Things You Should Know About English Schools

An English School refers to a school or institution where English is the ‘primary medium of imparting education’ to students in all subjects; this may also be the case where English is not the first language or the ‘mother tongue’ of the students.

A thorough knowledge of the English language is extremely valuable and useful for communication at a global level; since many countries have mandated that the English language is used as the normal education medium.

The spread of English around the world is associated with the rise of the British Empire. From its original homeland in the lowlands of Scotland to the rest or Ireland and Great Britain, the use of the English language spread far and wide increasing the cultural and economic influences of countries especially since the times of the World Wars.

Once English left the shores of the British Isles, it travelled quickly to the Commonwealth Countries such as Canada, Australia and large parts of Asia where the British Empire extended to.

Under Section 92 of the Canadian Constitution, education is a matter under provincial control. Large parts of Canada were occupied by French-speaking Europeans. During the 19th and 20th century, the English-only education laws culinated in the Manitoba Schools Question 1896 and Ontario Regulation 17 in 1912, which were strident against French and other European minority languages. Canada adopted official bilingualism in 1969 where English and French found their places, but for most part English remains the predominant language of education.

The Parliament of England passed the Laws in Wales Acts 1535-1542 annexing Wales as part of the English Kingdom; These laws are collectively referred to as ‘Acts of Union’.

In Ireland, the ‘Royal Schools’ proclamation by James I in 1608 was done with the intent of setting up on free school in every country for educating the youth in learning and religion.

Between 1494 and 1698 the Scots Parliament passed nearly ten acts to legislate and establish English among the aristocracy first and spread it down to all ranks of people.

The Charter Act of 1813 decreed that English as a language would be included in the Indian education system for students to learn although strictly not enforcing it as a replacement for existing indigenous languages. It was anticipated that English would continue to exist with other studies to reinforce moral laws and ethical values.

Colonial education

In South Africa, the Dutch Reformed Church Elders established the earliest European schools in the late 17th century in the Cape Colony to minister biblical instruction as a necessary requisite for church confirmations. Basic literacy abilities and math skills were taught in rural areas but by 1799, British mission schools had propagated with the arrival of the early delegation of the London Missionary Society.

Elsewhere, with the spread of English as the dominant language for learning and working, orthodox believers and fanatic opposers of the language fostered trouble by resisting the use of English in schools and teaching places; however, by the turn of the 21st …

Early Childhood Care

Various models on early childhood education are used for teaching as well as assessment. Among them are high scope curriculum model that was started in 1960s in Michigan; this model is a mixture of Jean Piagets’s theory of constructivism that deals with child development in their early age. The model deals with the acquisition of knowledge and skills at an early age. Talking about Montessori curriculum model of 20th century, it has three main parts, namely language, sensory, and motor. Moreover, Waldorf curriculum model started in Germany in 1919 and aimed to help young children to adopt spiritual facts and use then wisely. Project approach model of 1960s and 1980s involves in-depth investigation of the topic in question. Furthermore, experiential education model was meant to check the meaning of a child taking part in the education system.

Montessori model deals with the development of sensory, motor as well as intellectual education, and the whole classroom is structured with materials that lead to the development of the three areas. The model is aimed at promoting self-discipline among the learners. Throughout the day, learners use their hands regularly, which promotes their sensory development. The model is based on the fact that children are able to absorb information from their infancy, though not high volumes but snippets of information. Secondly, the method has helped children to fine-tune their skills, which, in turn, gives them a sense of independence. Lastly, children acquire good learning skills through interesting materials provided by the model as well as develop reality-oriented skills that are designed to facilitate learning and refine sensory perceptions.

Maria Montessori devised Montessori model after opening school based on the theory that children learn best in a proper environment. Montessori approach to childhood education is an excellent way to introduce problem-solving that both works for young children’s brain and helps them to work on their motor skills. It is a prime example of teaching boys and girls how to use toys and other simulations to enhance their learning. Some of the key examples of teachings and beliefs of Montessori approach are the observation that children can one adopt in any teaching environment and master the results of a sense of competence required for independent teaching. The model states that real learning is characterized by knowledge and skills utilized in learning and acquiring knowledge from day-to-day learning.

