Masters Degree – Good Reasons to Consider an Online Master's Degree

Many people under what has come to be known as a midlife crisis. People reach a certain age and start to take stock of their lives and measure what they have achieved. If you have taken the time to reassess your life and your career and feel that it is time for a change then studying for a Masters degree could be a big help in landing your dream job.

If you want to study for a new career but feel that you do not have the time to go to regular school then it might be worth investigating one of the online master degree programs that are on offer. Whatever kind of graduate study that you undertake, you'll find that education opens a lot of doors that may previously have been closed to you because you did not have the relevant educational qualifications.

An MBA degree, for example, is a great way for people in the business world who want to change their job for a career in business management. If you already have some years experience working in the marketing or finance field then a Masters degree in business administration could be your ticket to a successful career.

If, however, you want a complete career change then you might want to consider studying for a graduate degree in a completely new field. In fact, many people have found their true vocation by studying something that is completely new to them.

Some people are suspicious of online qualifications but if you follow a program that is attached to an accredited university then you really can not go wrong. An advanced degree in business, education, criminal justice and many more can be studied online and this has added advantages for mature students who may have children and other responsibilities that mean they have to keep working while they are studying.

Many online graduate programs have built in facilities for student groups to meet up from time to time. Not only does this help to alleviate the sometimes isolating nature of studying from home, it also gives you a chance to meet others in the same position and to take part in group projects.

Mature students may stand a better chance of completing an online graduate degree because they have already learned the self discipline and time management skills that are necessary to make a success of online studying. If you want to change your career and your life then it is well worth your while to consider applying for an online master's degree. …

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Problems With the American Educational System

Education – Is a Life Long Experience.

Every Citizen of the World, young or old, has a natural right to determine their own destiny! Life Long education plays a large part in determining and maintaining that destiny.

I think you will agree today's education system needs work, to say the least. So many of our kids move on without the basic skills needed to survive let alone prosper. We need to do a much better job at educating our future – our children; and re-educating our present – you and I.

I recall a number of years ago signing up for several classes at one of our local community colleges. In so doing I had to take some mandatory placement tests (English, math etc.). When the test scores came back, I remember the instructor commenting that I "… must have gone to school when they actually taught kids something".

While that comment was a great ego booster in reality it was a sad commentary on our educational systems. To much teaching to 'tests' … Life is not a test – It's real. You can not test for it!

Knowledge is now expanding at a wicked rate. Today we all lead extremely hectic lives. I agree it is certainly difficult to keep up with everything demanding attention in our busy lives. As individuals, we need to find a way to bring that expanding knowledge into our lives, in little bits and pieces or in large chunks – whatever works for you.

For instance, I attend a great many on-line classes, covering a wide range of subjects. This means I learn in the comfort of my home – important for me due to my limited mobility. Some sessions can be downloaded for later viewing. This is just one way to enjoy my learning experience.

My point being Learning need not be a chore, especially considering education really is a 24/7/365 experience.

And our children need to be included. We can not just 'dump' them in a building for six hours a day, five days a week and expect them to learn the ways of the world. Classroom learning certainly is of great value and completely necessary. But it is what is learned outside that environment which teaches the real lessons of life.

As teachers, both formal – in the classroom and informal (you and I) – in a child's external environment, we need to instill a desire for continuing curiosity to learn more and teach them how to satisfy that curiosity. ( )

We are a species with a built-in thirst for knowledge. Finding out what next great adventure the Universe has planned for us, as individuals or as part of a group is a natural desire. Certainly our knowledge base is not going to cease expanding.

We are thinking, reasoning animals – at least some of the time – which compels us to explore and learn. We need to continue instilling these qualities in future generations. …

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Advaita Vedanta and Science

The philosophy of Advaita Vedanta is one of the few spiritual philosophies that conform to science. It is however contradicted by nor contradicts present scientific positions.

In Advaita Vedanta, the world is said to have two levels of reality, the level of the world that we see around us which has relative reality, and the level of Brahman or Oneness, which has absolute reality.

The world around us is said to be only relatively real. This does not mean that it does not exist or is unreal, but only that its level of reality is not perfect, it is an ambiguous reality. It has an indistinct reality, nothing that we examine in the world can be shown to have a definite reality. Whenever we analyze anything in the world down to its roots, we will find that it degenerates into an ambiguous reality. It is only when we reach the level of Brahman or Oneness that we will find a definite reality.

Brahman in Advaita is considered to be the absolute reality. It is not affected by time or space and hence is homogeneous, non-discrete and beyond this everyday world.

Now, coming to present science, we find that as far as the first part of the Advaita proposition, quantum physics defines the world in the same way. In quantum physics also, the ultimate reality of the world is said to be quantum particles. At present, the particles of the Standard Model, a table that defines about 50-60 subparticles like quarks, muons and bosons, are considered to be the fundamental particles that institute all of the world. Now, it is interesting that the reality of these quantum particles is described in very much the same terms that Advaita Vedanta used to describe the relative reality of the world. In quantum physics also, it is recognized that the reality of these quantum particles is not well defined, and they have an ambiguous, 'smudged' reality.

Again, it is well recognized in present science that the Standard Model is not complete, and there is a sub-structure below it. What exactly this is still not known, various theories like String theory, Technicolor theory, etc. are proposed. These propose entities which define, if possible, entities which are even more ambiguous in their reality! Thus both Advaita Vedanta and modern quantum physics assert that the world has an ambiguous reality.

However, here the similarity between present science and Advaitism ends. Quantum Physicspite proposing particles with ambiguous reality at the base, does not go on to propose anything which has absolute reality and says it is this ambiguous reality which holds at the base.

Advaita Vedanta would not say that present quantum physics is wrong. Instead what it says is that it is incomplete. It is the assertion of Advaita Vedanta that regardless of the Standard Model nor other theories like String theory that propose discrete, 'atomic' particles will be the final answer and they will be found to be incomplete with further sub structures beyond them. Advaita …

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Hoodia XR- The Science Behind Hoodia XR

To fully explain what Hoodia XR does to the body is that it actually tricks your brain into thinking that your full when in fact it is not. Can you imagine what this means? This is very effective as the human brain transmits signals that will tell you if you are full or not.

This type of communication also will eliminate the urges to eat junk food as well. If your brain is telling you that you are full, you will not want to eat any more calories. It is proven that Hoodia XR is one of the best and even better than glucose in telling the brain that it is full. Phytopharm's Dr. Richard Dixey shares all about how Hoodia XR works:

"There is a part of your brain, the hypothalamus.

When you eat, blood sugar goes up because of the food, these cells start firing and now you are full. What the hoodia xr looks to contain is a molecule that is about ten thousand times as active as glucose. It goes to the mid-brain and actually makes those nerve cells fire as if you were full. But you have not eaten. Nor do you want to.

Hoodia gordonii along with Hoodia XR is making new headlines because it really works. Yes, really. I speak from personal experience. It has helped people like me all over the world in weight loss, prevent weight gain, and they lose the desire to eat.

Hoodia XR has given people a new hope while providing a natural and powerful weight loss pill to fight against hunger pangs, having a full felling without eating, more energy, and reaching a healthy lifestyle. …

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