Why You Need a Career Mentor


Mentors are an important resource for success on the job. Finding one can be a task, positioning you to be selected as a mentee is another. Here are some helpful tips.

Mentoring used to be an informal and difficult process. Managers would identify potential success stories. You had to be likeable or someone who reminded the mentor of his or her early years. The golf course or a game of billiards would open opportunities to be groomed. Relationships would develop over cold beers. You guessed it, the “good old boy” network. If you did not hang out you were left out.

Companies today realize the organizational benefit of supporting and developing talent and are establishing formal mentor programs that ensure growth from the bottom to the top lasts from within. Will employees stay longer if they feel like they are being groomed for success? Are you the best option for a new opportunity if your career is being guided by manager, supervisor, coach, or a specialist?

Having a mentor allows access to information that may not otherwise be available to you. Mentors show you the ropes, they lend you a hand, and they provide insight into a world that continues to change as you navigate through it. Mentors provide quality information because more than likely they have made the same mistakes you are asking, so you benefit from the secret weapon. Think about your co-workers, everyone wants to get promoted all at the same time. You better believe if you have a strong mentor and you are following his or her advice you should have an edge. I have seen too many times one position opens and 3 employees want that new title. Read below for tips on why you need a career mentor.

Motivation – A good mentor has the rare ability to explain to you what you need to do and why, in a way that makes sense. An encounter with a mentor often becomes a turning point in your career or business.

Success – A mentor who shares their experience with you helps you to avoid mistakes that you would otherwise make. Achieving success faster and with less effort, would you consider that to be efficient and effective?

Honesty – A mentor is a person who is not emotionally involved in your situation, your friends, family, barber, or hairstylist love to give advice. These people either, do not know, are emotional involved, or tell you exactly what you want to here. A mentor’s advice should be free and straight to the point.

Positive Attitude – When “Murphy’s Law” kicks in to your life a good mentor knows you are bleeding internally, but they have a plan to get you patched up, in a step by step approach. Mentors always have a story to make you feel good and to give the necessary encouragement to move forward.

Improvement – Your mentor will expect some improve. You should expect to grow with knowledge. Mentors will advise homework, such …

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Things You Should Know About English Schools

An English School refers to a school or institution where English is the ‘primary medium of imparting education’ to students in all subjects; this may also be the case where English is not the first language or the ‘mother tongue’ of the students.

A thorough knowledge of the English language is extremely valuable and useful for communication at a global level; since many countries have mandated that the English language is used as the normal education medium.

The spread of English around the world is associated with the rise of the British Empire. From its original homeland in the lowlands of Scotland to the rest or Ireland and Great Britain, the use of the English language spread far and wide increasing the cultural and economic influences of countries especially since the times of the World Wars.

Once English left the shores of the British Isles, it travelled quickly to the Commonwealth Countries such as Canada, Australia and large parts of Asia where the British Empire extended to.

Under Section 92 of the Canadian Constitution, education is a matter under provincial control. Large parts of Canada were occupied by French-speaking Europeans. During the 19th and 20th century, the English-only education laws culinated in the Manitoba Schools Question 1896 and Ontario Regulation 17 in 1912, which were strident against French and other European minority languages. Canada adopted official bilingualism in 1969 where English and French found their places, but for most part English remains the predominant language of education.

The Parliament of England passed the Laws in Wales Acts 1535-1542 annexing Wales as part of the English Kingdom; These laws are collectively referred to as ‘Acts of Union’.

In Ireland, the ‘Royal Schools’ proclamation by James I in 1608 was done with the intent of setting up on free school in every country for educating the youth in learning and religion.

Between 1494 and 1698 the Scots Parliament passed nearly ten acts to legislate and establish English among the aristocracy first and spread it down to all ranks of people.

The Charter Act of 1813 decreed that English as a language would be included in the Indian education system for students to learn although strictly not enforcing it as a replacement for existing indigenous languages. It was anticipated that English would continue to exist with other studies to reinforce moral laws and ethical values.