In Singapore, the importance of teamwork is emphasized since a teacher is supposed to work together toward the development of the child. Moreover, Montessori model puts more emphasis on the importance of teamwork; thus, the teacher should work together toward the development of the timetable, curriculum and the entire school. In Singapore, there is an emphasis on individual difference; therefore, Montessori model emphasizes that learners should learn the way it is better for them. Moreover, learners who learn first are encouraged to help slow learners. Classroom instructions are universal for all subjects and levels. On the other hand, Montessori model emphasizes the use of open school-based programs where children …

A Mother’s Epiphany – An Exposition on Recovering the Enchantment of Parenthood

A couple of my cherished companions are transmitting adoration, satisfaction, and anxiety more than ever, which must be a certain something: they are pregnant out of the blue.

In my discussions with these companions, it is everything I can don’t to get mournful when they discuss how energized they are for the child’s introduction to the world. Since, as all mothers know, regardless of how set they up say they will be, they have no clue what is going to hit them

Without a doubt, I could let them know, however it would not have any kind of effect. Nobody can articulate how significantly your life changes when your youngsters are conceived. It is such a typical thing to state that it has turned into a banality: “Your first tyke will change your life more than you could have ever thought conceivable.”

And after that the second you look at that child, you get it. The comprehension is momentary and overpowering. You understand that what everybody has been attempting to let you know is valid, times a thousand.

Never again do we live for ourselves. We live for a seven-pound, wrinkly package. Our perspective augments. We comprehend the genuine meaning of “tired.” Organic liquids stop to influence us to choke. Also, all of a sudden, the main thing we need to do on a Saturday night is to watch the child rest until the point when we float off ourselves.

The science of parenthood I pretty much see, however the feeling of parenthood is immense. In any case, in the midst of playgroups, carpools, and perpetual vacuuming, even the best mothers once in a while put some distance between the surge of feeling that entered our lives a similar time our kids did.

My little wonder is in the bothering “no” stage. She detests the word when it is coordinated at her yet is or may be enamored with saying it herself.

On an especially disappointing day a week ago when she made them check the clock at regular intervals sitting tight for the little hand to achieve the 6 (the hour my better half ordinarily returns home), I at long last place her in the bath (the one place she is about constantly content).

I sat on the stool close to the tub and flipped through a magazine, setting myself up for the rest of the hours in the day. Following a couple of minutes, I whisked a towel around her and depended on the Teletubbies to engage her while I gathered together her new outfit.

When I returned, Cassie was remaining amidst the front room floor, mouth totally open, gazing at the television, her articulated baby stomach adjusting on two bowed legs. She was playing with her tummy catch.

What I encountered then must be known as a parental epiphany. Maybe it was her exposure that made me understand that my baby, fearless on applying her autonomy, was similarly as defenseless and reliant as ever. Also, …

Why Is It Worth to Quit Your Job and Start Preparing for GATE?

India produces more than 15 Lakhs of engineers yet more than 9 Lakhs of them are unemployed or underpaid. I assume you are either among the 40% that got a job or the 60% who didn’t or are not happy with their salary.

I’m sure you have heard about the examination which is jointly conducted by IISc and the IITs, GATE. Do you know, only 17% of the students are able to qualify GATE? So why will anyone in their sane mind ask you to quit your job and prepare for GATE when so much risk is involved, right?

Well, because you are not satisfied with the job and hence not happy. How we feel about our work affects how we deal our personal life. Imagine yourself being among the top 17% in the country. That does feelextraordinary, isn’t? So, all I’m telling you is to dream big.

First, I will briefly inform you why to go for GATE and then tell you how to prepare for it.

Benefits of GATE:
1. Further education

One of the most common option after clearing GATE is to go ahead and pursue a postgraduation or Master’s Degree in an esteemed institution. It expands the possibility of getting into better college or university to become learned.

You can choose M-Tech, Me or MS course from the IITs (The temple for engineers), NITs or IISc. This can make you have a greater understanding of your subject and open great job possibilities in future.

Students have the option to get into the stream of research and experimentation. GATE opens the gates for this possibility for those who are interested. Apart from this, completing a postgraduate also allows you to pursue a PhD programme in prestigious colleges.

2. Jobs through GATE:

Through campus placement –

The vast knowledge and hard work of the students pursuing post-graduation after clearing GATE are appreciated with a good job placement in major companies like Google, Samsung, Facebook and several other companies. They offer high salary packages as well as facilities.

Teaching Jobs:

Educational institutes like Allen, Resonance and other institutes which prepare students for competitive exams hire GATE qualified candidates. Colleges recruit postgraduate engineers from campuses. Here you can teach young minds as well asget high salaries.

