13 Free Online Educational Resources for Business Owners

A small business owner wears many hats. Often, they are responsible for finding business, customer service, sales, advertising, and bookkeeping. This is in addition to the duties surrounding the actual service or product the business provides.

There are many resources available on the internet to help you wear your many hats with more confidence. Here are some of the most useful courses, websites, and other resources you can access now.

1. The University of the People

The University of the People is an online, fully accredited university, based in the United States. They offer tuition-free associate and bachelor degrees in Business Administration, Computer Science, and Health Science.

2. Coursera

One of the greatest bastions of self-directed education, Coursera offers instruction in a variety of topics. Learn how to market yourself, and improve your personal brand. Take a class on bookkeeping or accounting. Or, sharpen and expand your marketable skills.

3. Open Culture

Open Culture bills itself as a repository of free cultural and educational resources found on the internet. Their list of videos, courses, and audio files, related to many different aspects of business management, will keep you busy for days.

4. Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration should be the first stop for every self-employed entrepreneur. Their website offers free courses, downloads, and videos to help you on every step of your path. Learn how to write a business plan, find funding, do market research, and so much more. The SBA also offers a mentoring program for new small business owners.

5. Free Management Library

If you want the knowledge that comes with participating in an MBA level business program, but do not want the expense, the Free Nonprofit Micro-eMBA is for you. You get access to all the lectures, readings, and assignments that you would in a full university course. But you get to do the work at your own pace, and all for free.

6. iTunesU

The iTunes app gives you access to hours of podcasts. Many prestigious universities and schools have partnered with Apple to bring you audio and visual files straight from the halls of Ivy League business schools. Enjoy top notch instruction from schools like Stanford, Harvard, and UC Berkeley.

7. Udacity

Udacity is one of the newer faces in online self-directed education. Their courses concentrate on web and computer technologies. Take one of their free courses, or invest in one of their paid offerings. If your business is web or computer based, their offerings can help you find new services and products to help grow your business.

8. MIT OpenCourseWare

Best known as the gathering place for academic elite to explore engineering, science, and other futuristic technologies, MIT offers many past lecture courses for your personal development. They offer courses that cover many topics, including classes in business and entrepreneurship.

9. edX

Another new website catering to the self-educated crowd, edX offers a variety of courses that a small business owner or entrepreneur will find indispensable. They also offer certificates that prove …

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Federal and Private Grants For Online Education

Online education is fast becoming the choice of most working adults and stay-at-home moms who wants to pursue higher education. Getting a web-based education is a practical choice, as it gives the students flexibility to do their other obligations and study at the same time. Over 4 million students now benefit from online education and this number will increase annually as students find it more convenient to study online.

Although these programs provide more benefits in terms of time and flexibility, most of them are just as expensive as traditional education programs. However, there are federal grants that are available for students who wish to study online yet do not have enough financial means to do so.

Just like most federal study grants, online school grants are awarded based on financial need. If you plan to avail of these grants, the first thing to do is to fill up a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which you can access online from the federal student aid website. After completing the FAFSA, you have to submit this to the Department of Education which will evaluate your need status and will inform you which grant you are eligible for.

With this form, you have to demonstrate that you or your family has a low Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and you can not adequately support your college education. Applicants with the least EFC are given priority for most federal study grants.

One of the most common grant programs is the Federal Pell Grant which extends financial aid to undergraduate students who may be enrolled in traditional or online education programs. There are also grants tailored for a specific field, such as the TEACH Grant which is designed for teachers who are willing to teach high need and remote areas and the SMART Grant which is for students in science, math or computer science. There are also some companies that provide grants to students who may form part of the work of these companies after graduation.

If you plan to use on grant rewards to finance your online education, make sure that the online program you will choose is fully accredited by the Department of Education. If you are not eligible for a federal study grant, try contacting professional organizations which may have scholarships or grants based on academic performance.

