Starting Your Acting Career With Disney

What does Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Hayden Panettiere and Vanessa Hudgens have in common? The answer, their acting careers or their singing careers started out with a little help from Disney.

Unlike other casting audits, what makes Disney so different is that there is room for just about anyone who wants to become famous. There is a separate audition for singers, dancers, actors, stunt artists, musicians, bands and Disney character look alikes.

Whatever you choose to pursue, it is best to get an agent because you are more likely to be aware with this person helping out. But this does not mean you will not have a shot if you go in alone without an agent by your side because it has happened.

For an actor, what you will need during an audit to prepare is a one minute comedic monologue. You better practice your timing and do not forget to remember the words. There must be emotion behind what you are saying and while you are playing the part because you are not reciting in class but trying to capture the moment. You should also be ready to go up there and use additional material that will be prepared by the sentences.

Aside from your skit, you should have with you a few great headshots and of course your resume with your contact information. This will make it easy for the casting director to get back to you after everyone was screened during the audition.

The moment you walk in, you should be relaxed and ready to execute your number because the production people are keeping on a tight schedule when there are others waiting their turn.

Similar to American idol, all auditions are closed which means family members and friends are not allowed to watch. They can wait in the holding area so they can meet their child once their number is over.

If you make it, you now have to get an entertainment work permit because this is required by law. This should be signed by your parents and at times your school principal since education is still a priority given your age. This has to be shown every time you report for work and renewed after 6 months.

In time, your acting career will flourish from a television show to maybe even a movie. Take for example High School musical which people did not expect to be so popular and within months, the High School Musical 3 will be shown in the theaters.

Your acting career does not end the moment you leave Disney because you will always take this with you wherever you go. Take for instance Hayden Panettiere who is now part of the hit show Heroes. She started with Disney in 1998 with a small role in the movie "The Object Of My Affection" and lent her voice talent in "This Bug's Life."

So it starting your acting career good with Disney? The answer is definitely yes. You just have to make it …

Online College Degrees – A Simple Direction

The internet has spoken about so many wonderful things in terms of communications and information discrimination. Many schools today are beginning to recognize the importance of the internet in the pursuit of education. This is why taking an online college degree is now becoming a thing of the future.

If you are a fulltime employee or busy family parent, you may find it difficult to balance your life well enough to make space for pursuing a college degree. This may be because you are thinking of education in a very traditional sense wherein you would have to drive to a college campus and actually attend classes and lectures. But if you want an alternative way to learn, online education is now something you can easily avail of.

By taking an online degree you are faced with the advantages of working on your degree requirements at your own time and pace. You will be given a curriculum and syllabus to follow, but since its approach is one of more independent learning, you will find that all it takes is some discipline and hard work on your part to finish your degree.

Before taking your degree it is very important that you choose the right school and a course that is accredited and recognized. Next, make sure this new pursuit is affordable. Aside from tuition and books, an online education entails a good internet connection and a good computer as well. Once you have everything in place, your college chosen, your costs paid, and your computer and connection ready, then you can start your online education degree. …

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Independent Schools

An independent or 'private' school is a primary or secondary school that has independent finances and governance and one that is funded by tuition charges and gifts. It is governed by a board of directors. Independent schools may have religious affiliation and some schools may offer boarding facilities.

Special assistance private schools aim to improve the lives of students by providing services tailored to the specific needs of their individual students. An example of this is a dyslexia school or school for severely handicapped pupils.

Independent schools retain the right to select their students, who usually have to pay full fees. Some pupils get a scholarship into a private school, which makes their fees cheaper. Scholars depend on the talent of the student (sporting, artistic or academic).

Tuition and fees vary between specific private schools. Many offer need-based financial aid or monthly payment plans. The schools can also help parents identify potential sources of financial help from outside agencies. In some instances fees may be paid for the student – this is true in the UK of forces children (army, navy and air force).

Independent schools generally pay higher salaries for the best teachers and also provide enriched learning environments, high academic standards and a low student to teacher ratio. They also offer close-knit communities, individualised learning and hand-on learning opportunities. The good reputation of a private school can also help pupils later in life.

Because private schools do not receive government money, they are free to create their own curriculum, fund programs however they see fit, establish their own admissions process for pupils and set their own requirements for hiring or firing staff.

There are drawbacks to private education that should be considered before enrolling a child in private school. The main one is usually cost. Even with financial help, the fees can be too steep for some parents.

Also you should consider that your child may not live near their friends. If the selected private school is a long way from home, your child may have to board, which does not suit everyone and can be a very lonely experience for a young child.

Because each school chooses its own curriculum and teachers without government controls, parents must make sure that they approve of the selection processes.

