Warm, dry winter expected in Colorado

Coloradans can expect a warmer, drier, and less snowy winter than average according to a new report out on Thursday. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, released their annual winter outlook in collaboration with the agency’s Climate Prediction Center.

The forecast calls for a drier-than-average winter season for much of the southwest, including the southern half of Colorado. The outlook calls for “equal chances” of below average, near average, and above-average precipitation for northern Colorado. To put it plainly, there are very few signals that show Colorado benefiting from wetter-than-average weather from December through February. This will likely lead to an intensification of the ongoing drought here in Colorado, and an expansion of drought over much of the western United States. It is disappointing news for water supply concerns and the Colorado ski resorts, as the region continues to suffer through its driest year overall since 2006.

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