Since these grants are highly competitive, try to find out about them and submit your application as soon as possible. Consult your school guidance counselor on how to better access information regarding federal and private study grants which you may use to finance your online education. …

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Data Science: The Future Is Here

People are frequently hearing the word data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence but they do not have much knowledge about these terms. Data science is a new technology which uses data in an effective manner. It is a technology in which raw data is collected and processed. It is becoming the new strategy for business executives to run their business productively. So, basically it is a technology in which raw data is collected and the collected data is processed in an effective manner. Processing of data is very important. Not all the data we collect is useful. By processing data, we mean useful data that is extracted from the collected data and then used in such a manner that it gives an effective output.

It is a boon to the industry. It is important because indirectly or directly, we do work in our daily life by exchanging data. For example -> People are purchasing things online and doing online transactions for which they need to enter their bank details (collecting data) and then, after some steps, they are done with their payments (processing data and getting output). It is needed becausedays, and in future as well, all our daily work would be dependent on data and it is a technology which uses our data effectually and gives the desired output. This would be clear when we talk about applications of data science.

After catching on what is data science and why we need it, we are coming to the requirements of data science. If we talk technically, the programming language which the data science use is python. Python is an object-oriented programming language. It is one of the topmost programming languages ​​in the present time. Python does not use data types. The code of python language is like the simple sentences we write in English. It does not need to follow any syntax like other programming languages. These are some properties or advantages of the python language which makes it user friendly. People who are willing to work in this field should learn python.

It has a very great future. As I said, technologies are changing day by day and people are becoming used to them. Technologies are getting advanced and the industry would require more skilled persons to maintain them. Advanced technologies are primarily based on artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning and many more. For example -> lights turn on automatically when the person enters the home, and turned off when they exit. Technologies are becoming more data dependent. So, itis a very nice option for the people who want to make their careers in the technical industry.


Below are some applications which would better clarify the significance of the technology.

  • From the definition, it is clear that it is a technology which collects data and processes it effectually. When we search things on the internet, the search engine gives the desired result in the minimum time. That is what data science. It
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Data Science Training and Its Future Prospects for Trainees

What is Data science?
In this information age, a lot of data about everyone and everything is generated. The companies are developing upon this big data to analyze the needs of the customer and deliver to them what they want. It is a mixture of algorithms, technology and inference.

Job Prospects after the course:
Several courses are offered in this field. A person is eligible to pursue any career within this field. However, one can specifically choose the data science segment. It can be:

  • Data Analyst: The person who analyzes the already collected data and directives useful insights that help the companies in further processing the data and streamlining it.
  • Data Architect: The one who builds the data. It generally includes the collection of data and putting into the database for further analysis.
  • Data engineer: The one who looks at the data and thinks of ways in which it can be presented in an even better way. Developing on the mechanisms and new algorithms is what they are good at. Development of new languages ​​is their work.
  • Statistician: A person who draws insights with the help of developed mathematical and statistical ways and predicts the situations that might occur.

Eligibility criteria for the course:
As such, no specifically laid qualifications are listed for this course. But prior knowledge of computer languages ​​like JAVA, Python, C ++ etc. would aid in learning. Any person having a graduate degree can go for the course and get the certificate of completion after completing the course.

However, anyone who is interested in pursuing the course can do so. There are no restrictions for those who want to pursue the course.

Future of Data science:
Data science is seen as the most revolutionary and futuristic field that is promising not only in the aspects of providing jobs to the youth but also growing prospects in the field. The speed of growth in the field is really good. Websites like Glassdoor represent a true and fair view of the compensation that companies provide and the opportunities that a person can get.

With the advent of Artificial intelligence, the importance of big data analytics is going to grow as the machines would not be able to drawferences and that is something that would stay with the humans to decide. Therefore, the field is considered to be a bright one.

