Image Football Picks and NCAAF Predictions – Miami Hurricanes 2010 Season Preview

The Miami Hurricanes program has been known for always taking on all challengers and competing against the best teams in the country outside their conference. Most programs will not do this because they are afraid to drop in national rankings and have the opportunity to compete in the best bowls games. Last year the Miami Hurricanes opened up the season by playing Florida state, Georgia tech, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma to start the season going 3-1 which is immediately projected the news that the Hurricane program has reestablishing themselves as national powerhouse again. Although the Hurricanes started out strong, they finished the season by being exposed in the Champs Sports Bowl and could be a couple years away from being a top 10 College Football Program.

Miami's success this season will start with the improvement of their junior quarterback Jacory Harris who was emerging a Heisman Trophy contender early last year but quickly fell off when he became interception through through the season. Harris displays all the physical skills to be one of the best College Football quarterbacks in the land as he thread for 3,352 yards and 24 touchdowns last year although he made mental mistakes by throwing 17 interceptions which was the second most in the NCAA Division 1 Football. Harris had a minor setback in the offseason with a torn ligament in his thumb that required surgery despite our Football insiders for NCAAF Picks report he will be pain free and ready to go when Miami opens the season September 2nd. Harris will have to improve in the mental part of his game this season as the responsibility of the Miami liability will depend even more on him because the Hurricanes will have to fill some holes in their pro style attack indemnity that lost three offensive linemen and one of their top rushers Gregg Cooper to a knee injury.

The Miami defense will be the strength of this year's team as they are projected to be a top 20 defense in the nation that is returning eight starters. The Hurricane defense that runs a 4-3 scheme is stacked with big time playmakers and potential All-Americans stabilizing with a line backing core that could be one of the best in the nation. Our Football insiders for NCAAF Picks report that the most noted linebacker is Colin McCarthy who was All-AC second team last year but they have a stud on the rise in sophomore "Ray Ray" Armstrong who you will see play on Sundays one day.

Quarterback Jacory Harris is a stud and if he grows in his mental approach to the game, he can take Miami into national contention as the Hurricanes always have athletes that will emerge at the skill positions. Miami lost four games last season including the Bowl game and they were in every game expect for the Virginia Tech game on the road which they fell apart early after coming off two big wins in the ACC to Florida state and Georgia …

Thinking of a Career in Interior Architecture Design?

Interior Architecture is a bridge between architecture and interior design. It provides professionals with the proper knowledge regarding the building of structures and the importance and understanding of load bearing walls. The fields of Interior Architecture and Interior Design are quite similar. Some people refer to the two fields as one and call it Interior Architecture Design.

Interior architectural design professionals in the United States can not call himself or herself an Interior Architect unless they have completed the educational requirements to become a fully licensed architect. The actual definition of Interior Architecture is a program that prepares people to apply the architectural principles in the design of structural interiors for living, recreational and for business purposes so as to function as a professional interior architect. This includes instruction in the architecture of heating and cooling systems, occupational and safety standards, interior design, specific end-use applications, structural systems design and professional responsibilities and standards.

If interested in a career in the interior architecture design field there are plenty of options available to the aspiring designer whether they wish to attend a college or university or take classes online. These courses explore the links and similarities between interior design and architecture. Interior Design programs will challenge you to explore creative ideas for using space and re-inventing how buildings are designed. Some areas of study include the conceptual creativity of design and the philosophy and theory behind design plus the latest technology used for interior design.

Individuals pursuing an education in interior design or interior architecture can expect to develop a wide range of skills including the use of CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software, video and photography. Other skills will be developed in the studio such as the use of models and how to construct the models.

Interior Design programs prepare the interior architectural design student for technological, cultural and environmental issues. Students who attend a studio classroom are taught in workshops, lectures and seminars.

Here are some basic courses the interior architecture design student will study in their first year:

o Design Visual Thinking

o Materials and Construction

o History and Theory of Design

o Introduction to Interior Architecture and Design

o Design Making Ideas

o Design, Spatial Investigations

o Design, Context and Process

o Structures, Environment and Sustainability

In the second year of studying interior architecture design, the student will study the following modules:

o Communication and Participation

o Design Exploration

o Design Proposal

o Interior Environments

o Modern Architecture

o Interior Environments

o Tectonics and Realization

These are very in depth courses to help prepare the interior architecture design student for real world situations. In the third year of study, students can expect to learn the following:

o Design Research and Proposal

o History Dissertation

o Design Resolution

o Placement

Work placement can be in any Interior Architecture Design field that takes on entry-level designers. Professional work placement is an excellent opportunity that can pave the way to a rewarding career in interior design. As work placement is considered …

How to Attract Hot Sexy College Women – Use the Alpha Male System When Attracting College Girls!

