Quick and Easy Homeschool Science Aeronautics Experiments

Every flying thing, whether it’s an airplane, spacecraft, soccer ball, or flying kid, experiences four aerodynamic primary forces: lift, weight, thrust and drag.

An airplane uses a propeller or jet engine to generate thrust. The wings to create lift. The smooth, pencil-thin shape minimizes drag. And the molecules that make up the airplane attributes to the weight.

Let’s find out what are all the parts of an airplane for. You’ll need to get a cheap balsa wood airplane for this next part – check out your local drug store or toy store. I’ve even found them in grocery stores for about $2.

Take the balsa wood airplane and try to fly just the body (no wings or fins). It flips all over the place. Try flying just the large wing (no body). Somersaults!

Now slide the large wing into the body and fly (fewer somersaults, but still sickening to fly in!).

Now add a horizontal stabilizer (elevator) tail, and when you throw it, add a slight curve so the plane “fishtails” in the air (like a car)… but did you notice that there are no more somersaults?

Add the vertical tail (rudder) and see how it now steers straight no matter how to curve-throw it.

Sneaky Tip: if you remove the metal clip on the nose beforehand, you can add it last to really see what it’s for… notice where most of the weight is without the clip?

Let’s make more things that demonstrate these flying ideas!

Helicopters: Cut out a paper rectangle 5 by 2 inches. Cut lengthwise down the strip, stopping about an inch before the end. Tape this uncut inch to the end tip of a popsicle stick. Fold the “bunny-ear” flaps down in opposite directions. Throw off a balcony and watch it whirl and gyrate! (Optional: You can notch the end of the popsicle stick to make a sling-shot helicopter. Make a quick slingshot launcher by looping a rubber band to another popsicle stick end.)

Butterfly Cups: Tape two Dixie paper cups together, bottom-to-bottom. Chain together six rubber bands. Loop one end of the rubber band chain over your thumb and hold your arm out horizontally straight, palm up. Drape the remainder of the chain along your arm. Place the taped butterfly cups at the free end (near your shoulder) and slowly wind the rubber bands around the middle section of the cups. When you wind near the end, stop, stretch the chain back toward your elbow, make sure the rubber band comes from the underside of the cups and release. The cups should rotate quickly and take air, then gracefully descend down for a light landing. Try making one with four cups.

Hot Air Balloons: Shake out a garbage bag to its maximum capacity. Tape (use duct or masking tape) the open end almost-closed… you still want a small hole the size of the hair dryer nozzle.

Use the hair dryer to inflate the bag and heat the air inside (make sure you don’t melt …

Beginner's Education in Forex Trading – Read More About It

The Forex trading market is a place wherein currencies are being traded in various countries around the world. It is natural that newcomers to the Forex market find it a bit scary and difficult to understand it at first, but frankly speaking there is enough of resources available on the internet for one to easily grap the process. The core understanding in Forex trading is to buy contracts at a low price and sell them again when they reach a high rate which results in profit making.

An important part of the trading process is to understand what the market is all about? It is well known that this market involves the exchange of currencies where it is recognized as the world's largest liquid financial souk, where trillions of dollars' worth of contracts is being traded daily. The Forex trading market has many players that make a living and a killing out of it by buying and selling currencies. There are also times when these traders have lost due to uncertain circumstances.

Beginners should be aware that there are certain risks that are involved in Forex trading, which are associated with the market's extreme volatility where prices tend to alter without prior notice. One would notice that traders make their money when the prices shoot up suddenly and then at times loose part of their investments when the prices happen to drop. So as a beginner one should be able to accept these conditions and have the sense to recuperate from losses.

All beginners before putting their feet in the Forex trading market should have prior knowledge about the nature and the basic methods of trading. This can be easily achieved by reading manuals, books and by collecting vital information about the pro's and con's of the Forex trading market. In order to be an expert dealer in the currency market this information plays a vital role in the road to success.