Training Institutes:
Many training centers are focusing on providing quality and impartial expertise, knowledge with the help of educated individuals in this field and anyone who is interested in following their careers in this field could do so by easily enrolling themselves with the course. The fee on an average is quite affordable for the students. There are some training centers that even provide job assistance and could help you land a job easily provided you show the results of a good data science expert. So, what are you waiting for? If this is the field that interests you and number crunching and being analytical is your forte, …

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Borrowing for College – Department of Education Student Loans

Finding sources of college funding is an important step towards getting an education. College tuition and living costs are increasing and you will need to find funding wherever you can. You may even have to eliminate your favorite school from your list, even if your efforts have been rewarded with the chance to attend. Although you will have to take money into account when choosing a school, you should be able to get into one of your top five schools with the help of the department of education; student loans and financial aid can help you pay for it.

You should apply for student aid first. It is free to apply, you may receive extra funds that you will not have to pay back, and having applied for student aid is a requirement for receiving student loans. You can apply online with the department of education. An online forecaster and a college expenses calculator are now provided to help you estimate how much money you will need and how much you will receive.

Federal PLUS loans are available for parents who wish to help their children study, but if they do not meet qualifications to receive a PLUS loan, the student can apply for Stafford loans with a higher maximum loan amount. The minimum loan amount increases after every year in college, and as an example, your first year the maximum loan amount is $ 3500, or $ 7500 if your parents do not have access to the PLUS loan.

In the case of financial need, the government pays the interest on your loan during your time in college. This is called a subsidized loan. If you are borrowing a Stafford loan with the normal maximum limit, the entire loan is subsidized. If you qualify for a higher maximum loan amount, only the normal loan amount can be subsidized: $ 3500 of the $ 7500 for the first year, for example.

Federal loans can be taken from the Department of Education directly, or, through the FFEL program, through private lenders. The terms and payment options may vary, but federal loans now have a fixed interest rate at a maximum of 6.8%. Direct federal loans offer you the option of switching among a variety of payment plans, allowing you to make lower payments over time or even make payments based on your income.

If you have education expenses which are not covered by federal loans, you can take out private loans as well. These are available from many different sources with different terms; you should contact them while you are comparing colleges to get an estimate on how much you can borrow. Graduate students can take out PLUS and Stafford loans, and you can consolidate your student loans at any time.

Even if you can not pay for your top choice, you can get into a good school if you use all the resources available to you, including Department of Education student loans, financial aid, and private loans. …

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School Science Projects – 4 Secrets to Success

Headed for the science fair? You're going to want to consider science projects that will not only be fun and interesting but will impress the judges as well. At first it might seem like a tall order, but the science fair is a great chance for you to gain new knowledge about almost anything you can imagine. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to win the fair, it just takes planning, some creativity, and a little work. Follow these four simple tips and yours will be one of the science projects that wow friends and judges alike!

1. Get interested! -This is the most important thing you can do to make this a fun and successful project. Forget those projects from school, this one is your own and can be about anything you choose. Think about what you like to do and how you could learn more about it through the scientific method. Start by pointing the question you want your study to answer.

For example, if you're interested in planes you might research which shape of wing creates the most lift. Or, study your friends and family by researching how they react to a set of different musical styles or running a blind taste test.

Is the outdoor where you love to be? Get outside and run an experiment in the garden or at the local park!

Whatever it is you enjoy that makes you curious is sure to make a great science project, all you have to do is ask the right question.

2. Keep it simple-Being creative is important, but the best scientists know how to ask direct questions which lead to useful results. You do not want to ask too broad a question and end up with an incomplete project on the day of the fair. Suppose you want to work with food since you love to cook. A study to find out which is the best type of dessert is going to be way too much to handle, there are just too many out there and everyone has their own favorite. A better question would be "How does wrapping an object in foil affect cooking time?"

A simpler topic will be easier to present at the fair, you should always be as clear as possible about your research methods and findings. Anyone who comes to see your project should be able to understand and enjoy it. Presenting your project is as important as doing the study, so be prepared to show what you discovered. Finally, make sure that the topic is an appropriate one by checking with an adult before getting started.

