What Does A PR Agency Do?


Public relations do not buy advertisements. They do not write or create stories for the reporters. They do not put up products or services on the billboards. They do not come up with catchy slogans or phrases to attract people from purchasing their products or services that they don’t actually need. So the question is, what do PR agencies and agents do?

As opposed to advertisers, PR people promote companies, organizations or individuals using editorial coverage. It is known as free or earned media. These are stories that appear in newspapers, websites, magazines, television or radio programs, as opposed to paid media and advertisements that usually appear on classified ads or billboards.

Public relations agents and agencies, as well as advertising companies, share the same goals: promote clients and make the looks successful, important, honest, relevant or exciting as possible. But their road to creating awareness is very different. A lot of people understand that advertising is paid by the client and should be viewed with a little skepticism. Television appearances or articles from respected publications like news, magazines and website are usually considered by consumers favorably.

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According to the Public Relations Society of America, management of public relations is defined as:

“Analyzing, interpreting and anticipating public opinion, issues and attitudes that can impact, good or bad, the plans and operations of the company or the organization. Management consultancy at any levels in the company with regards to courses of action, communications and policy decisions, taking into account the public consequences and the company’s citizenship and social responsibilities is very important.

Conducting, researching and evaluating regularly, programs of action as well as communication to achieve the informed consumer understanding is important to the success of the organization or company’s goals. It includes marketing, fundraising, financial, employee, government or community relations and other important programs.

Planning and implementing the company’s efforts to change or influence public policy, setting objectives, budgeting, planning, recruiting as well as staff training and developing are the task of the PR agents or agencies.” It is an excellent overview of the overall function of PR agencies. Individuals or organizations should hire public relations agencies; then they need to protect, build or enhance their reputations using conventional or modern media.

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A good PR agency or practitioner can analyze the company, look for any positive messages and translate these messages into a positive, public-friendly media stories. When there’s bad news, an agency or agent can create the best response and minimize the damage. According to experts, good PR agencies are a strategic associate who helps their clients successfully connect with their target audience.

Agencies are good listeners to their client’s consumers and know what kinds of conversation starters will work and what materials will catch fire. How well can a PR agency push back on their ideas without offending people? Are the agencies an innovative partner, or just a group of “yes person?” According to experts, clients need to look for the best cultural fit. Can the agencies find as well as get your company’s voice? Do they lead the conversation like a good associate, or are they too busy looking for good materials?”

Competent public relations agencies or agents have great relationships with different journalists in different industries. A lot of PR professionals have worked in the media industry; that is why they know the ins and outs of public relations. Since the company that hires they do not employ them, they can give an outsider point of view of the organization and provide an honest opinion on what stories will work for them.

The relationship between the agency or the agent and the client should not be submissive or passive. Clients need to inform their PR agency what kind of message they like to convey and promote to their target market and make suggestions on what type of platform they want to use in spreading their message to the public.

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Very few stories or materials make the front page popular publications like the New York Times, but with the help of modern media platforms like websites, blog sites, television shows or online magazines, a good public relations agency can help their clients boost their visibility using increased recognition on different editorial platforms as possible. When it comes to long-term effects, PR can be a good investment for the companies and the visibility of PR firms or agents can result in increase reputation and recognition for both the firm and the client.