Your next step as a beginner would be to get a broker who will assist you in trading by executing certain procedures on your behalf and at the same time offer you potential voters that may be fruitful. Today there are many automated programs that assist individuals in the Forex trading market, which are known as Forex robots. These robots are computer programs that have been created to basically help beginners to understand, train, execute and get them similar to the Forex trading market. Most of these programs have a dummy feature which enables beginners to test their trading strategies in a live atmosphere completely safe with no real money being placed down.

Last but the least the most sensible advice that can be given to any beginner, is to control their emotions and not let it get in the way of their trading. Forex traders are required to be alert and to realize when they have to cut their losses so that they can reserve equity in order to bring in the profits. …

The Science Behind Modeling Success in MLM

Have ever gotten tongue tied or been at a loss for words when talking about your business or prospecting somebody? This is probably a dumb question because at some time or another this has happened to us all.

One of the easiest ways to get in the right mindset and prevent this from occurring is to prepare as if you were the CEO or one of the top producers. For this to actually work it needs to be somebody that you have a certain degree of familiarity with. You do not need to know them personally, but maybe you've listened to their training material over and over, maybe you've read their autobiography or maybe you've heard them speak at corporate events several times. Yes this may sound odd but try it and you will find a couple things happening.

What happens is that when you are in unknown territory and your mind is searching for what to say or do you typically default back to your own knowledge and experiences which obviously do not contain the right answer because they are what got you to the unknown territory .

When you maintain the mindset of "what would the CEO do," you will find yourself instantly remembering the advice they have on stage, in the training material or book in which you got to be familiar with them.

Before long you will find that their words will become your own because in having used them they are now a part of your own base of knowledge and experience.

And one more tip on the topic of modeling after others. Are you also willing to model their commitment? Let me make that a bit more clear: are you willing to put your credit on the line for the company, products and opportunity? I assure you that your CEO and top income earners are! …

The Colored Gemstone Education – Garnet – The Gem For All Seasons

Garnet, the birthstone for the month of January, is one of the most versatile gemstones on the market. It comes in a rainbow of colors, from deep red to tangerine orange to lime green to pale pink, as well as purple, gold, and brown.

The name Garnet most likely was derived from the pomegranate, a fruit which deep red purple color resembles some varieties of Garnet. Many ancient pieces of garnet jewelry are studded with tiny red gems that look like a cluster of pomegranate seeds.

Garnet is found all over the world, in places like Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia. There are gnets that change color in the different light, translucent green garnets that look like jade, and Garnets that display a faint four rayed star. Even though this exciting gem has been mined for thousands of years, new deposits have been found in the last decade.

This gemstone is actually part of a family of gems with mineral and color differences that include rhodolite, malaya, dematoid, grossular, hessonite, spessartite, almandine, mandarine, and combinations of these varieties.

Almandine, the most common type, is dark red to brownish red. Pyrope is blood red. Rhodolite, one of the most popular varieties, range from pink to purplish red and is mined in Africa, India, and Sri Lanka. Malaya, a mixed veriety found in Tanzania and Kenya, ranges from orange to gold. Tsavorite is bright yellow green to grass green and is also mined in Tanzania and Kenya. Demantoid is primarily found in Russia. Hessonite and spessartite mostly come in golds, oranges an browns. Mandarin is a bright orange type of spessartite, recently found in Namibia. Groosular is available in pinks, greens, and yellows.

As the most common types of Garnet, almandine and pyrope are also the most affordable. But, Tsavorite and Demantoid are quite rare and can cost several thousand dollars per carat depending on size and quality, Bright colors usually recommend higher prices than gems with light or dark hues. The gemstone also is available in a variety of sizes, depending on the type of Garnet. Larger gemstones are available in the more common types and exceedingly scarce in more valuable Tsavorite and Demantoids.