When it comes to picking up women, I've got to say that I miss my college days. Hot college women are the best for a great one night stand! They're young, inexperienced and they have very little restraint. And all of that works to your favor. Weather you're in college or you graduated years ago, college girls are available for you to date! It's not hard at all!

The thing that a hot college girl is looking for is a man who can give her some guidance and security. Moving away from home and off to college has made these girls insecure but more importantly it's made them free. They're ready to throw off their parental bonds and restrictions and explore the world they live in – all of it! The other great thing is that in college no one is looking for a long term relationship, at least not the kind of girls who you'll meet out around town after 10:00 at night. So what you want really is the same as what she wants!

All you have to do to pick up hot college women is to be cool, calm and confident. Become an Alpha Male! Be a man who is comfortable talking with a woman. Your comfort will put her at ease and she'll be ready to listen to your suggestions and ideas. Dress well, be clean and plan ahead. Image girls are young and will respond well to simple romantic acts – take her for a walk in the rain, pick a flower for her, tell her she's beautiful. Then when the moment is right, lean in and get things started. Do not be afraid.

Image women are looking for an Alpha Male to spend the night with. If that sounds good to you, then make the choice today – become an Alpha Male and give up sleeping alone! …

How to Use Career Planning to Get Your Perfect Job

Many times there is not enough stress put on career planning for young individuals looking to start a career. It is very common for the students to just "go where the money is." Also common is for the young adults to follow in the footsteps of their parents. They choose what is expected of them instead of what they would like to do.

When doing career planning, it is important to do a lot of self-exploration. You need to find out your skills and interests and how they will carry over into different professions. Career tests are often used as a means of identifying what path to choose in your career planning. Also, there are counselors that can advise you in your planning. These are a very valuable tool that should absolutely be taken advantage of.

Once you find out your strengths and interests, it is a good idea to make a list of potential occupations. The list of career paths obtained from career tests are often lenghy. Scan through this and find the ones that you like best. You should be able to get your list of potential careers down to five to ten choices.

Once you get your list narrowed down, do some in-depth research about the career choices on your list. Have a look at the requirements needed to obtain a job in each particular field. It is important to make special note of the potential earnings that can be obtained in each field, as well as the educational requirements.

Another great tool in choosing a career path is interaction with people that are actually involved in the field that you are interested in. This is the best way to get first-hand information on the career you are considering. They will be able to answer most questions you have involving their job.

Once you are able to explore all of the potential career paths, and narrow it down to one selection, it is time to start planning for a career in that field.

It is a good idea to write down a career plan. This plan should involve all of the education needed to obtain a job in your desired industry. Also, other training, such as internships, are great ways to get the experience and skills necessary to get a job in the particular field. While completing the schooling necessary, if possible, it is great to find part-time jobs that are relevant to the career path you have chosen.

If the skilled you are choosing does not require college, then it is important to immediately find a job that will get you experience for the position you desire.

If you are able to obtain the position you desire, by all means do it, but if not, find a similar position that would be a helpful addition to your resume. Even if that means doing some volunteer work on the weekends.

Remember, when doing your career planning, the most important person in this process is you. Do not …

African American Women Scholarships – Men and Women Can Get $ 10,000 Free For College!

Did you know that 90% of students that go to college can not afford it? And that is why we are writing this article.

African American women schools have been the key to helping many African-American women finally get ahead by getting a college degree. But this is not all, there are also African American College scholarships that can help men and women get their degree too.

These companies are dedicated to helping you graduate from school without having the excess pressure. Before we continue, I want to ask you a couple of questions.

1.What is your dream in life?
2.What keeps you awake at night?
3.How would you feel if you could get a free $ 10,000 scholarship that never had to be paid back?

There is no doubt about it, free money is the best money, but free money that can help you invest in yourself is no doubt the best possible way for you to get away from:


And help you get onto a road that is full of hope and promises. Are you in school already? There are also African American student scholarships that can help you get extra money even though you are in school.

So what is the difference between a grant and a scholarship? African American grants and scholarships differ in only one way. The amount of awards that are given. For example, after you get your scholarship, you should visit your local aid office and ask them about African American Grants and scholarships that you do not have to pay back. With grants, it works as first come first serve because there is a set limit besides to help you graduate that your local University to tell you.

Each program will differ.

Many times, there are funding sources that are designated for minorities that give you even more help to get a college degree. The only key is to apply for as many African American Women studies as possible. And remember, these programs award men too, so there is no reason not to apply. …

Betting Online Sports

There is no better feeling than betting on sports constantly online and winning. The world wide web makes it possible to bet on sports 24 hours a day 7 days a week from anywhere in the entire world. All you need is an internet connection and a few dollars to start with. Now, comes the fun part. It is time for 07 madness March Ncaa time leading in to 08 this year. Ncaa mens basketball picks are the most popular form of sports betting online. If you know the odds and study the game and lines, you can make some serious cash fast!