Colonial education

In South Africa, the Dutch Reformed Church Elders established the earliest European schools in the late 17th century in the Cape Colony to minister biblical instruction as a necessary requisite for church confirmations. Basic literacy abilities and math skills were taught in rural areas but by 1799, British mission schools had propagated with the arrival of the early delegation of the London Missionary Society.

Elsewhere, with the spread of English as the dominant language for learning and working, orthodox believers and fanatic opposers of the language fostered trouble by resisting the use of English in schools and teaching places; however, by the turn of the 21st …

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Exciting Teaching Tools of Tomorrow

School teachers always wanted to discover ways to connect with their students more effectively for a better learning experience. Thanks to such tools as ClassDojo, teachers can now easily have their students focused in class in no time (rather than spend precious minutes trying to manage students’ behavior).

ClassDojo likewise provides students with data on their own behavior, making them less disorderly, leading to a more conducive learning environment. Parents benefit from ClassDojo, too. Teachers can easily access every child’s classroom information and show them to the parents and make them engaged in their children’s development.

Three Ring is another techie tool for teachers who want to organize their students’ data digitally. This app allows teachers to upload student works from your smartphones or laptops directly to your own online stream.

You can use it during instruction inside the classroom, for planning lessons that are needed or will be enjoyed by the students, and for easily assessing the works of each of your students. Students can also see their progress through time through the uploaded pictures in the teachers’ stream. This can encourage them to do better in class.

Years of research on early cognitive development has paved way for new tools that will help children develop their cognitive skills. Scientific Learning®’s Fast ForWord Program strengthens children’s cognitive skills, helping them improve their reading-related skills such as comprehension, phonological and phonemic awareness, vocabulary, syntax, and grammar, among others.

Fast ForWord also offers English language learning where children can improve on their English literacy rapidly. The program is also consistent in the use of brain exercises for better retention and faster improvement on the use of English language, no matter what your first language may be.

More and more grade school teachers are also excited about custom-designed curriculums which allow the use of apps and devices such as iPads. Elementary schools in several parts of the United States have participated in piloting this kind of programs. For example, students of Jessieville Elementary School in Arkansas used storybook apps for their language arts and science activities. Likewise, students from Van Meter Elementary School managed to create their own ebooks by using several apps and software such as FlipSnack, Evernote, Skitch, and Mackin VIA.

Teachers believe that technology should be used to make education and learning more fun and interesting for children who are exposed to the internet, video games, and devices (such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets) early in their lives.…

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Top Universities in Singapore – NUS and NTU

Undoubtedly the top ranked universities in Singapore are NUS and NTU!

National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore (NUS) is ranked 33 in the Times Higher Education Supplement’s World University Rankings 2007.

According to the Financial Times (FT) 2006 EMBA ranking of the Top 85 EMBA programs, NUS Business School rises in rankings for Executive MBA programs to be among world’s Top 29.

NUS Business School did extremely well in two of the sub-categories – it came out Top 5 for the categories of ‘International Attendees’, and ‘Top Salaries in IT/ Telecommunications’.

According to the THES 2006 World Ranking in the field of technology, NUS Faculty of Engineering ranked 8th in the World’s top 100 in Technology

According to the Newsweek Ranking of Global University, NUS is ranked 36th in the top 100 universities.

Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is the world’s top 20 technological university!

According to the Times Higher Education Supplement’s World University Rankings 2007, NTU is ranked 69 in the world.

The university has 2 campuses in Singapore: NTU at one-north campus and the Yunnan Garden campus. NTU at one-north campus is located next to Biopolis, the Singapore biomedical research hub. NTU has strong reputation overseas, linkages with world famous universities such as University of Washington, Stanford University, MIT, Cambridge, to name a few.

It offers undergraduate and graduate courses in Accountancy, Business, Communication Studies, Engineering, Science and Arts.

The university is recognized globally for its excellence in science and engineering. The College of Engineering is one of the world largest engineering colleges, with 6 engineering schools offering a variety of programs and specializations to meet the needs of many students.

