Online Degrees in Computer Science and Technology

May be most of the computer science students know that there are many smart minded people in the Field of Information technology are selling online degrees; especially in the field of computers. You just need to have a credit card or PayPal account to pay their fees and it is also very shocking news that most reputed institutions are offering the degrees. But these degrees are only remaining in a piece of paper it does not include our effort and trouble of learning the new things and give the exams and get the result. You can get the degree of any percentage marks depending on your amount. So, if you try to show this degree as your real qualification you can get in lot of trouble.

Computers are now becoming the most valuable machine of the world. Today, almost more than 70% work is readily on the computers. It is also playing role in the world economy. There are many businesses are running on the basis of just a computer software. As online learning is dependent on the internet .So, if person takes course related to IT, it becomes easy for the person to understand it. They do not want to give much time to their study and can easily clear the exams There are actually many different specialties available when you get an online based degree in computer technologies. You can study computer science, software engineering, computer repair and maintenance, database programming, and a wide variety of other specialties within the realm of a degree in computer technologies at the internet. While learning they can easily apply their study in their current work. If a person is working in a IT company and wants its promotion. They can take a online degree course and can increase its impression on the boss.

A computer science student does not need to get training of basics of internet such as creating new account on the websites, visiting websites, checking the e-mail, sending e-mail, downloading documents or course material from e-mails which will be provided by institute at regular intervals, uploading documents and sending it by attaching files, searching any topic by using search engines, about popular websites providing material for the education, chatting software's for the live discussions, downloading software's etc. They should choose the better course which provide them some knowledge of new technologies of programming and platforms such as .Net, Visual basic etc. Almost every type of online course is available for the computer students because they are well acquainted about the internet.

In the IT sector, the technology is increasing very fast. As new soft ware's releases in the market new virus come out to break the software and hardware also. So, the companies need competent experts in computer technologies to fix computer problems and help employees make transitions. Companies are also hiring employees online and giving them work on the contract basis. So, the online degrees can work to show the profile in the online jobs. …

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Building a Career in the Data Analytics


A career in data analytics is not only concerned with learning Python or Hadoop, it takes into consideration various skills which are as follows:

a) Analytical skills

b) Business Understanding skills

c) Communication Skills

d) Numeracy skills

e) Statistical skills

A career in the field of data analysis can be very rewarding. It helps in the overall growth and development of the company. It assists the companies in making logical and smart decisions rather than going on instincts. Collection, organization and interpretation of data are all in the job profile of a data analyst. Extraction of useful information out of the data and drawing logical conclusions from this information aids and enhancements the smart decision-making process. This also gives the organization a competitive edge over others. All of this clearly defines the importance of a career in the field of data analysis.


A lot of doors open for individuals having the right set of skills and the knowledge base required as a data analyst. The increasing number of businesses and customers has widened the job opportunities available in data analytics, making this career both challenging and lucrative. The high salary and job prospects in the field of data is a further indication of the increasing demand for data analysts among big companies.

The salary packages provided to them by the top companies clearly indicates the significance of data analytics in these large entities. The salary packages offered vary with the experience of the candidates. The average salary package offered by the candidate with no experience (a new entrant) is 4-10 lakhs per annual.

The professionals with experience of 3-6 years can expect 10-20 lakhs per annual and those with 6-10 years of experience can expect 15-30 lakhs per annual. The professionals who have more than 10 years of experience can command a salary package of more than 1 crore.


Now the question arises as to where to gather the knowledge and acquire the skills required to become a data analyst. DATA CERTIFICATION is the best way possible for technical professionals to upgrade their skillsets and improve their careers as well as provide a foothold for a new hire. The certification training will assist you in becoming knowledgeable in the field of data analytics and allow you to gain a thorough and in-depth training in the skills required by a data analyst.

It will require a significant investment of your time and energy because if you want to achieve this technical certification, then you will need to put some effort into it. Just build on your interest in data analytics and no one can stop you from achieving your goal. …

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Requirements to Become a Graphic Designer

To become a graphic designer and begin learning a graphic design salary, it takes more than an education to get started as one. There are several requirements that one should meet.

To break into an entry-level designer position, a bachelor's degree will be required. Of course, having a master's degree will hold great advantage over everything else. If you are interested in starting out as a designer's assistant, having attended formal training at a professional school and receiving an associate degree can help bring attention to you. For those who would like to freelance or run their own businesses, a liberal arts education will suffice, they should carry courses like arts, merchandising, business administration, marketing, and psychology. Being computer-savvy and knowledgeable in the various designing programs can come in handy nowdays as many employers will expect their new designers to be able to use their programs. Regardless of the degree, the schools one attends need to be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

When it comes to skills, designers need to have a cocktail of many things. Creativity alone does not steal the limelight, although it is an important point. They will need to be creative communicators in verbal, visual and writing. They also need to be quick to adapt to the change in trends as creative businesses thrive on trends. Neverheless, they need to be original, and if possible, to the point of being able to start their own trend. Discipline and independence is a must as there they will need to work on deadlines without much supervision.

