College football rankings: UMass makes historic move in The Bottom 25 after 2020 season debut

25. UTEP 3-2 Believe me when I tell you that I’m generally annoyed by having teams with winning or even records in these rankings. It cheapens the entire experience. I’m confident that with the Big Ten and Mountain West starting this week and the Pac-12 to follow, this is the last we’ll see of it. The Miners’ game against Southern Miss was postponed due to COVID-19 cases with the Golden Eagles, and they’re scheduled to resume this weekend at Charlotte. (21) 24. Navy 3-2 Imagine with me, if you will, a Navy team beaten by BYU 55-3 and crushed by Air Force 40-7 so far this season playing for an AAC championship. Because that’s a distinct possibility! The Mids are 0-2 in nonconference play while losing by an average of 47.5 points per game, but they’re 3-0 in-conference after beating East Carolina 27-23 on Saturday. They’re currently in first place in the standings while ranked in The Bottom 25. What a season. (14) 23. UTSA 3-3 The Roadrunners enter our rankings for the first time this year. They got off to a 3-0 start to the season but have since dropped three straight to UAB, BYU and Army. Next up is a home game with Louisiana Tech. (Not Ranked) 22. Missouri 1-2 Mizzou’s game against No. 2 Vanderbilt had to be postponed due to COVID-19. Of course, while the team didn’t play, that didn’t stop Eli Drinkwitz from picking up a new nickname on The Cover 3 Podcast. If you haven’t heard, he’s no longer Eli Drinkwitz — he’s The Alpha Nerd. The Alpha Nerd and the Tigers hope to resume this weekend against Kentucky. (22) 21. Georgia Tech 2-3 Yeah, getting beat 73-7 is a great way to introduce yourself to The Bottom 25, Bees. I’m not entirely sure what you did to Clemson to make it that mad, but maybe don’t do that again. (NR) 20. North Texas 2-3 The Mean Green picked up a 52-35 win over Middle Tennessee in last week’s Game of the Century of the Week, but while it got them out of The Bottom Five, it wasn’t enough to get out of the rankings. Another win this weekend against No. 25 UTEP should accomplish that. (4) 19. Virginia 1-3 Listen, Virginia, I loved you last year when you were good, and I love you this year when you’re not nearly as good. I mean, how can you not love a team with a 250-pound quarterback who wears No. 36? Lindell Stone is a damn icon. Whether he’s enough to get you out of these rankings in the near future, I’m not so sure. Not when your next two games are against Miami and North Carolina. (NR) 18. Florida State 2-3 There was once a time when Florida State was the team ranked in the top five that would go on the road and suffer an upset loss to some ACC bottom-feeder. Now the Noles are that ACC bottom-feeder knocking off the top-five team