It is also home to the National Institute of Education (NIE), which is the only teacher training institute in Singapore. NIE provides educational services to countries such as Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

The College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences is the first Singapore professional art school offering courses in art, design and media.

Nanyang Business School (NBS) offers one of the world top 100 MBA programs. According to the Financial Times survey (published in Jan 2007), its MBA program is ranked Number 1 in Singapore and Number 2 in Asia.…

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How To Sell Insurance Coverage at Any Stage of Your Career

Do you know How to Sell Insurance and Be Successful?

Being a desperate insurance agent, you are not sure where to begin and also you require the best tactics on how to sell insurance the best way. Insurance can be an incredible career for people that have a niche personality of persuasion selling. But what about the rest of you. I guarantee that for people that do not like selling, you will have a very disappointing career. The hardest part of Selling Insurance is trying to get leads and convert those leads to customers.

Whats the # 1 Secret on Insurance Selling?

Times have changed over the past few years. With the internet and different online ways to buy insurance, agents need to discover the new way to generate leads you can not spend all day trying to generate leads. Today’s insurance agents need to set up marketing systems and let the leads come to them. My # 1 secret is reduce the time on trying to generate leads, and spend more time on educating and networking with prospects.

Internet leads are the best way to get started. The one thing to understand is that there are 2 types of Internet leads. Most every insurance producer puts in a ton of effort and extremely tries trying to locate leads to bring in daily sales. To get leads daily and quickly is to buy them. The problem you may know with these leads, is that these prospects are price hunting. If the lowest price is not your competitive market, you still need to get them on your list and sell to them when they realize that “you get what you pay for”. The best way to get internet leads is through your own website that drives traffic directly to you. These people actually want to buy from you. This is the first strategy you need to focus on. Do not focus on finding leads. Set up a system, so the leads come to you. So what are the systems and how do you set them up? Keep reading, I think I can help.

The lead generation process should be a system of your organization. Online insurance marketing video clips from an insurance specialist are a great way to learn How To Sell Insurance and implement insurance marketing strategies.…

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The World of Insects – Hands-On Science Activities and Resources

I hated science as a kid when it was about a boring test book and a list of terms that I needed to memorize for a test. "In 1736, so-and-so discovered such-and-such and called it a thingamajig …" Science was not about exploring; it was about passing the test.

And now twenty years later, I love science. Hands-on learning really makes a difference. Who wants to read about insects when you can chase them, catch them, and keep them as pets? And when you watch a snail squirm in your hand, learning the fascination facts about it looks so much more pertinent to life. Did you know that snails and slugs are called gastropods, meaning "stomach foot?" At rest, slugs look like nothing more than a ball of snot, but when they move, they suddenly form distinct heads with antennae that can change size, stomachs, and tails.

Pet Bugs
This summer, bugs have been our science focus, and so we have attempted to set up some bug houses, butterfly houses, and capture some bugs to be pets. We checked out some good books and found a few tools like a butterfly net and a plastic terrarium. Then we went exploring in our own back yard.

We found a caterpillar and identified it as a Black Swallowtail, and we put it in our terrarium with some fresh leaves and wooden branches. Within two days, it formed a chrysalis. I started taking pictures every few days, and we kept track of what happened every day.

That is, until we found a wooly bear caterpillar and added it to the bug house. We were very disappointed when the new caterpillar ate the chrysalis before the butterfly emerged. I guess the leaves were not fresh enough, and the little caterpillar got hungry. However, that is the cool thing about hands-on science. Even when an experiment goes awry, you still learn something.

My oldest carries slugs and snails, and the youngger two search under bricks for pill bugs. My middle child finds worms, and in her gentle four-year old voice, she tells me how cute her baby worm is. They are exploring, and they are learning. And when I wonder if I do enough with their schooling, I listen to them tell them grandmother interesting bug facts that most children do not know, listing all the different names of pill bugs, how many legs they have, and what they do to survive.