Throughout history, Garnets have been prized for their rich hues and supposedly mystical properties. The Gemstone was a favorite of ancient Egyptian jewelry artisans. Demantoid Garnet was used lavishly by the Tsars of Russia. Travelers transported the gem to protect them against accidents. The gem was thought to protect its wearer from a range of ailments, ward off evil spirits, spark creativity and dispel anger. The stones are also said to light up the night and protect their owners from nightmares. Noah used a Garnet lantern to navigate the Ark through 40 days and night of torrential rain.

Garnet's various types range from 6 – 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means that the stone is susceptible to nicks and cracks caused by impact.

To clean …

3 Motivational Strategies in the Workplace Proven to Achieve Success in Your Career

Everyone would agree that there really is no point in dragging yourself to the workplace if you're not in your best or if you're driving level is way down there. That's counterproductive! That's why you need to find the best motivational strategies in the workplace that will truly work for you to help you succeed in the workplace such as starting with the right attitude, competitiveness with your collections, and thinking about your compensation package.

But first, let's establish one very important aspect of your working life; your regular working shift, whether you're working during the night or during the day. There's no point in holding on to a shift if your body, heart and mind do not agree with the sort of schedule that you're on. They should be congruent all the time. Most people find that they are more productive during the day, while there are quite a number of people who can churn out productivity during the night.

Start your day (or night) with the right attitude

As they say, it's all in the mind. You can start your day right by thinking right, thereby creating a powerful positive attitude within your whole being. Only your mind and the preparedness that you've caused yourself to be in by thinking the right things to do to create a momentum can help you achieve success day in and day out.

One of the most powerful motivational strategies in the workplace that you can do even before reaching your office, or wherever you're working, is to create a mental picture of the things that you want to accomplish and create a mental emotion that it brings when you've done that you wish to accomplish at work. Hold on to those mental pictures while you're on your way to work and even as you reach the workplace. By doing so, you'll be able to create a powerful momentum in your head that will push your entire being into accomplishing your goal.

Remember that our thoughts are very powerful. If you start your day right with a positive mental thought, you'll have the right attitude to help you through the day at work.

There's nothing quite like competitive with collections

You do not have to go yelling at your peers at work that you've got a challenge for them. Just silently try to outdo them at work without them having to know it. If you know who among your collections is churning out the most number of, say, sales on a monthly basis, make it as your holy resolve to beat his numbers. Perhaps you find yourself struggling to go to work on time, why not find out who among your peers is the most punctual and try to beat his time.

By competitiveness with colleges, you give yourself a dose of adrenalin to keep yourself motivated throughout the day. But do not burn yourself out with just one type of challenge. If you've completed one challenge or if you can not …

Career in Cruise Ships – The Best You Job Can Ever Find

A job on the cruise has fulfilled dreams of many people giving them a chance to travel around the world and getting paid for it as well.

So if you are here then you must have decided to work on a cruise ship. But before starting you need to know a few things that are very important

A wide range of job opportunities are available on a ship. The job will be comfortable and attractive which will give you a chance to travel different exotic destinations in the world which you have never seen before.

However, to acquire a job on a cruise ship one needs to research, spend some time in searching the right cruise ship for him and must also have the required qualifications so that he lands himself a job in the cruise ship.

Three important things that you must possess to gain a job in cruise ship are:

1. Soundness in English

The main quality which you require while working on cruise ships is to be able to speak and understand English. This is primarily important because most of the travelers are American and English-speaking. If you are working in the frontline divisions that are Food and Beverages or Cabin stewards in Hotel, you need to know English very well as interacting with the guests might impress them and you will get paid by them directly.

2. Having Passport is a must

One of the important things to have with you while traveling abroad is to have a valid passport. All the persons employed on the cruise ship must possess a valid passport.