Apart from that, candidates will need to be passionate about graphic design, as they will need to be able to motivate them through the workload pressure. They will also need to be opened to new or fresh ideas and critiques so they can constantly improve themselves. With that said, they should carry the ability to express their art work properly because to do well, people will need to understand what the art is about.

During interviews, do not forget to brush up your interviewing skills, and bring along your graphic design portfolio, letters of recommendation, and academic grades. If your qualifications and personality fits the jigsaw well, you might just easily be earning your salary. …

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Military Spouse Scholarships – You Can Win Free Money to Continue Your Education

If you are married to a person who is currently enlisted in any of the following:

1. The Army
2. The Navy
3. The Marines
4. The Air Force

Then you are eligible to apply to any of the many different military spouse scholarships programs. It actually does not matter if your spouse is still active or retired and with some of the programs, non enlisted people can apply too !.

One of the best programs available at the moment is the $ 10,000 Free Military Scholarship program that is given away each month via a drawing. In order to participate, you need to register online by entering your basic contact information. If you are one of the lucky winners, then you will be able to use that money to cover any education related expense, such as:

1. Tuition costs
2. Computer and software that you may need for your classes and assignments
3. Books and school supplies
4. Meals and Transportation costs.

Basically you can use this money for anything you want as long as it is for your studies. The other great advantage of this program is that you will not be required to pay it back ever. This money is free and you will not go into any kind of debt in order to go to school, which is not the case when it comes to student loans or other type of credit card debt that you may incur while in school.

Remember, if you want to find a good military spouse scholarships then register to win the Free $ 10,000 Military Scholarship. …

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The Brief Alliance of Religion and Science

The tension between the religious and scientific communities continues to increase and that tension has manifested itself in a variety of overt, but also subtle ways. While it may not be immediately apparent by the rhetorical emanating from their leadership over the last century, the religious and scientific communities have far more in common than we are made to believe. Both communities have stated goals to seek and find truth, and both have fundamental flaws bought on by their prejudice which impeded their goals. Sadly, it sees as though both sides believe they are in conflict with one another and, of even more significance, they believe they must defeat the other for its survival.

These communities are no different than any other organization and their behavior is actually classic organizational behavior. As organizations and communities become prosperous, they often succumb to the temptation to forget their original purpose and their focus shifts to protecting the existence of the organization at all cost. Also, indicative of a trait common to organizations, the members of religious and scientific communities do not feel nearly at odds with one another as their leadership seems to feel. Is this tension necessary? Has it been ever present? Have these two communities ever been in harmony?

There was a brief period of time in which science and religion were in harmony. The time period just happens to coincide with the end of a dark time in history and the emergence of a new country which is clearly stated as its purpose – to provide a sovereign place in which individuals are free to live and pursue happiness. The assumption of that purpose is that individuals who find truth will be happy as they are blessed with the knowledge of truth.

An interesting irony of that assumption is that it must first be assumed that there is an absolute truth to be found and that the truth exists beyond human input. In short, it asserts that mankind is not the completion of the evolution of life. Moreover, it assures that mankind is merely a significant player, and that something or someone much bigger than us (let's call that truth) requires discovery. The brief alliance of science and religion coincided with the establishment of the United States of America and all three factions of human civilization (government, science, and religion) aligned under a single philosophy – that when people are left free, they seek to govern themselves honorably and seek to discover truth about this natural world and any supernatural world. They were aligned in the philosophy that there existed good and evil; and science, religion, and government were equally capable of both.

It can not be overstated that the environment which led to this unique period of history, one in which science, religion, and government seemed to be in perfect fashion with one another, was not an accident. It was by design. One thing the founding fathers understood well was the purpose of organizations, and, by extension, their …

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How To Get A Girlfriend In College – The Number One Secret

If you're in college and you talk to hot girls and approach them, you will start to see that they are testing you.

If you fail their tests, you will not be able to seduce them and potentially have them as your girlfriend. You will become another guy that she rejects because you were not confident.

Luckily, there is a way to pass these tests every time.

Most of these tests are hard to pass and can have men running away fast. If you know the technique to passing these tests, then you will put yourself in the small percentage of men who make it through these tests and become sexual candidates.

If you're unaware of this one secret, you will fail these tests and destroy your chances of attracting beautiful women and getting a girlfriend.

One of the tests that women love to use on men is the compliance test .

A compliance test is when a woman makes a statement or takes a form of action that lets her see if she is going to do what she wants. So if you fail these tests, she will gain control over the interaction, the conversation, and you.