Fear of snobbish influenza at school is a valid concern and pupils may face discrimination outside school for being a 'rich kid' or snob.

Parents should consider these disadvantages carefully, especially the fee side of things if they have more than one child!

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important things you can do for them so choose wisely. …

Why Should I Take a Gap Year

I have recently exhibited at a number of Gap Fairs and found there to be a number of common questions and concerns amongst potential gap students. At the moment, only around 1 in every 5 students who consider a Gap Year actually go through with it. Having missed out on a Gap Year before university myself, I know the fears and concerns associated with taking a year out. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I would definitely change my decision now if I was able to take it again and would like to discuss my opinions about a few of the main issues in this article by answering broad questions.

1. I do not have enough money to take a Gap Year?

This is a common concern for almost every student, especially with student debt looming on the horizon. I still believe there is opportunity to travel though and go to university with some extra funds.
Recently, I heard a presentation from Phil Murray at Gap Advice who stuck me with one fact. How long is a Gap Year? We talk about a year out but the time out of education is actually 15 months. This provides a large amount of time to earn money, gain invaluable work experience as well as having the experience of a lifetime.

Example: A student could work for 12 months and earn around £ 12,000 if they worked hard. Lets say that after expenses and tax etc they have £ 6,000 left over. With still 3 months left, you could spend £ 3,000 on a volunteer project, very achievable, and still go to university with £ 3,000 more than you started with.

2. I will not go back to studying once I've had a year out?

This is a very valid concern and one I must say encouraged me not to take a gap year. I would like to say that with hindsight now, I feel I made a mistake though. This is a personal decision and each individual will feel differently about it.

I would not say it will not be hard going back to study after taking a year out. In my experience at university, the students who took a year out were completely behind in the first term of the first year. This however soon changed as they climbed up and by the end of the third year I found them to be way ahead. I believe this was due to 2 main reasons. Firstly, they had the opportunity to have a break from studying and refreshing for another 3 years at university. Secondly, they were that slightly more mature.

I certainly do not think a Gap Year is for everyone though. I will instead offer an alternative to a year out. Why not travel during the summer holidays between A-Levels and university and take a mini-gap. This is harder cost wise but offers you the opportunity to travel and gain excellent life experience and still go straight to university.

3. …

Education Jobs

With education jobs picking up coast to coast, more and more people are checking out opportunities of jobs in education. Nowadays, it is possible to move from one state to the other in the US of you are in education employment as the college of education collections opportunities in K-12 jobs for all the 50 states. There are many states in the US that do not centralize job advertisements.

Widespread education work opportunities coast to coast

Education work can be very mentally fulfilling if you love to teach and also stay close to academies through your life. Education professionals have also ratched up in popularity along average Americans after more federal funding is finding its way into quality education from the ground up. It is easy to find education employment anywhere in the US as well as abroad if you are equipped with the right qualifications and experience.

Every federal state in the US is continuously upgrading and fine tuning their teacher certification and license rules as well as requirements. The certification and license rules also vary from state to state as candidates check out opportunities for education jobs.

You can easily check the individual certification requirements of states online to identify education work options all around. There are several websites about interstate agreements that can be great resources for education jobs as well.

Every agreement is within the state jurisdiction and outlines particular type of education certification for teachers, administrators, career, technical and service personnel in education related employment. When there is an acceptance, the receiving state will issue authorization to allow the certificate holder to teach and also provide educational services in the receiving state. The educator can also teach and practice after the time limit.

Workable solutions underway for more affordable alternatives

A lot of gainful work is up and running these days to remove the debt burdens of graduating students and they are putting up more opportunities to get things right. Education professionals are not one size fits all as you can seek employment in various capacities these days.

You could be a superintendent or work even in administrative capacities in schools and colleges. There are opportunities for work with software manufacturers who deliver state of the art tool and technologies for education.

To provide broad access to quality education for all Americans, workable solutions are under way to create options for affordable alternatives. The need of the hour is to make employment opportunities in education more widespread than ever before.

Students are also enabled to make well informed decisions and the get quality secondary education upfront. Taxpayers are also offered several incentives for supporting education and the creation of more education jobs in future. …

Criminal Justice Salary – One of Important Factors You Should Consider Before Starting Your Career

Do you want to make a career in fighting crime and putting bad guys behind bars? That may sound really good, but you should look at the Criminal Justice Salary before you consider entering this field.

An Overview

The Criminal Justice System is a structure used by the government to maintain law and order, prevent crimes and administrator justice. Today, the fast paced expansion in various areas of the Criminal Justice System is creating an excessive demand for skilled workforce in both the local and the federal system.