3. SEAMAN VISA (For all those people who do not stay in the US)

Once you get a job in a cruise ship company and obtain an Employee Agreement, then the next thing you need to do is apply for visas that is C1 Transit & D1 Seaman and also B2 Visitor Visa at the United States Embassy. USA's ports are visited by most of the cruise ships. Major cruise liners like the Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruises are located in Florida. Here Florida or any other port in USA will be the departure port for a cruise ship.

The C1 & D1 and B2 visas that you have obtained allow you to stay in the USA for a limited time only when your cruise liners calls to a US port. The visas are usually valid for 30 days.

• The C1 visa is meant for the seamen and it permits you to work in US ports for a limited period only that can be lasting for a few hours or a few days.

• The D1 visa permits you to journey through different ports in USA.

• There are "visitor visas" that is the USA B2 Tourist Visas and are very essential for foreigners who hail from countries that are not a member of the Visa Waiver Program. …

Are You Relevant? Retooling Your Career For the Future

How marketable are you right now? What will you need to do to make sure you're still relevant five years from now?

When the economy is in recession, workers focus on their marketability. They're either trying to hang on to their jobs or trying to land new ones. Nobody wants to be deemed redundant, or expendable, or a weak candidate. Those are labels no one can afford to be tagged with. People spend time thinking about how they can shore up weaknesses and increase perceived value.

Unfortunately, though, when the job market finally rights itself, a lot of those same people will just as suddenly put thoughts about how to stay relevant on the back burner. And that will be a mistake.

Even when the economy begins expanding again, we're still going to be looking at a dynamic job market. Remember back just a few short years ago when the market was red hot? People were still facing layoffs. Companies were still merging – or outsourcing – or streamlining operations – resulting in head count reductions. Of course jobs were not being lost at the pace they are now, but the point is … you're better make sure you're marketable.

If you do not keep up with the pace of change, you will always be vulnerable.

Your skill set needs to be broad and relevant. You need to be sure you're making a meaningful contribution to the organization. You need to identify future trends early and understand what you need to do to adapt and thrive.

This will require initiative on your part. Nobody's going to do this for you; it's your responsibility to make sure you're as marketable as possible. …

Finding a Travel Business Two Times Better Than Your Present Career

Every one wishes they can get a vacation from work but could you imagine what it would be like if your vacation was your work. There are a lot of opportunities out there to have a travel business two or three times more lucrative then your current job. Having a business doing something you love to do is everyone's dream. A lot of people share this dream, but will you be one of the few that take advantage of the chance you get to make it happen?

More and more everyday people are making this dream a reality by finding travel opportunities that pay them for their time. With the help of the World Wide Web this is becoming a popular trend for ordinary people to generate extraordinary streams of income by participating in some of these business ventures.

There is also a large number of people who think it is impossible to trust online businesses. However you have to put into consideration online businesses or just like people you have some that are good and some that are bad. It will be up to you to distinguish between the two. It may seem hard at first but if you continue to look deeper you will soon see the truth.

You will know which ones are good and which ones are bad simply by doing your research. By visiting the Better Business Bureau you can check out how they handle customers' complaints and transactions and get better look into the integrity of that particular company. Just remember that there are a lot companies that are looking to do good honest business.

Finding the right traveling company to join can be your ticket to financial freedom. Some have great programs that allow you to spread the word and get paid for your word of mouth advertising. You will also earn an added income when the individual you got to join, gets others to join the team. It is a great money making opportunity that is gaining popularity at an amazing rate.

This does all the success that people are having with this type of program. It takes traveling to a whole new level and finds a way to also take extra income online to greater heights. If you are a person or a natural born salesperson, then this is just the business venture for you.

One of the best benefits of the business opportunity is the fact that the amount of success you get out of it is due to the amount of dedication you put into it. It is like that old saying goes anything worth having is worth working for. Thousand of people every day are learning just how worth it, this really is.

If you are wondering how you can make the travel business two or may be even three times more beneficial to your finances, all you have to do is take the first step and sign up. Then you will see how one step can start …