College football rankings: Penn State joins The Bottom 25 with tough game vs. Ohio State up next

25. Middle Tennessee 2-5 Are the Blue Raiders getting hot? They’ve won two of three after taking down Rice in overtime thanks to a quadruple doink . Sure, both of MTSU’s wins have come against teams you’ll find in these rankings, but a win is a win. And thanks to that influx of new teams with small sample sizes, the latest one was almost enough to escape The Bottom 25 entirely. (7) 24. Florida State 2-4 Well, so much for any momentum a decent performance against Notre Dame and a win over North Carolina might have brought. The Seminoles were worked over by Louisville 48-16 on Saturday. This week they get a Pitt team that was just smothered by Notre Dame. (18) 23. Duke 1-5 The Blue Devils had the week off but will return to action this weekend, hoping to pick up win No. 2 against Charlotte. (12) 22. Ole Miss 1-4 The Rebels became the latest team to run into the magical power of Auburn Jesus and weren’t able to overcome its mysterious presence. There are rumors that getting too close to it destroys your ability to understand math. This week the Rebels will have a winnable game against No. 8 Vanderbilt. (14) 21. Western Kentucky 2-4 This weekend, a sportsbook offered me a free $20 parlay bet, so I went with a ridiculous 11-team money line parlay. Ten of the teams I chose coasted to victory. The eleventh was Western Kentucky, and the Hilltoppers made me sweat out a 13-10 win over Chattanooga. Had they lost the game, I might have kept them at No. 1 all season on principle. I won’t lie, I kind of hope BYU takes out my frustration on them this week. (5) 20. Texas State 1-6 I’m doing my best to distance myself from statements earlier this season that Texas State was better than its record indicated. It still is, but it’s getting further and further away from being true with each passing week. Next up are the Cajuns of the Ragin’ variety. (13) 19. Penn State 0-1 If you missed The Monday After, I broke down the all-22 and crunched some numbers to prove that Penn State really messed up the end of the game against Indiana. Now, while I’m not sure they’d have been here in a normal season after that loss, it’s good enough for 2020. And with Ohio State looming, the Nittany Lions might still be here next week. (Not Ranked) 18. Syracuse 1-5 Listen, Syracuse might have lost to Clemson 47-21, but it covered the spread by a full 20 points. Sometimes it’s not about victory; it’s about maintaining the natural order of things, and that natural order says no conference game should ever have a spread in the upper 40s. Good for you for doing what’s right, Syracuse. I hope you’re rewarded with a win over Wake Forest. (9) 17. Michigan State 0-1 We finally got our answer to the question of how many turnovers