How to Properly Prepare For Your First Day of College

I was not a confident college student when I was 18.

When I first started college, I was quiet, shy, and I did not even ask anyone for directions on how to find my class because I did not want to look stupid.

It was not until I went through a personal transformation about a year or so later that my confidence shifted as well as my entire life, including my grades and my overall experience in college.

Since that shift, I started getting better grades in my classes, I started learning new ways to study that actually helped me remember the topics and these techniques made studying actually fun, believe it or not.

I also started meeting new people and making more friends in college. Image actually started becoming a fun experience, rather than just something I needed to do to get a degree. Back then I would think, "Even when I get my degree, I do not know what I'm going to do with it."

So it is important to make a purpose for yourself and set an intention before you start college.

Here's a good example :.

Since now is the perfect time to prepare for your next semester, take a piece of paper and write down what you intend to learn or become over the next four or five months.

Write out, "During this next semester in college, I will …" and then write out what you want to learn, become, or do.

It can be anything from learn a new language, learn a new subject that you have always wanted to learn about, play a musical instrument, make more friends, find a good relationship, or anything else that you really desire for yourself.

Make this a goal for yourself and after you write it out, either print it or just post the piece of paper up on the wall to remind yourself what you are going to accomplish this next semester.

Give yourself an end date too. Say, "By December 21, 2008, I will …" and then write out your goal.

Here's mine. "By December 21, 2008, I will be moved out of my house and living with my two friends in Sacramento. I will have residual income flowing to me, so that I will be able to work for myself full time and I will love getting up in the morning to take action and fulfill my destiny. "

If you notice, there is not anything about college in there. That is because I have already received my AA degree. However, once I move out and get settled, I might be going to Sacramento State to get my Bachelor's Degree. When that becomes part of the picture I will be putting that into my next goal statement.

So stop here for a second and take a few minutes to write out your semester goal statement for yourself. Just take a piece of paper and write down the statement, "By December 21, 2008, I will …