Insect Literature & Art
Studying insects has spilled over into other areas of our learning, including literature and art. We have done more butterfly, ladybug, and other bug projects than I can even remember, including puppets, cutouts, drawings, mosaics, and paintings. And we have read Eric Carle's story books, bringing to life the worlds of bugs while still teaching something interesting.

Insect Resources
Pet Bugs and More Pet Bugs by Sally Kneidel
These two books contain information on finding, keeping, and caring for specific kinds of bugs as well as information on the …

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Introduction to Investment Funds – Financing University Costs

In December 2011 MPs allowed universities to raise undergraduate fees from £ 3,350 to £ 6,000, and up to £ 9,000 in "exceptional circumstances" such as Oxford and Cambridge. Financing a child's higher education pathway has there since potentially become significantly more difficult for a large percentage of those entering University this year and beyond.

This report investigates ways in which the burden of financing a child's University costs can be alleviated via sound financial planning and a solid investment strategy.

Junior ISAs

Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISAs) were introduced in November 2011 as a means to establish an investment portfolio for young children in order to give them as secure a financial start in life as possible.

Junior ISAs can hold cash like normal savings accounts, or they can take the form of Stocks & Shares investments, but all benefit from having a yearly tax-free allowance.

Depending on the type of ISA chosen, they can either provide instant access funds or a long term investment fund helping to offer and secure a child's financial future, while promoting the concept of structured saving to the next generation of investors.

Investment Trusts

It is calculated that three years of University schooling plus living expenses will run up to about £ 50,000 in the current environment. This cost is projected to increase steadily through the coming decade.

As a result, investment trusts can be one of the most effective ways of accumulating funds in time for a child's higher education.

Investment trusts consist of diversified ports that are professionally managed. Because the portfolio contents are pre-selected by experts, opening an investment trust can be one of the simplest methods of establishing a successful long-term investment strategy.

Trusts exist with a variety of risk levels which allow investors to select on the basis of financial risk exposure versus return potential.

The level of risk accepted by an investor should depend upon factors such as the value of the initial investment, the length of time available before the child begins University and the investment growth requirement.

As independent journalist Malcolm Anderson states for example;

A trust might hold 30% of assets as cash, 30% as reliable bonds and 40% in diverse equities guaranteeing a stable return that is not overly subject to the volatility of the stock market.

However, a portfolio of up to 80% diverse equities may make better financial sense as the opportunity to earn greater debts is increased but if the stock market takes a downturn the investor will still have cash on hand to recoup losses.

If the investment trust can be structured for the long-term – 10 years + – even greater financial risks can potentially be taken which will yield the greatest returns in stable or positive conditions. Successful investments can be exploited for longer and there is also time to regain losses should stock markets suffer a fall. The fact that the natural short-term volatility of stock markets is balanced out over time means that investment trusts …

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Military Spouses Scholarship – Advance Your Education While Your Spouse is in Active Duty

Military Spouse Scholarships are designed to offer the husbands and wives of military personnel a monetary aid to go to college or any type of advanced education while their love partner is serving in the military. This is basically free money to be used on any education related cost. As you may know, going to college can be extremely costly.

1. Tuition expenses are really high. In many cases, they are thousands of dollars per month
2. books and other materials
3. computer or laptop for classes, plus the software needed
4. transportation costs

These are just a few of the many costs involved in pursuing a higher education. But the good news is that by taking advantage of Free military scholarships, you can get $ 10,000 of practice free money that you can use to cover any of those costs. Plus, since this is a scholarship and not a loan, you will not be required to repay this money back as soon as you graduate.

You can greatly reduce the costs of getting a degree if you were to pursue an online course. Many universities offer online courses, in which case all the materials will be sent to you and you can adjust your schedule accordingly and still get your degree. Plus, by doing it on the web, you are no longer bound by whatever geographical constants you may have or limited to attending only the schools in your area. Plus, since there is not too much competition for a free military scholarship, your chances of winning are greater. …

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The Career Mom is the CEO of Everything!