3. Do your own work – The more of the project you do yourself the more you will learn and can use again in the future. Sure, there may be certain aspects of building the display where someone good a using power tools can help out. Maybe you and a friend can team up to collect some data; cases like …

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Top Psychology Graduate Schools – Stanford University

A great school for obtaining your Ph.D. in Psychology is the renovated Stanford University. Located in California, Stanford has repeatedly been ranked among the top psychology doctorial programs. Among its unique points, Stanford University operates 17 different research labs that are strictly dedicated to the study of psychology. With award winning faculty members, and state of the art facilities, this school is justifiably sitting at the top of the list. Doctoral programs in psychology are offered in the following areas of study:

* Cognitive

* Developmental psychology

* Neuroscience

* Personality

* Social psychology

How much does it cost to attend top psychology graduate programs?

As a private research institution of higher learning, the price tag to earn your Ph.D. from Stanford can be quite expensive. Recent figures estimate that tuition runs approximately $ 37,000 per year! However, have some solace in the fact that many top research-oriented universities offer fellowships to support graduate students through their course of study. Before we get to how to pay for grad school, let's focus on the admissions process.

Because Stanford does sit right on top of the proverbial food chain, getting admitted is not an easy process. Do not worry though. It's hard, but not impossible. You will need an incredible graduate personal statement, laudatory recommendation letters from professors and advisers, and excellent grades. Stanford also has a reputation for looking specifically for students who have done well in their undergraduate programs, having chosen from the most challenging courses available to them.

With an average acceptance rate at only about 13 percent (and for certain areas, such as Clinical Psychology, you can expect even more competitive accept rates!), You have to be on top of your game for your career undergraduate career to have the best chances of getting your coveted acceptance letter in the mail. If you have already struggled in college, you still have a chance. Colleges like this typically focus more on just the last two or three semesters of your undergraduate grades and overall academic progress.

It sounds like a lot, and it may seem impossible, but if you wish to go to Stanford, tighten your boot straps and pick up that textbook. You can still make it to the number one ranked Psychology program in the nation. …

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Understanding Biotechnology

Biotechnology is looked at in awe by most people. The word itself is so intriguing and you are compelled to try and get a better understanding of the same. Simply stated it is a branch of science that is concerned with living things in and around the environment and how these directly affect human life and our ways of living. It involves the understanding of the genetic composition of human animals, animals and plants and how they are interrelated and how changes in their behavior affect the environment.

Going by the above definition you can well understand the scope of this science. It is such a vast field that it becomes very important to diversify and specialize in one field. There are so many branches and so many different aspects of this science that need to be studied and that's why biotechnology gets so intriguing. Apart from the diverse nature of this science it is also very important because it finds its relevancy in so many fields and is very important in any type of progress that you need to make in society.

Biotechnology is probably one of the most vital emerging fields in the world and people have just gotten up and started taking note of the importance of this science. Interestingly it has been practiced for a really long time. You can go back to when human beings first learned how to tame animals and started planting crops for farming. Simple things like fermenting juices into wine are related to biotechnology and date way back. It is difficult to pin point as to when these practices actually started.

The word biotechnology came about by Karl Ereky who was an engineer and this can be dated back to 1919. Modern biotechnology is as recent as 1970 and this is when the evolution of genetic biology came into existence. In fact these genetic revelations were used to prepare various vaccinations and medicines. There are a lot of jobs related to biotechnology work and it is an expanding field. If you are interested in biotech, then biotechnology work is a great place for you to start.

Due to the varied and the emerging nature of this field you find more and more people trying to enter this field but it does take some qualification and not everyone is cut out to do research in this field. You need to be inclined towards biology and you need to select the science stream instead of the business stream during the course of your education. Biotech scientists give years and years of their lives for research in this field. A simple experiment can take up to a minimum of 10 years to complete as you need to test it and re test it before you go give your income to the world.

Biotechnology has so much to cover and there is so much more that needs to be discovered that it becomes very difficult to keep up with the ever changing trend but this …

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Scholarships for African Women in 2012-2013

Here are available scholarships for African women to study for Postgraduate and Undergraduate programmes. Some of these are niche scholarship programs specifically for women. You can also apply for other international scholarships that are not gender specific. The scholarships aim to encourage women to further education in several fields of study.

Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship for Women in Africa, Europe and the Middle East

Google aim to encourage women from the international community to excel in computing and technology through the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship offered for women in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The scholarship is for female Undergraduate and postgraduate students.

PEO International Peace Scholarship

The PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for selected women from other countries for graduate study in the United States and Canada. P.E.O. aims to help qualified women who desire higher education and are in need of financial assistance.

Fondation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarship

The FRB enables young women scholars to enrich their academic background by obtaining an HEC MBA in France. Women applying for the Scholarship Award must come from an African country affected by a natural disaster, drought or famine.

Deutsche Bank Scholarships for Women at London Business School

The Deutsche Bank scholarships are awarded to MBA and Masters in Finance female students in the AMOUNT of £20,000 each.

Fellowships for Women Scientists in Developing countries and Africa

The Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS) with funds generously provided by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), has instituted a fellowship programme for female students from Sub-Saharan Africa and Least Developed Countries (LDCs), who wish to pursue postgraduate training leading to a Ph.D., at centres of excellence in the South (developing countries), outside their own country.

Canon Collins Trust South Africa scholarship programme

Canon Collins Trust awards postgraduate scholarships for southern African Students including Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe- to study in South Africa. The Trust offers Full Scholarship for study in South Africa are for women of rural origin under the Graça Machel scholarship scheme.

Global Fund for Women Grants

The Global Fund for Women supports women’s groups that advance the human rights of women and girls. The Organization strengthen women’s right groups based outside the United States by providing small, flexible, and timely grants ranging from $500to $30,000 for operating and program expenses.

AAUW Scholarships and Grants for Women -Postgraduate Fellowship in USA

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Educational Foundation Fellowships and Grants is available for women who are not US citizens or Permanent resident in the United States. Priority is given to students from developing countries including African Students.

IFUW International Scholarship for Women-Fellowships and Grants

The International Federation of University Women offers a limited number of international fellowships and grants to women graduates for postgraduate research, study and training.

Nestle MBA Scholarships for Women in Developing Countries

The Nestlé Scholarship for Women was initiated by a group of IMD- Switzerland- MBA (Masters in …

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A Glimpse at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing ranked 2nd for its Community Health Nursing Program and 6th for its Graduate Programs according to the US News & World Report. This prestigious school has over 200 faculty members and more than 700 students in its various nursing programs.

The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing offers two-year and accelerated baccalaureate programs where graduates receive a Bachelor of Science degree that prepares them to enter the nursing profession. In addition, the school also has a Master's Program for nursing practitioners and experts to equip them for leadership and management in the field of nursing.

It is also devoted to research in nursing and healthcare and receives millions of dollars annually for research funds. The school offers a Doctoral Program for those who would like to become nurse schools and advance the nursing practice through research studies.

Other post-degree programs available in the school offer studies and practicum on pediatric, adult and family care, critical care and emergency preparedness. The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing also has opportunities for continuing education for nurses.

To prepare students in the practice of nursing, the school created programs and formed partnerships with other organizations and the community to give students hands-on experience of administering health and support to various settings including community centers, shelters for victims of domestic violence, elementary schools , outreach programs for the homeless and the aged and many others.

The University is looking for individuals who demonstrate serious and committed interest in scholarship. The Admissions Committee thoroughly reviews an applicant's academic interests, record, and accomplishments. Each program within the school has its own set of admission requirements and deadlines. You should contact the Admissions Office or visit their website to get more information on the program you plan to enter. You can also check the website for the schedule of the school's program information sessions and open house.

In its effort to help eligible students pay for their education, the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing offers needs-based financial assistance both to qualified undergraduate and graduate students through scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs. The school recommends filing application for financial aid together with the application for admission.

The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing is located in the state-of-the-art Anne M. Pinkard Building in the East Baltimore campus of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. …

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