Jobs in Public sectors:

If you need a job security and high paying salary, is there any better option than the public sectors? PSUs have started undertaking GATE candidates, due to which now there are 2-3 thousand seats filled through GATE ranks. The hiring PSUs include NTPC/ONGC/NHPC/IOCL/GAIL/PGCIL/BHEL/BEL/MECON/DDA/RVNL/BPCL/HPCL/HECL etc

Now since you saw why GATE is so demanding, let’s see how can you convert this dream into a reality. The difference between those who successfully clear the exam and those who don’t isnotthe lack of hard work, but the lackof plans.


Motivation: An essential requirement to crack any exam. You must be driven from within to clear this exam and be ready to do whatever it takes to clear it. It is the first …

Rainy Season Challenges for Water Treatment Plants

Water treatment plants abstracting from rivers face a unique challenge during seasonal shifts. Many areas in Africa are characterised by a distinctive rainy season, which brings with it the need to adjust the operational philosophy of water treatment plant companies. Conventional water treatment plants function to remove suspended particles in the source water through clarification and filtration. The main workhorse in this process is the clarifier. It is responsible for the majority of suspended material removal and it achieves this objective with the aid of flocculent dosing.

Flocculent dosing rates are dependent on suspended solids concentration. As the sediment load of the source water increases during the rainy season, more flocculent is required. If the relationship between sediment load and flocculent dose rates is maintained, the clarifier will continue to produce the same quality water as seen in the dry season. However, if the flocculent dosing is not adjusted in accordance with the sediment load, the turbidity and suspended solids concentration will increase in the water exiting the clarifier.

The effects of decreased water quality entering the filters are notable. If the system allows, an increase in backwash cycles will be observed. This results in power and water wastage as the filters are cleaned more frequently. If the backwash duration is not long enough, over time the filters will foul despite the increase in backwash cycles. The effect of this is the production of a lower volumes and poorer quality water. In extreme cases, filter structural failure and possible pump damage may result.

Consumption of disinfectant is related to the water quality. The poorer the quality, the more disinfectant is required to render the water safe for drinking. If the filters do not produce water of an adequate quality, either chemical consumption increases with a corresponding increase in operational costs, or unsafe drinking water is delivered into the distribution network.

Other possible impacts of the rainy season are the challenges faced by submersible pumps positioned directly in the river. High water volumes and increased flow may result in pumps being washed away. Often debris is carried by the water and, if large enough, could damage the pumps and pipework or even dislodge the pump from its mounting completely. Further complications may result if the pumps are able to transfer smaller items into the pipeline that become stuck at valves and bends. If submersible pumps are required, they should be positioned in a way as to protect them from the main water stream.

Operators of water treatment plants should develop a sound understanding of the relationship between flocculent dosing and sediment load in the source water. In this way they will be able to adjust the system parameters set by water treatment plant companies to ensure ongoing production of high quality drinking water.…

Teach your kids with fun

There are loads of games on the market for your children within the market; however, the simplest games you’ll offer to your children are those that involve some follow of typewriting. The purpose is that you simply should teach typewriting and therefore the values of typewriting to your children. It’s about to pay within the long-standing time if you introduce them to the values of typewriting at AN early age. For this purpose, there is loads of fun typewriting games on the market over the web. They’re about to be a good thanks to keeping your children busy whereas they’re about to love the expertise too. You’re conjoint to find it irresistible once you see your children rant with glee and joy. It is extremely an exquisite expertise to be told new things, and typewriting on the keyboard is actually about to be a novelty that your children are about to love. This can be about to be the best means you’ll introduce the youngsters to computers. Within the up to date age, once everything is being computerised, it’s terribly essential to be told the values of computers, or a minimum of learning the way to use the keyboard effectively with BBC dance mat. They’re about to use it to be told loads of recent things, you’ll make certain.

