Climate Science and Global Warming

Rising sea levels are occurring as part of the climate changes we face on the Planet's latest cycle. This will become problematic as 50% of the human populations live by the sea. Many large cities are only less than 100 feet about sea level. Thirty percent of all the human population live only 50 feet above sea level. Cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Houston, etc. and that is only in the United States. What about Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing? We saw what recently happened when the Tsunami washed the ocean ocean onto land. Well, what happens when the ocean is higher all the time? We can forget most of Florida as the Giant Sand Bar state is drawn back into the sea. New Orleans is already under water; what about Boston, NYC and Washington DC area, are they not exactly high altitudes?

Some Global Warming alarmists are now thinking it is time to invest in House Boat Stocks and pick out a big ship to live on? Hello Water World? You probably have not been following by Bangladesh's largest island being being eroded now by higher seas. You might say so what? Well over half the island is eroded and 500,000 are homeless now. Indeed, not as bad as the 200,000 who were washed out to sea by the Tsunami and later found drown; but this is serious and the problems are becoming worse. The issues in Bangladesh are about 40 years or so in coming and are now getting much worse. River currents are also moving and strengthened by the increased tides and ocean heights.

You know we in the United States also have river mouths at the ocean, which can be problematic at times. Especially during severe storms or from Hurricanes; take for instance the Potomac and Chesapeake, which run up through Philadelphia, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Delaware. When a recent Hurricane came up only 10-foot rise raised havoc. Imagine that all the time and add in another 15 feet all the time, without any severe weather? Then take a severe storm of 10-15 feet raise? See Ya. Now look at places like San Francisco, Boston, LA, NYC, Long Island; hell, look at the entire Eastern Seaboard, Central Valley CA and Washington State Coastline? See the problem? Right now we see the 20 Typhoon seasons in the Asian Pacific and the issues with the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic on the South Southeastern coasts of South America and the islands, which are not over 15 feet in their inheritance. Tomorrow what will we see? You like Waikiki, Honolulu, and Maui; better go visit now before they are under water. At least that is what the Global Warming folks are saying. They are pointing to some good hard evidence not from a Climate Modeling Computer but from a real life observation of places on the globe where it is already started. Think about this or buy an escape …

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Balance Your Health and Career to Achieve Success

Success is a word which is measured differently depending on who you speak with. The obvious links we associate with success are typically money, power, and fame. However, something extremely important seems to be missing from this list, and that is health. This article is about how true success comes from being healthy and active, which then leads to financial and career success. Here is how it can be accomplished and why everyone should be adhering to this.

The rat race. We live in a society of fast actions, hard deadlines, and never ending traffic. Most people are bustling about trying to get ahead. We get up in the morning, handle our routine and head out to the office; or simply work from home for those freelance entrepreneurs out in the work. It is very important to incorporate exercise somewhere throughout the day. Studies have shown that even fifteen minutes of light exercise like walking can improve our health veryly. You could go for a walk at lunch, or simply wake up a little earlier in the morning and hit the gym before heading to where you work from.

A healthy, non fast food breakfast is essential to health. If you put in processed foods into your system, you will burn out, and your body will not get the nutrients it needs to sustain an active brain and decision making. Coffee, caffeine and in some cases nicotine act like appetite suppressants and if abused can do more harm than good. It is important to make proteins are part of your breakfast diet. There are many options, regardless of your diet preference.

So far we have covered some basic habits, which seem commonplace, however in our busy schedules we often overlook these essential actions. So we have covered the need for breakfast and light exercise, but what happens once we reach our desks and start the routine of looking at a computer screen for hours?

Sitting is bad for us. We are designed to be bipedal upright creatures. Sitting for long periods of time stiffens our muscles, and is bad for circulation. Bad blood circulation is also bad for the oxygen levels in the brain, which are essential for focus and multi-tasking. Some workers have tried medicine balls which does improve our natural posture, but in truth the best solution is the standing desk option.

It is exactly as it sounds and a lot of companies are on board with this type of workspace. By standing you are keeping the blood flowing properly, and are actually burning calories. You will still need to take that 15 minutes of exercise but it is very good for you.

Why does being healthy cause us to be more successful? The answer is because health also brings along psychological benefits. Confidence, energy, happiness and accomplishment. Yes, you can attain those things through privileged gains, but at the end of the day personal health is linked to vitality. You want to accomplish a lot in this …

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