I realized the critical importance of the role of career mom when I had my kids and had to work at home at the same time. Not only are skilled moms assuming the roles of being mom, they are also taking on the role of being a woman, a wife, a daughter, a business owner or an employee, etc. And we're not even talking about bringing a driver to the kids, a cook to the family, a teacher or tuition teacher every single day of the year until the kids are capable of driving themselves around. Most of the time, the career mom may have to assume the role of psychiatrist and counselor as well!

Now, I do not know about you but I think this whole thing about multi-tasking and multiple role-playing is pretty hard to stomach.

That's why it's essential to the emotional and physical health of the career woman to take care of herself and remain in tip-top condition health-wise, emotionally, physically and mentally. As soon as we, career moms, crumble, the people around us who are dependent on us (although husbands may refuse to admit their dependency on us) will crumble along with us!

Career moms work, on average, 51/2 days a week and that turns out to be around 44 hours a week. And when they return home, it's not the end. There's no time to sit around, lounge around in the bath or put on a facial mask or anything like that because the kids need to be fed, the clothes need to be ironed, the floor needs sweeping and the garbage needs to be taken out! Career moms do not normally get overtime, if they are approaching above average salary and yet they do not get paid anything for working on the family. It seems that career moms have to spend right about 25 hours every single week on household responsibilities while their male counterparts get off work and STAY off work.

Balancing a career and a family is never an easy thing – no one in his or her right mind will tell you that it's a walk in the park. The process of trying to balance the importance of a career and the significance of the family in her life is never ending. However, with some form of plan that can help the career mom organize and plan the days of her week, a career mom might be able to find some time to spend on herself!

A career mom, Kimberly, once told me that she made a pact with her husband, Geoffrey, that he is not to watch television on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays because those are the days that Geoffrey is expected to help deal with the kids. Kimberly further told her husband that she will go the gym or attend to her personal needs every Thursday and Sunday, hence, Geoffrey will have to take over from this career mom, family-wise. Although we have to admit that not every …

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Education Career – Top 10 Skills Needed for Education Jobs

Making a successful education career is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work, determination and patience. In order to fetch out an education career for yourself, you must have a great academic career through. Along with it, you must have some special skills. Read on to find about them.

The skills:

• You must be a very good learner: learning is something that you must get a grasp of. You have to face examinations every now and then. You must learn in order to prepare for the examinations. Not only will you have to learn up your textbooks, you must read books other than your text books. This will help in increasing your knowledge. Just limiting yourself to text books will not take you a long way if you are planning to make a career in education.

• Writing skills: viva or oral examinations are very few. You must be able to produce in paper what you have learnt. Writing skills are very important when it comes to education career.

• Public speaking: if you want to be a teacher, a professor or a lecturer, you must be able to do public speaking. You will have to appear in front of a large group of students and interact with them, impartial knowledge etc. in cases of seminars you will have to interact with a larger number of students. So you must be able to speak well in order to hold the attention of students.

• Self management is very important: remember that you are in a very respectable position. Many people look up to you for knowledge, morals and a lot of support. You have to be very good at self management. Teachers are supposedly to be flawless. But as humans, no one is perfect. Therefore, teachers should also practice self management.

• Time management: you have to do everything within a specified time. Tending to your personal needs also must be accompanied within a particular time. You must complete the syllabus within a specified time.

• Interaction with students: as a teacher you must be able to interact with the students well. You have to inspire them. You may need to interact with them outside class in case they want to share some of their problems with you.

• Strictness: you have to be strict with the students in order to make them listen to you.

• Build up a strong personality: people will look up to someone with a strong personality, not someone with a weak or a feeble personality.

• Try to be popular with the students: help them out with everything you can. This will make you popular among the students.

• You must be competitive: you must be competitive and have a healthy competition with the other teachers around.