This is about to teach them new words and sentences of the language as they kind over it. This can be conjoint to be however they’re about to learn the way to properly spell words. It’s about to be important for your children to grasp the proper spellings of words as and once they are promoted to higher grades at school. The actual fact is that you simply showed them a way to kind effectively goes to induce them sensible grades and that they are about too many thanks for it. Your children are actually about to find it irresistible, and that they are about to many thanks for your effort and thought once you place the keyboard before them. They’re about to get a brand new friend within the type of the keyboard. This can be about to be there with them in any respect times of the day, and that they will play with their friend whenever they need to. There is the ton of advancement in technology and folks will learn the ton of things from their home itself. They will ready to do no matter add the comfort of their home with the support of laptop. Most of the individuals do work from home due to a laptop. They will earn loads from the comfort of their home. Online jobs have become widespread and folks are enjoying the advantages of the pc.…

Learn to Understand About Six Sigma

Well, our article this time will discuss six sigma in terms of definition. Of the hundreds of books on six sigma, there are many definitions described – but if we draw the conclusion line there are three fundamental things from the definition of six sigma. We discuss one by one

Six Sigma as a Measure Tool

What tools do we use if we want to know the heavier who is between you and me? right scales. If you want to know more. then the meter is the answer. The same is true if we want to compare two or more different processes and want to know which one is better performing? So six sigma is the measuring instrument.

Level how good, judging by how many products/services we produce in accordance with customer expectations, or in other words the smaller the defects generated by our process, the better our process. Statistically, six sigma means our process will not make defects more than 3.4 every one million products or services received by customers, the fewer defects you make then the higher the sigma level. To see more detail about sigma level, see table below: Sigma Defects in Percentage of defects on a million occasions:

1                              69%                                                   691,462

2                              31%                                                   308,538

3                              6.7%                                                   66,807

4                              0.62%                                                    6,210

5                              0.023%                                                    233

6                              0.00034%                                                   3.4

Six Sigma as a Methodology

In solving a problem, six sigma provides a methodology known as DMAIC, this methodology is also used by Six Sigma Black Belt Training. Define is validating the problem, Measure is measuring the problem, Analyze is looking for the source or root of the problem, Improve determines, prioritizes, and implements the solution of each validated problem, Control is keeping the applied solution running so that the problem does not reappear.

The six sigma methodology does not have to use DMAIC when you want to create a new product we know DMADV. We will discuss in more detail in subsequent articles on this methodology

Management System

The use of a consistent measurement tool will help the organization understand and control its core processes, and with systematic problem-solving methodologies will help the organization to find solutions based on the root causes. However, in reality applying the appropriate measurement tools and discipline methodology has not yet guaranteed the organization to achieve remarkable performance improvements. For that, at a higher level, six sigma can be used as a practice management system that focuses on four areas:

  • Understand who the customer is and what his needs are
  • Synchronize strategies and core processes to meet those needs
  • Use detailed data analysis to understand and minimize variations in core processes
  • Strong infrastructure, to ensure the running of improvement activities within the organization can move
  • barrier-free

Self Taught: The Importance Of At-Home Learning Environments

In today’s modern world there’s a plethora of education resources available to us at any given moment. With free online courses, self help videos, and educational articles available at the tip of your fingers it’s never been more possible to learn new things and become a better you. When you’re learning at home either with the help of instructional videos, educational articles, or mind opening documentaries creating at-home learning environment is crucial to the process.

Setting up your home office to be the best learning environment can be is all about boosting productivity and using the benefits of research to help your brain retain as much information as possible. The environment that we study in is crucial to the overall learning process. Below are the elements that make up an ideal at-home learning environment.

  1. Start by selecting the best room in the house
    1. If you have a large family you’ll want to select a room that’s the farthest away from all the activity
    2. A room that has plenty of natural lighting is also a good choice
    3. Keep in mind that the size of the room doesn’t matter as much as the natural lighting and quietness of its location
  2. Choose the perfect color
    1. Science has shown us that colors really do have a great effect on our mood, therefore selecting the best color for your at home learning environment is key
    2. Try to stay away from colors that are too relaxing like blue and light purple. Remember you’re wanting to create an environment where your brain will be very active
    3. Colors like green and yellow are great for productivity
    4. You can either paint your walls with your chosen color or add decorations that are of a certain color
  3. Keep distractions at bay
    1. When setting up your home office be sure to keep anything that might divert your attention from the study material out of the room
    2. Nearby distractions will only tempt you into abandoning your work or studies
  4. Cut clutter often
    1. Keeping a clean desk is a constant task, be sure to organize your desk clutter throughout the day before it piles up and becomes insurmountable
    2. Buy organizational supplies. Outfitting your at home learning environment or home office with plenty of storage solutions is crucial to an organized space

Now that you’ve set up your ideal at home learning environment the next thing to do is take advantage of the many online resources that are available to you.  Sites like offer incredible courses that span a wide variety of subjects. These courses come to you from top universities all around the world! Another great resource to take advantage of is Sundance Now where you can find high quality educational documentaries that are sure to expand the mind. Click here for this Sundance coupon and save on this amazing resource.

