Fourth Grade Science Projects Made Fun and Easy

Fourth grade science projects should be fun and interesting to hold the child's attention. Fourth graders can carry out the experiment pretty much on their own, but they will likely need help coming up with an idea and then beginning the project, and also with presenting their findings at the end. In fourth grade, science projects generally involve answering a question, solving a problem or testing a hypothesis.

There are countless ideas for fourth grade science projects, and one interesting one is to see if seeds will grow if they are watered with a liquid other than water. All you need for this experiment is some seeds, a few small pots, some potting soil and a few different liquids like milk, juice and vinegar. Simply plant a few seeds in each pot and water it with whichever liquid you have not chosen, and then repeat this with the other pots. Be sure to label each pot so you know which liquid to water it with. Then, watch for the seeds to sprout over the next few days and record your findings.

You could also do a similar experiment and see if plants will grow if they are watered with soapy water, such as leftover dish water or bath water.

Another 4th grade science project that might be fun to try is to see if cockroaches have a preference for direction. To do this, you simply need to catch some cockroaches and find a spot outdoors to set them down and record which direction they head in. Is there a common trend or not? …

Medical Assistant Career – Opening Doors To A Professions In Healthcare Services

Medical Assistants

Medical Assistant Career – Opening doors to a profession in healthcare services.

Medical Assistant physicians are gathering demand in the background of a healthcare industry boom worldwide.
A Medical Assistant essentially is a healthcare professional with multiple responsibilities and skill sets required to execute the same. Both administrative and medical tasks that do not need much medical proficiency fall into the ambit of a Medical Assistant.

Medical Assistants are indispensable in any modern day healthcare practice. Engaged under doctors, podiatrists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners. Medical Assistants attend to the complexities involved in delivering medical services.

By accomplishing administrative and other responsibilities, Medical Assistants make it easier for the practitioners to concentrate on attending to and treating patients.

Medical Assistants execute varied administrative, laboratory and clinical tasks in different health care institutions.

Often, Medical Assistants are seen as generalists who are involved with many aspects of the medical profession but do not specialize in them.

A detailed overview of the activities of a Medical Assistant is given here:

Administrative duties:

General administration which includes day-to-day activities and other tasks. These include:

Communication – both internal and external and office correspondence.

Patient welfare – maintenance of patient records, insurance forms, scheduling appointments, arranging for hospital admission.

Billing and bookkeeping.

Maintain medical and drug supplies.

Clinical duties:

Clinical duties require discreet manual dexterity and visual acuity. A Medical Assistant has to support the medical practitioner with the following:

Recording vital signs.

Preparing patients for examination, explaining treatment procedures to patients.

Assisting the physician during the examination.

Instructing patients about medications and special diets.

Preparation and administration of medicines.

Laboratory tasks:

Laboratory tasks include:

Collection and preparation of laboratory specimens.

Performing basic laboratory tests on the promises.

Draw blood, prepare patients for X-rays, take electrocardiograms, remove sutures and change dressings.

Disposal of contaminated supplies and sterilization of medical instruments.

Medical Assistants employed at small medical outfits may undertake both administrative and clinical duties and report directly to the office manager or health practitioner.

Larger medical outfits have Medical Assistants reporting to department administrators and specializing only in a particular area.

Medical Assistant – Essential qualities and skills:

Duties entailed in medical assistance vary with the type of health care facility, size, location and specialization.

A pleasant disposition is a must as Medical Assistants constantly interact with patients and public. Courteous manners, a well groomed personality and an aptitude for making people feel at ease are essential.

Simple medical and clinical skills and administrative abilities are integral to the profile of a Medical Assistant.

Traditionally, Medical Assistants did not need to be certified as they learnt on the job. This scenario has changed and contemporary medical practices preferred trained and certified Medical Assistant professionals to untrained individuals.

Medical Assistant Training and Certification:

Healthcare industry is increasingly in favor of trained Medical Assistants. The need for technically sound personnel who have the flexibility of handling both clinical and administrative tasks is on the rise. The trend is an offshoot of the need felt …