A school career or an elementary education career is not difficult to pursue. But you must plan for your education career right from the beginning. These days, it is possible to have …

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Top Psychology Graduate Schools – University of California, Los Angeles

If you have ever been married to one day get into grad school (or more specifically, gain admission to the doctoral program in psychology) at UCLA in Los Angeles, California, then you've come to the right place! Currently ranked at number 3 by US News and World Reports for best overall graduate program in psychology, University of California at Los Angeles has applications pouring in from students all over the country. These students represent the academic elite, contending for a spot on the next class of graduate students in their particular area of ​​interest in psychology. Ph.D. programs are offered at UCLA in the following areas:

* Behavioral Neuroscience
* Clinical Psychology
* Cognitive Psychology
* Developmental Psychology
* Health Psychology
* Learning & Behavior
* Quantitative
* Social Psychology

Lastly for those interested in studying Education and Psychology, there is a related program for Psychological Studies in Education.

As is the case for all Ph.D. programs (and certainly for prestigious Research One Institutions of Higher Learning), UCLA boasts its reputation for preparing psychologists to work as researchers, college and university instructors, and professional research psychologists. After graduation, typical care around found in both academic and applied settings, research and government agencies, business and industry, and clinics and hospitals.

At UCLA you will also find several research institutes on campus. Graduate students are especially encouraged to get involved in research projects at the Brain Research Institute, the interdisciplinary Neuroscience and Cognitive programs, the Institute for Social Science Research, the Neuropsychiatric Institute, and the Fernald Child Study Center. For clinical psychology students, there is a Psychology Clinic on campus where you will spend hours in practicums learning how to treat patients under supervision.

How competitive is it to get into Ph.D. program in psychology at UCLA?
The UCLA Psychology Department website states that for the Fall admissions cycle of 2009, approximately 690 applications were received. Although exact numbers vary each year, only 30 students were admitted into the Ph.D. program. A quick look at the numbers might suggest that it is extremely difficult to get into UCLA. The matter of fact is that lots of applicants likely failed to do their research before applying. There are several keys to submissions to Ph.D. programs – and the first rule of thumb is to apply to programs with good faculty-student fit. This means that if you are only interested in becoming a psychotherapist, the research-oriented nature of the program is not a good fit. Secondly, if you're interested in studying the development of autism, but there is no faculty member who research interests mirror yours, you are better saving your application fee to apply to another university where you can find appropriate mentorship.

Do I have to take the GRE to get into UCLA?
The short answer is yes. GRE General Exam scores are a requirement for admission. You're in good luck though that there are no minimum GRE cutoff scores to be considered for admission. If you still feel like your GRE …

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Become the Stud That Attracts Girls Like Crazy

Most guys don’t get the fact that attracting girls isn’t about what you say or how you look. It has more to do about the way you are, and the way you behave as a man. But don’t worry everyone starts at some point, and no one is born a stud.

The truth is everybody learns how to become more attractive to women, whether they know it or not. Some men starts when they’re young, while other learn it at a much older age. Personally I didn’t get the this area of my life handle until the second of my college. So I know how you feel…

The point is that it’s not too late to learn to become that stud that is surrounded by beautiful girls, or even just to attract the girl of your dream. And believe me you when I say you can do it! Because I did it. Anyway girls are attracted to men who are strong, and confident. They don’t want a weak men, and they don’t want a nice guy. And by a nice guy I mean what most men do when they are trying to get a girl to like them, they act nice and buy her flowers and do anything she ask him to do…

If that sounds like you than STOP what you’re doing, cause that’s not what girls are attracted to. But on the other hand a lot of guys turns in to a bad boy when they realize being nice don’t work, that doesn’t’ work either SO don’t be a jerk.

What you want is to be yourself, and be the best of yourself. So take some time and find out about yourself, and what you believe in. Once you can just be 100% yourself in every way, then you’ll have girls come in to your life from every angle possible!…

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Taking Charge of Your Career – Small Changes Reap Great Rewards

Taking charge of your career has never been more vital than it is now. In the past, employers used to reward employees who had worked with them for a while. People were promoted based on job experience and company loyalty, but not anymore. If you want a promotion, you have to work for it. You are the one who has to take charge if you want to move up the corporate ladder.