When women give you the compliance test, they actually want you to pass it. They use it to filter out the confident, and attractive guy from the rest. Beautiful women can not really look at a guy and say "oh he's handsome, therefore he is very attractive." Women look for more than good looks from a guy because they're approached by lots of different guys.

Some girls get hit on around 10-12 times a day. In other words around 3,600 times a year which makes it easy for girls to see which guys are confident and which guys are not.

So, how do you recognize a compliance test?

Look for any demand that she tries to give you within a short period of time that may seem small, but could easily get you to follow.

A classic example would be "can I borrow a pencil".

They way you respond to "can i borrow a pencil" is very important because it can separate you from the other guys that she may have rejected.

Other tests may be, "wait here while I go to the bathroom", or "kiss me on the cheek", or even "hold my books".

Anything that seems small and harmless is usually a compliance test and you need to take control over it and add your own terms to whatever she is claiming.

For example if she says "wait here while I go to the bathroom", you can say "I can not wait for you I have to go print out a research paper or my friends are waiting for me but I'll see you later "This will show her that you're used to dealing with women and you will not let them control you with their tests.

If she follows up with another test just remember to add your own …

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Investing in Your Child’s Education – It’s Cheaper Than You Think

Investing in your child’s education doesn’t always mean starting a college tuition fund or opening a CD in the name of your 10- year-old in hopes it will multiply before they get their college acceptance letter. There are ways other than financial help that may be more beneficial for your child’s education and they will not break your bank account. The following five suggestions may very well give a higher return on your child’s educational investment, especially if they are established early in his education career:

First: Homework. There are varying opinions among teachers regarding how much and what type of homework to provide. However, most teachers do agree that when a parent is involved in some way in the completion of a student’s homework, that student has a greater chance of success. Whether or not a child has someone help with their homework each night is a huge indication of whether they will understand the material. The fact is simple: even the best teachers must teach an entire group of students at a time while a parent can work one-on-one with the child. This is a very important factor. Teachers will jump through hoops just to arrange a few minutes a day to teach a smaller group of students. Student learning increases dramatically when teachers have a smaller number of students, therefore, the more one on one time that you have with your child at home, the more your child will learn. Every minute you can take to read or practice or review with them one-on-one will do wonders for their education.

Second: Respecting and Supporting your child’s teacher.. When I was growing up parents and teachers were on the same page. Somehow this has changed where the student and the parents are often opposing the teacher. This has horrible repercussions for the child’s ability to learn. Working together always works better than working individually. If a parent slips a word of disrespect or disapproval at the dinner table the night before, a student is far more likely to discredit much of what the teacher says the following day. By openly showing that you don’t support the teacher’s decisions you are teaching your child that it is fine for them to do the same thing in the classroom. If a student does not respect his or her teacher learning becomes far more difficult.

Third: Use technology wisely. Technology plays an increasingly important role in education today. However, it can also be a huge distraction. Set priorities and rules for technology in your home. This may seem like common sense but common sense is not always so commonly realized, and technology is having a negative effect on the education of many students. For example, spending hours and hours on a gaming system before starting homework late at night makes homework much less effective. Children are less engaged in homework and the completion of it becomes a battle with parents as opposed to a learning routine that is established early in …

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Bible College – An Education in Faith

About attending bible colleges

If you have a passion for theology, or perhaps want to have a post-secondary education within an environment that shares your spiritual values, then Bible college may be right for you. Bible colleges combine education with faith, allowing you to widen your horizons in life at the same time that you deepen your Christian beliefs and faith.

Studying theology at college

To become a minister or pastor, you will need to attend seminary school. There, you will study the Word of God in detail, so that you can delve into the deeper meaning of each verse of the bible, whether it is well-known or obscure. Seminary schools are sponsored by denominations, so to become a Baptist minister, you will need to attend a Baptist bible college, and so on.


You may also explore bible schools online options, if you need to pursue part-time studies, or wish to take classes simply out of your interests in theology. This way, you can keep your job and earn college credits.

Often "Bible college" refers to institutions that teach programs in many traditional subjects, but do so within a context of Christian religious thought. On many subjects, a Christian interpretation to the subject matter is offered. For instance, English literature can easily be viewed through the lens of faith, as many tracts, essays, and novels in fact explored religious themes.

Traditional colleges simply can not offer the combination of faith and education that bible college can offer. To ensure that your commitment to God and the church and to God are reflected in your education, explore the faith-based opportunities that Bible Schools offers.

On-Campus Tours

If you are interested in attending a Bible school in your area, think about attending a special college entry weekend. That will give you a chance to tour the campus, meet with college faculty and staff, and see what life is like at college.

At Bible college, you will likely find an exceptionally caring group of individuals, a set of students passionate about theology, and friends, faculty, and colleges who will encourage you in your spiritual life, and help you train practice for your life in service to God.