When it’s march madness time, its all about trying to guess the final team out of 64! It seems like an impossible challenge, but trust me it’s very possible. Ncaa mens basketball predictions that people usually pick for march madness is to NOT go with the number one team overall. It is very rare that the number 1 team overall takes it in march madness. It is the most exciting thing to watch and there are so many upsets it’s not even funny.

Ncaa odds of predicting all 64 teams correctly are 1 in over 5 million. You are guaranteed to get some picks wrong, you just don’t want to get them wrong in the later rounds.

The NCAA tournament is incredibly random. Who could have guessed last year that George Mason University – a No. 11 seed – would make the Final Four? Believe it or not 1,853 out of more than 1.5 million people who entered’s Tournament Challenge. This is why college basketball favorites die in march madness. What this tremendous unpredictability means is that you’ll never have a shot at winning your pool if you don’t pick a cluster of upsets.

Put it this way, don’t pick the higher seeds to win all the games. I think even most casual college basketball fans know better than to pick all the No. 1 seeds to make it to the Final Four. Even picking 3 number 1 team’s are risky! This is not guaranteed like daily nba picks where it is much more predictable to for see a winner. The last time 3 number one teams made it to the final four was 2001. I suggest you go with two No. one seeds and then some combination of twos, threes and fours for the last two spots.

When you begin winning you will be famous and you can give your college basketball free predictions out to others to share your greatness for the game. There is no better feeling than winning your march madness pool and impressing you friends. With some studying of the brackets and knowing the history of the brackets will put you on the right track. No person will correctly guess all 64 teams, if you do there are many sites that will offer you over a million dollars if you do, so if you are this good at guessing you are …

Prerequisites For A Career In Nursing

If you're considering a career as a nurse, there are a number of prerequisites for nursing that will make it easier to set accepted into a nursing school program. These will help lay the groundwork for your training as you take your first steps towards a career in nursing.

Although there is a severe shortage of nurseries across the United States as an aging population puts increasing demand on healthcare, hospitals and health clinics are becoming more particular about nursing qualifications.

One of the most important prerequisites for nursing training is to begin early. You should start thinking about your nursing career in high school. There are many high school courses that can be very beneficial such as health studies, biology, chemistry and other social sciences.

Nurses need to be good at interacting and communicating with patients, doctors, surgeons and hospital administrators. A good command of both written and spoken English is essential because you will have to write up reports, read prescriptions, administrator medication, talk to patients and their families and communicate with doctors, doctors and surgeons.

There is a lot of competition to get into the best nursing programs. At the very minimum you will require high school GPA. Good grades are essential because getting into the best nursing schools can be tough. Some nursing schools may require you to undertake an exam examination. These include the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam which covers basic reading, math, English and science.

The Nurse Entrance Test (NETS) exam tests potential applicants in reading, math, stress, social interaction, testing abilities and learning skills. Other entrance examinations include the Pre-Admission Exam for RN students (PAX-RN) and the Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI) exam.

Graduate and undergraduate nursing school requirements are similar to any other college requirements. Major prerequisites for nursing programs to graduate level include completing your application on time and submitting it before the deadline date.

All nursing students are required to undertake and pass the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLXE) before taking the state-specific licensing examinations. NCLXE is a nationally recognized examination recognized across the United States but many individual state licensing exams are recognized only in the state where you studied.

Once you meet the minimum state requirements for licensing, you can start applying for nursing jobs.

But the most important attributes to be a great nurse are a good attitude, a friendly personality, the ability to study hard and learning how to handle stress – all the attributes that make a great nurse. To us, they are the major prerequisites for nursing. …

Ingredients of Successful Career Development Training

With hundreds of students graduating from college each and every year, it is important to keep yourself up to date with skills that are needed in the workplace. Fortunately, no matter what industry you are in, career training can put you on a path to success. With thousands of opportunities online and offline, training and development is the way to go.

For most people, successful career development training begins when you're in college. These training and development courses are designed to help students recognize their potential and give them an extra push into the employment world. Since many students are confused with what jobs are the right fit for them, these courses could provide an insight. Generally, career training programs break down the skills needed to climb the professional ladder. For instance, if you were a student and wanted to become a computer programmer, a course would specify the mindset needed to succeed in such a market. Usually this would also include basic tutorials on programs, and time management training. Time management training will help you organize every aspect of your professional life. For instance, most programs teach you the essentials of keeping lists and writing every part of your schedule down. After all, if you do not learn time management, you will never get very far in life. These are tools you can not only use in the work place, but also in your personal life.

