Learn to Understand About Six Sigma

Well, our article this time will discuss six sigma in terms of definition. Of the hundreds of books on six sigma, there are many definitions described – but if we draw the conclusion line there are three fundamental things from the definition of six sigma. We discuss one by one

Six Sigma as a Measure Tool

What tools do we use if we want to know the heavier who is between you and me? right scales. If you want to know more. then the meter is the answer. The same is true if we want to compare two or more different processes and want to know which one is better performing? So six sigma is the measuring instrument.

Level how good, judging by how many products/services we produce in accordance with customer expectations, or in other words the smaller the defects generated by our process, the better our process. Statistically, six sigma means our process will not make defects more than 3.4 every one million products or services received by customers, the fewer defects you make then the higher the sigma level. To see more detail about sigma level, see table below: Sigma Defects in Percentage of defects on a million occasions:

1                              69%                                                   691,462

2                              31%                                                   308,538

3                              6.7%                                                   66,807

4                              0.62%                                                    6,210

5                              0.023%                                                    233

6                              0.00034%                                                   3.4

Six Sigma as a Methodology

In solving a problem, six sigma provides a methodology known as DMAIC, this methodology is also used by Six Sigma Black Belt Training. Define is validating the problem, Measure is measuring the problem, Analyze is looking for the source or root of the problem, Improve determines, prioritizes, and implements the solution of each validated problem, Control is keeping the applied solution running so that the problem does not reappear.

The six sigma methodology does not have to use DMAIC when you want to create a new product we know DMADV. We will discuss in more detail in subsequent articles on this methodology

Management System

The use of a consistent measurement tool will help the organization understand and control its core processes, and with systematic problem-solving methodologies will help the organization to find solutions based on the root causes. However, in reality applying the appropriate measurement tools and discipline methodology has not yet guaranteed the organization to achieve remarkable performance improvements. For that, at a higher level, six sigma can be used as a practice management system that focuses on four areas:

  • Understand who the customer is and what his needs are
  • Synchronize strategies and core processes to meet those needs
  • Use detailed data analysis to understand and minimize variations in core processes
  • Strong infrastructure, to ensure the running of improvement activities within the organization can move
  • barrier-free
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Self Taught: The Importance Of At-Home Learning Environments

In today’s modern world there’s a plethora of education resources available to us at any given moment. With free online courses, self help videos, and educational articles available at the tip of your fingers it’s never been more possible to learn new things and become a better you. When you’re learning at home either with the help of instructional videos, educational articles, or mind opening documentaries creating at-home learning environment is crucial to the process.

Setting up your home office to be the best learning environment can be is all about boosting productivity and using the benefits of research to help your brain retain as much information as possible. The environment that we study in is crucial to the overall learning process. Below are the elements that make up an ideal at-home learning environment.

  1. Start by selecting the best room in the house
    1. If you have a large family you’ll want to select a room that’s the farthest away from all the activity
    2. A room that has plenty of natural lighting is also a good choice
    3. Keep in mind that the size of the room doesn’t matter as much as the natural lighting and quietness of its location
  2. Choose the perfect color
    1. Science has shown us that colors really do have a great effect on our mood, therefore selecting the best color for your at home learning environment is key
    2. Try to stay away from colors that are too relaxing like blue and light purple. Remember you’re wanting to create an environment where your brain will be very active
    3. Colors like green and yellow are great for productivity
    4. You can either paint your walls with your chosen color or add decorations that are of a certain color
  3. Keep distractions at bay
    1. When setting up your home office be sure to keep anything that might divert your attention from the study material out of the room
    2. Nearby distractions will only tempt you into abandoning your work or studies
  4. Cut clutter often
    1. Keeping a clean desk is a constant task, be sure to organize your desk clutter throughout the day before it piles up and becomes insurmountable
    2. Buy organizational supplies. Outfitting your at home learning environment or home office with plenty of storage solutions is crucial to an organized space

Now that you’ve set up your ideal at home learning environment the next thing to do is take advantage of the many online resources that are available to you.  Sites like coursera.org offer incredible courses that span a wide variety of subjects. These courses come to you from top universities all around the world! Another great resource to take advantage of is Sundance Now where you can find high quality educational documentaries that are sure to expand the mind. Click here for this Sundance coupon and save on this amazing resource.

At home learning is all about self betterment and improvement. If you can create an environment in which to be productive in there’s nothing stopping you from reaching your goals. With …

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Unemployed and Searching for a Job? Don’t Make These Three Mistakes

So you are recently unemployed and are looking for a job. You have a particular set of skills and you want to put them to good use. You have your certifications, your work experience, the projects you have done in the past, and a number of qualities neatly listed on your resume, and now you are in the process of applying for the jobs that pop-up on your LinkedIn feed and on Indeed.com. If you have been doing all of that, you must already be in talks with a number of employers. If you haven’t been doing that, it is time to get organized in your job search. Here are three mistakes you should try not to make when you are looking for a job.


1. Do Not Put Learning On Hold When You Are Unemployed

When you are unemployed, you have a lot of time on your hands. Most people use this time to catch up with old hobbies and passion projects, some use this time to reconnect with friends and family, some use it to play videogames and binge-watch their favorite tv show, and few use this time to brush up on old skills and add new skills to their arsenal.

If you are an InfoSec professional, this may be a good time to do some ethical hacking courses and add some oomph to your resume. Similarly, if you are in ITSM, learning ITIL best practices can make you an ideal candidate for organizations where incidents are commonplace and IT operations get interrupted all the time. In short, using this time to learn new skills should be at the top of your priority list, second only to searching for a job.

2. Do Not Neglect Your Health

Working a stressful job, or a job that you hate, is bad for you. However, so is unemployment. When you are unemployed, you can start feeling lethargic and stressed out. In most cases, being unemployed means that your income drops dramatically and you have to downsize your life. One of the most obvious expenses you can easily cut down on is the gym membership, and a lot of people end up doing that. You start having trouble sleeping, struggle with depression and anxiety, and your health goes down the drain.

If you can’t relate to anything we just said, good for you. If you can, you should make it a point to improve your health during this small period of unemployment. If you can’t afford a gym membership, you should take up running as a hobby, or dedicate an hour a day to body weight exercises you can do at home. No matter what you do, do not let your health decline during this time.

3. Do Not Neglect Your Network

Being active on LinkedIn is one of the most important things you can do when you are unemployed and looking for a job. You need to make sure you interact with people, maintain a vibrant online social …

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