At home learning is all about self betterment and improvement. If you can create an environment in which to be productive in there’s nothing stopping you from reaching your goals. With …

Unemployed and Searching for a Job? Don’t Make These Three Mistakes

So you are recently unemployed and are looking for a job. You have a particular set of skills and you want to put them to good use. You have your certifications, your work experience, the projects you have done in the past, and a number of qualities neatly listed on your resume, and now you are in the process of applying for the jobs that pop-up on your LinkedIn feed and on If you have been doing all of that, you must already be in talks with a number of employers. If you haven’t been doing that, it is time to get organized in your job search. Here are three mistakes you should try not to make when you are looking for a job.


1. Do Not Put Learning On Hold When You Are Unemployed

When you are unemployed, you have a lot of time on your hands. Most people use this time to catch up with old hobbies and passion projects, some use this time to reconnect with friends and family, some use it to play videogames and binge-watch their favorite tv show, and few use this time to brush up on old skills and add new skills to their arsenal.

If you are an InfoSec professional, this may be a good time to do some ethical hacking courses and add some oomph to your resume. Similarly, if you are in ITSM, learning ITIL best practices can make you an ideal candidate for organizations where incidents are commonplace and IT operations get interrupted all the time. In short, using this time to learn new skills should be at the top of your priority list, second only to searching for a job.

2. Do Not Neglect Your Health

Working a stressful job, or a job that you hate, is bad for you. However, so is unemployment. When you are unemployed, you can start feeling lethargic and stressed out. In most cases, being unemployed means that your income drops dramatically and you have to downsize your life. One of the most obvious expenses you can easily cut down on is the gym membership, and a lot of people end up doing that. You start having trouble sleeping, struggle with depression and anxiety, and your health goes down the drain.

If you can’t relate to anything we just said, good for you. If you can, you should make it a point to improve your health during this small period of unemployment. If you can’t afford a gym membership, you should take up running as a hobby, or dedicate an hour a day to body weight exercises you can do at home. No matter what you do, do not let your health decline during this time.

3. Do Not Neglect Your Network

Being active on LinkedIn is one of the most important things you can do when you are unemployed and looking for a job. You need to make sure you interact with people, maintain a vibrant online social …

Important Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Piano Teacher in NYC

If you are passionate about playing the piano, or you want your kids to be taught how to play it, you need to hire a professional piano teacher NYC. There are many such teachers but you need to find one that best suits your needs. Do you want the training conducted online or you want the teacher to come and train at home? Do you plan to attend formal classes for the training? These are some of the important considerations that will determine the nature and type of teacher you need to engage. In addition to the foregoing, the following are also important considerations –



Expertise of the teacher:

Is the teacher really an expert in piano? For how many years have they been playing it, and for how long have they been training? Go through the profile and CV of the teacher and take note of the experience and achievements in the field. A good teacher is one who can show persons who he or she has trained. Check whether the teacher has publications and writings on how to play the piano. An expert piano teacher will be willing to provide all the information you request with a view to evaluating their level of expertise.


Are there reviews from person who have been trained by that teacher? What do they say about his teachings? Are the teachings relevant? Read reviews online and you may also enquire for referrals and recommendations from friends in the NYC. What is the pass rate of the students who have been trained by the teacher? Reputation is important and you need ne ensure the teacher you work with has built a good name in the industry. A reputable teacher will ensure that you complete the relevant training well on time and within the agreed timeframes.


Fair pricing:

Just like any other service, quality piano classes in NYCcome at a cost. However, the cost should not be prohibitive. A good piano teacher is one who charges reasonably. In order to ensure you get quality piano classes at affordable rate, you may compare the quotes from several teachers and choose one that suits your budget.

It must be pointed that you should avoid going for the cheapest quote unless you are assured that the teacher is one who meets all the other important requirements. On the same note, the most expensive service is not always the best in terms of quality. It is thus a delicate balancing act in deciding the service which is fairly proceed, and which offers value for money.


Is the teacher recognized as such by the federation of piano teachers? This is another important consideration. Do not accept to be trained by a teacher who is not recognized as such by the relevant bodies and authorities. There are many advantages of getting trained by a certified teacher, and they include that you are assured of quality and have avenues of complaining in case the service …