Factors that Determine Your Salary

Some of the most basic factors that are taken into consideration while determining your salary in the field of Criminal Justice are:

1. Education :

Education plays a vital role when it comes to the remission you paid for any job. The more educated you are, the higher your chances are of getting a good income and a benefits plan. For instance, a security guard requires at least a high school diploma or GED, so it is one of the lowest paying jobs with a median salary of just $ 30,000 a year. On the other hand, in order to become a criminal investigator, you require at least a master's degree for which you will be paid a minimum average income of $ 80,000 a year.

2. Experience :

You may not have the required level of education for a particular job, but have a lot of experience in other fields associated with it. For instance, you may possess a bachelor's degree in law enforcement but have a long history of working as a police officer. Now, if you wish to switch to becoming a corrections officer, your previous experience will play a huge role in determining your pay scale. So, no matter how educated you are, when it comes to salary, you're better off getting as much experience as possible in order to enhance your pay scale

3. Job Description :

Criminal Justice is a vast field that has hundreds of lucrative career options. Some of these are limited to a 9 to 5 capacity, where the rest are more inclined toward an unpredictable working timable. Plus, a majority of the jobs within this field hold quite a lot of risks. Thus, you should be physically and mentally attuned towards your working environment as you can.

Apart from this, many positions may also require you to stay distracted from your family or even pose as a potential threat to your loved ones. In such career cases, the salary is set according to the requirements of your job.

So, now that you are well aware of the factors affecting the Criminal Justice Salary , you can work on the aspects you lack to earn more in this field. …

Benefits of Internship

Internships may account to a number of reasons. It may be applied for by students from all levels who are seeking experiences in a specific field or work, or for people taking the opportunity to acquire the much needed experience in the world of business without actually having to work on a full time basis. Intern students are usually hired as replacements and they usually work for lower pay than if they work as a full-time employee. A person who wants a change in his or her career also takes up an internship. Internships offer a lot of learning, education, and experience on a certain field that you can add up on your resume.

An internship is categorized to various types. There are institutions who offer full paid internships while others are only paying partially and some are not paying at all. It depends on the field you’re going to apply for internship. So if you’re looking for a paid internship you might need to know that factor first. A good choice will be in science and technology for internships are often paid in this field. Internships which are paid partially gets their remuneration in the form of an allowance which is not an amount of money for an hour wage basis or a yearly salary, it is given only once before or after the term of the internship. Unpaid or volunteer internships are as valuable the paid and partially paid ones, don’t hesitate to put them also in your resume to higher the chances of getting hired for a job.

Deciding the kind of internship you want to have is entirely up to you, although some internships have certain requirements that should be met by the applicants. You might want to take up an internship but the internship can’t make you a qualified applicant because of the certain requirements you cannot give. Working on a full-time internship has better benefits than you working on part-time one, though it may vary from the kind of internship you have. Full-time internships are paid most of the time and they give you first-hand experiences of what life is really like on the field. Working as a part-time internship only becomes beneficial when you are not getting paid, it gives you an opportunity to find a job that will. The other job will become your major source of income while the other one will be for future use. Internship to a student is like a taste of what it feels like to work in the real world, giving them an idea of what kind of job to look for when they’ve finish up school.

Internship programs are usually offered by colleges and universities. You can also find government-sponsored internships in America and in Canada. The commonly used type of internship youth internship programs. But they have a requirement for a specific age that requires the applicant to be between the ages of 18 to 30 years old. There are also international and private-sector …

Computer Programming and Software Engineering Programs

Computer software engineering has become a career of choice for many people considering its dynamic nature and exciting well-paying career opportunities. It is a branch of computer science that deals with design, documentation, development and management of software. Some of the subjects that will be offered by a programming school will include internet programming, application development, database development, custom business applications and web development.

A programming school will offer basic education on how to develop a computer program that is adaptable to the peculiar needs of each user as well as a chance to do research on relevant issues that are facing this field. A software engineering research includes analysis of software processes as well as measurement and modeling of computer usage behaviors.

The study modes offered at a software engineering school involve extensive and rigorous mixture of lectures, practical classes and tutorials. Extra remedial classes can be offered to poor students to enable them catch up with their colleagues. Before conferment of the degree, diploma or certificate to the student, they have to go through thorough assessments in form of course assignments and exams. A program especially the degree would not be complete without a project whether done in a group or individually.

Computer programming courses can be offered either as associate degrees, diplomas or certificates. The higher levels will go up to the masters and PhD ranks. There is a number of software engineering schools that offer online programs which enable their students to take the course regardless of where they are located. This distance learning facility also enables people who are working but may wish to further their education to do so without necessarily quitting their jobs.