If you are out of school and are currently working within the industry, it is still important to become involved in career training. Many companies now hire training and development professionals who will teach employees the newest programs and skills needed in their specific market. It is important to stay ahead, especially when you are competitive for the top spot with other companies. For those who do not have the luxury of learning career training through their means of employment, online programs offer career training courses. Fortunately, these courses are all legit and result in certification. Although these alternatives may be expensive, they will get you to a higher position in the long run.

No matter what type of career training you are looking for, each program will teach you the ingredients needed to succeed. During time management training, instructors will show you how to apply information you have learned in the classroom. For most students, it is difficult to take what you have learned and use it in the real world. Fortunately, this is all possible, and professionals will easily guide you into using such skills. As a result, you will not only be more prepared for working with professionals, but you will gain more confidence as you succeed. …

The Need For Work Experience

Companies are not just looking for good grades and extra-curricular activity, but a sufficient amount of work experience. They want to know that you've worked somewhere else, have done a great job, and have good references. This is how they figure out if you really are as bright and talented as your resume suggest and there really is no litmus test like real world experience for an employee.

Finding a job will take much less time if your references are actual professionals in your field that you have personally worked for than if your references are your grandma and your best friend. Work experience is really the only way to get this. It will also help you qualify for more positions with your level of education and get you into an interview faster. Experience impresses human resource managers because it shows that graduates have a passion for their line of work and have already been broken in by another company.

Work experience will also set you up to make a higher salary or hourly wage for your first job. Many places will ask for so many years of education or applicable work experience. This means that you may qualify for that sales job without an associate in business if you've spent several years in a sales position and have proven your value at your previous company. You will find that there are industries where work experience means more than education ever could even though your parents may have told you that college was the only way to get anywhere in any industry. This could actually save you money as tuition costs are rising well beyond affordable levels and with state budget deficits, it is likely that state-funded schools will keep up this trend.

Students do have the option of internships. Many schools will work directly with you and a company to help you find the best internship possible. Some internships will pay a wage to their students but some highly-demanded internships are volunteer and will pay you nothing. If you do not have the funds to live in a new location and work for free, you might have to sacrifice that dream internship with one that pays well but is not exactly what you wanted.

Volunteer service is another option if you do not have the option of doing an internship and you are having a hard time finding a job. This will help you give back to your community, and if you have found a fitting volunteer position for your field, you will have applicable experience and good references.

Work experience should not just be considered a way to get your foot in the door but an opportunity to grow as an employee. You will find that in your next job, you will be able to get on your feet faster and make a bigger impact on the company. New college graduates will learn how to work in different environment and your next employer will be impressed. Work experience …

Movie Training – The Dangers of Paying For Expensive Filmmaking Courses in College

Forget the stories in the magazines and papers about the skyscraping budgets of the blockbuster movies, is that really realistic? Even the smallest film can have extraordinary costs associated with its creation, costs that might start long before the first still shot is framed up. For many filmmakers, before they shout action for the first time, there is film education with film courses, filmmaking tips and other ways for them to learn filmmaking. But, what is the real cost of film making, for the student, for the parents of a young student or the family of an older student?

Film college, usually the first step to making a first film of any length, is expensive, not only for the film courses themselves but for the often heart breaking, emotional toll it can have. But there are other, less internal costs that are involved with film making, including the cost of location, equipment, actors and the other accoutrement that is needed for the shoot. (There are other even less interesting costs such as fees for permits and licensing to consider as well.)

For even a small film university, the cost can be fairly high, and typically requires a full college education, with the whole gamut of required courses that most students do not agree has anything to do with their eventual career choice. For other students, there might be options such as film courses that are independent of other college education, but that is not always possible in all locations and for all students. And while this will certainly cost less than a full education, it is still expensive. When a student only takes a few film courses instead of pursuing a full college education though, they cannot take advantage of some scholarships, grants and other educational assistance in any way.

Movie training itself can be expensive, but it is also expensive to make a film as well. The more ambitious the movie is going to be, the more expensive it will be. Even a very short film can cost a great deal of time, money and effort for the student. Even when others volunteer their time and energy to help out in the project, there are costs that cannot be avoided.

No matter how much of a “natural” the prospective film maker might seem to his friends and family, they benefit from some formal film study courses which can cover not only the basics, (which they might have down already) but may also cover other topics like location legalities and other mundane details that the filmmaker might not know of think of immediately. While it is expensive to take film courses in even a small, local film school, there are other options including a low cost alternative. No Budget Film Making is just the answer that you might be looking for, allowing you to learn what you need to know without paying the earth, moon and stars to get your filmmaking education.…