Why attend Bible colleges

Image-aged people have a variety of reasons to attend. Some want to extend their high school experience, others are confused about how to spend their post-high school days, so default to attending college; others are looking for career training.

But Bible college students are following a different track altogether. These are people who have come to know God, and want to strengthen their relationship with him through discipleship. They want to engage in a lifetime devoted to serving God, to teaching others, to making a difference in this world.

If that sounds like a good description of you and your motives, then Bible College may be an ideal choice for you. No one knows every detail of the path that they are on, but your instructors at at your college college …

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What Is Career Counseling?

If you have hit a professional brick wall, career counseling is right for you. Have you graduated from college but can not get you foot in the door? Do you dread getting up in the morning to face another day at work? Or worse, you were fired during the last wave of last layoffs and do not have a job to wake up to at all.

Well, the job market has plenty of competition. To stand out from the crowd you must understand why you are the best fit for the job. Knowing what you really want in a job and what career happiness feet like is essential. People who are in love with what the do for a living are rarely fired. Experienced career counselors can help you define your dreams and clarify what career happiness means for you.

Career coaching is very much like regular counseling except the focus is on professional exploration. The counselors give you the guidance and direction needed to take control of your future.

Career counseling is not a one stop proposition. It is a process. A career counselor does not, and should not tell you what major or career to pursue. Instead, they help you explore your skills, interest and personal preferences. You will have a clear idea what you want, a plan for how to get it and the confidence to make the decisions on your own.

Professional guidance will lead you to the most suitable career. They typically have a background in psychology and are trained to make the link between how you think and their skills and education. If you are a teenager deciding what to major or a seasoned professional contemplating changing careers, counseling can help you take the next step.

The process is different depending on the counselor. However, many will start with assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory. They are commonly used to check your judgment and personality. But, it does not end there. It is a holistic approach to self-exploration.

Some questions they explore include:

• What motivates you based on your values?

• What interests you?

• What do you do well and how do you use those talents?

• What are the daily activities of different professions?

• How do you make an action plan?

• How do you make a resume to get the interview?

• How do you ace the interview?

You will be able to answer these questions and many more with assessments. However, the assessments are not designed to give you the perfect answers. They answers are used as spring boards for additional conversation.

There are free career centers for college student and people in job transition. Although a great resource they are not equipped to dig deep enough to define a clear course. Career counseling with an experienced pro can coach you into taking action. They will give you concrete step to help you reach your optimal work life balance based on …

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How to Get a Data Science Job?

Data Science and Businesses

Data Science is all about everything that can be done with the data in order to study and exploit hidden insights. This profession arose when simple Data Mining techniques like Business Intelligence and Hadoop were combined with technical statistics and complex computing. In general, Data Scientists are given some data and are expected to use the data and guide the company in the right direction. In today’s world, as more and more people are coming online and leaving a huge amount of Data on the internet, the need of Data Scientists has become acute in almost every industry we can think of.

Industrial Needs of Data Scientists

What a particular Data Scientist does depends on the type and size of the company he’s working for. A start-up company having a lack of resources cannot hire a lot of people, so only one or two people have to do all the job, namely collecting data, interpreting, transforming, modeling, testing and visualizing. Big companies, which enjoy abundant resources and can hire a lot of professionals, generally distribute the entire process among Data Engineers, Software Engineers and Data Scientists. Here, Data Scientists are mainly focused on Analytics, modeling, testing, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Things to Focus On In Order to Become a Data Scientist

The core facets of Data Science are statistics, computer science and business, so one has to become an expert in these three fields before starting.

  • SQL: A Data Scientist may have to write so many sequels. Many companies have set up Data Infrastructures from where a Data Scientist can collect data using SQL. It is an easy programming language and also helpful in writing queries.
  • Metrics: He has to interpret various types of metrics like success metrics, tracking metrics etc and understand how to construct models according to these metrics.
  • Tools: During a project, he has to use complex algorithms and multiple computing tools like Python (for Machine Learning), Hadoop (for collecting data), Excel and R (for analytics and modeling), Tableau (for visualization) and others like SAS, Minitab, Spark etc.
  • Testing: Testing is important to check if a model will work out as expected or not. A/B testing allows him to experiment multiple models at a time and see which works the best.
  • Communication: He must have good communication skills like public speaking and technical writing so as to explain the model to customers and other team members. The point is not just in creating advanced models, but also to make others understand them.

How This Data Science Online Course Will Help You?

The online training on Data Science has been designed keeping the above-mentioned points in mind. Students are provided life time access of detailed and practical knowledge of all the important concepts by industry-experienced faculties. Quizzes, assessments, webinars and live projects help students become job ready, and to help them get placed in the right companies, a well-organized placement cell with excellent record is also available.…

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