Create a Smart Strategy

Hard work is important, but hard work alone will not get you anywhere. You need to be creative. Employers want skilled employees, so you need to enhance and add to your skill base regularly.

Before you choose a career, make sure that employment opportunities are expanding for that particular field. Choose a position that lets you use your talents and offers plenty of opportunity to add to those talents. Confirm that there will be opportunity for advancement before you accept any position.

Be Open to Change

If you're stale, your career will become stale. Taking charge of your career means that you need to be willing and ready to learn new skills. Be the first on your team to welcome new policies. This will prove to your company that you are willing and able to be flexible in your work habits. Let's face it; technology changes minute by minute. If you're not willing to change along with it, you could become obsolese.

Strive to be a leader. Companies progress because they employ individuals who are not afraid to take the initiative and develop innovative solutions. Be that employee.

Do not back down from challenges. Challenges are obstacles that are meant to be surmounted, but you have to claim. Nobody said success was easy; you have to be willing to work for it.

Become a Self Promoter

Companies reward those that stand out from the rest and those who are not afraid to put themselves in the lead. Avoid looking to others for help. Sometimes, it is more beneficial to make a mistake and learn from it than it is to always lean upon others. Dependency will only hinder your success. You have to create your own opportunities.

Work Well With Others

Taking charge of your career also understands being a team player. Participate in meetings and do not be afraid to offer advice. Hone your leadership skills and help out others whenever you can.

If you want to succeed, you have to take charge of your career today. Nobody is going to hand you a promotion on a silver platter. If you follow the advice contained in this article, you will reap great rewards. …

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Anna University History and Results

Anna University is one of the top most universities in India. It was established in the year 1978 in the city of Chennai, formerly known as Madras. The warm and humid climate of Chennai along with the hospitable people of the city led to the establishment of the first university in India to issue Engineering Degrees known as Madras Institute of technology in the year 1949. Madras has been a city of intelligent and hardworking people . During the British rule, it was an important center of trade and communication with a strong naval base. Several intellectuals migrated to this city at that time. With the formation of the state of tamil nadu, and with importance given to education after independence of India, the need to form a university was felt. At this time, four top colleges of the state were brought together and Anna University was established.

Anna University was originally named as "Perarignar Anna University of Technology" till the year 1982. Its main campus is located in southern Chennai with 100 acres of land nearby Adyar River and Raj Bhavan. The four colleges which were merged to form Anna University are:

1. College of Engineering, Guindy

2. Alagappa College of technology

3. Madras Institute of College

4. School of Architecture and Planning

In the year 2001, it was formed into an associating university. Since then 250 Engineering colleges in tamil nadu have been brought under it. Today it boasts of a wi-fi enabled campus and some modern research centers. It has started various special courses like courses in nano sciences and medical physics. Recently it was given a 70,000 USD grant by HP. In the year 2007, it opened up its branches in Coimbatore, Trichy and Tirunelveli.

Additional resources of Anna University and Anna University results are available on its website. …

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Online College Degrees Are Becoming More Prevalent

There are more and more online college degrees that are out there for people to get and use than there ever were before. This is because there is not only a growing demand for them by the public, but a huge growth in online colleges. Anymore, peoep3l are trying to get more education in an effort to stay ahead of the game and to know what it is that they will be getting and how it is that they will be getting it.

Online college degrees are no easier to get than a regular college degree are. This is of course as long as you are attending an accredited institution. The reason that the school will need to be accredited is that they are held to a strict set of standards in regards to education. If you attend a school that is not accredited, you will not receive the same level of education and you will also not be able to use your degree for very much. This is because online college degrees carry the same weight as any other degree. However, it will only have meaning if it is from an accredited institution. This is true no matter where you get your education.

Since more people are trying to get degrees in any way possible, online college degrees are becoming more useful and important, in that they will allow for people to recognize and see that they are getting someone who is educated and put in the time and work to get the degree. Many times the fact that someone went for a degree, even online college degrees will say something to an employee and will automatically qualify you for something better in the company based solely on the work you were willing to do. …

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