handling of chemical compounds)
  • Public health laboratory
  1. Some Basic Points:
  • On the first day, introduce yourself to everyone in the lab.
  • Take advice from your teachers or supervisors if you are not aware of any experiments.
  • Make proper notes while doing experiments.
  • Do not annoy other co-workers unnecessarily.
  • Firstly, set up your desk or bench, then start to do your experiments.
  1. Lab Location:

Location of a lab is also the point which must be taken under consideration by the lab assistants. Limited space can distract your working so you must have enough space to place all the lab instruments properly.

  1. Techniques:

You can implement the techniques by using the concepts of physics, chemistry and math so you must have proper knowledge about the basic concepts to do any experiment.

  1. Safety Rules:

Safety features are necessary to follow while doing an experiment in the laboratory. Some points are mentioned below:

  • Do not eat, drink and smoke in the lab.
  • Do not wear open-toed shoes or shorts in the lab.
  • Write all the instructions step-by-step as suggested by the supervisor.
  1. Lab Meetings:

There is a need for proper space to do lab meetings or discussions.

  1. Lab Supervisor:

Supervisors must have the required educational qualification and vast experience. For all the experiments and operations, one needs to follow the instructions of Lab supervisors necessarily.

  1. Lab Equipment:

Place all the Educational lab equipment properly after using them. You must have working knowledge of all lab instruments.

  1. Basic survival Rules:
  • If something breaks while doing an experiments, tell your mentor immediately.
  • Clean up the instruments after completion of the experiment.
  • Don’t command others, ask politely if you require anything.
  1. Use of the Internet:

Office internet is only for official use. Do not spend too much time on Facebook, WhatsApp or twitter. IT workers monitor all the online activities of the employees.

Consider all the points mentioned above and do your work in the lab carefully.…

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