A course in a software engineering school prepares the student for a whole range of exciting career opportunities. The information technology industry is very accommodating as the graduates can get a chance to work in whichever organization that makes use of computer services. Better still a course from a good and recognized programming school will enable the student to be absorbed in the job market even without the working experience.…

The New Shift to Distance Education

There are many reasons why one may consider using distance education as their primary tool for higher learning. People may turn to this type of education simply because of where they are located. Citizens of very rural towns are afforded an opportunity to obtain a very reputable education from the comfort of their own home. This tool has given people access to an education that once seemed very unattainable. The lack of actual, physical learning institutions in smaller towns has been replaced by resources provided by the power of the internet. Traditional style classroom settings have been replaced by webinars and e-mails. This paradigm shift has the potential to produce some of the most educated people the world has ever seen. This new shift has given hope to those who once thought quality learning was out of their reach.

Years ago Many people would turn to correspondence courses that were available by mail. Students would obtain lesson plans, homework assignments and course out via the post office. The problem with this at the time was many of the programs were either not accredited or simply not recognized as a suitable education. Today, the internet has replaced this old-fashioned method with educational opportunities that are not only recognized, but fully accredited as well. Many of the most traditional and well-known schools provide quality learning opportunities via the World Wide Web. This phenomenon allows the schools to tap into a new breed of learners. This, of course, is the pool of students who simply would not have been afforded an opportunity to attend the standard brick and mortar institution. It is a powerful shift in how schools are providing quality education and training.

Of course there are drawbacks to every new and developing trend. In addition, distance learning is certainly no exception. Although the internet provides extremely reputable educational opportunities, there are plenty of programs that are pure scams. One who is pursuing an education via the internet must be wary of what are known as 'diploma mills' or 'degree mills'. These programs award students with an academic diploma or degree even though the education they are receiving is of poor quality. The programs are also offering such awards although they are not a fully accredited institution. Many states in the US are beginning to crack down on these fraudulent companies, but many are still fully operational. Diplomas and degrees being offered by these mills is certainly not just a problem in the US, but internationally as students in poorer countries are desperate for a chance at higher learning.

This trend in providing quality education using the internet will continue to grow for years to come. Schools are initially beginning to recognize the power behind providing classes using the internet. This shift is not only beneficial for the schools, but students as well. The whole educational process will come full circle using the power of today's technology. Moreover, the ever-changing information era will continue to provide those with quality learning tools that …

How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator – A Detailed Insight Into an Adventurous Career

Do you enjoy the thrill and challenge of being the first one to investigate a crime scene? Do you want to pursue such an exciting career but are somehow perplexed about how to become a Crime Scene Investigator?

Here is a quick reference guide that tells you all that you need to know in order to help you pursue the career of your dreams.


A Crime Scene Investigator or more commonly known as CSI is an individual who job is to visit various crime scenes, first hand and gather all the evidence that they possibly can. Typically, their duty involves assisting the police or the local sheriff in securing and working the crime scene, following by preserving and gathering evidence and finally transporting the evidence to the labs to search for clues.

Educational Pre-requisite

In order to become a CSI, you should at least complete a bachelor's degree either in criminal justice or physical science. However, in order to advance your career prospects, you must also obtain a master's degree followed by training as a police officer.

Thanks to the latest technological developments, you can easily avail a specialized CSI degree online for both the bachelor's and master's levels. However, apart from the basic education, learning how to become a Crime Scene Investigator also understands learning certain skills. Some of these skills include:

  • Ability to maintain and protect the chain of events
  • knowledge of exposing, photographing, and collecting latent fingerprints
  • Ability to use various chemicals, gadgets and technologies to collect evidence
  • Flexibility to work at odd hours rather than a typical 9 to 5 job as well as maintaining your diligence through your course of work
  • Capability to work well in a team as opposed to working alone
  • Possessing a strong stomach for blood

Duties and Responsibilities

If you want to fully understand how to become a Crime Scene Investigator, you must be well aware of the responsibilities and the various duties involved in this line of work.

Investigating the scene of crime is the first step towards solving a crime. As a CSI, you can expect a busy career, working at different hours of the day or night. A normal working day for a CSI involves being called on to the scenes of burglaries, home invasion, sexual assaults and even murderers.

In such cases, you will be required to carefully assess and explore the scene of crime, take photographs, lookout for finger prints or any other aspects of evidence. Once you are done with the crime scene, you will be required to write detailed reports and document your findings. Many a times, you might also be asked to analyze autopsies and at times even testify in courts.

Now that you know all there is about how to become a Crime Scene Investigator , becoming a CSI might be the right career for you if you feel that you can sustain pressure and respond calmly in face of a crisis. …