The Need For College Student Insurance

It is important for college students to have insurance coverage for various aspects of their lives. Since most of them would have meager financial resources, they would need to be covered adequately for any kind of eventuality. People who have the least financial support would require the maximum amount of insurance coverage. College student insurance is essential for virtually all kinds of students.

Auto insurance is probably the most important type of college student insurance since most students would probably own a vehicle. Since very few cities have good public transport facilities, most students would end up requiring a vehicle. Therefore, they would need an auto insurance policy that covers them perfectly. Even if they do not own a vehicle, they may need a non-owner's vehicle insurance if they often drive an automobile that they have borrowed from a friend or relative, or have rented one from a car rental service.

Students will severely have sufficient money to pay for damages in the case of a vehicle accident. Therefore, it is extremely important for them to get proper coverage for themselves and their vehicles through a comprehensive student insurance policy.

Apart from having their vehicles covered, they would also require health insurance to take care of expenses during a medical emergency. Almost everyone, students too, areiable to get sick. Sometimes, the sickness may require hospitalization too. Since medical expenses can be prohibitively high, students should have a comprehensive medical insurance policy that covers them for all possible medical costs. Since most of them would be young and in good health, the premium amounts that they need to pay periodically would have been very low when compared to that of working adults.

They can also go for a life insurance policy. However, since they may not have dependents at this young age, they can reasonably skip this insurance if need be. However, it they have elderly people who are supporting them financially for their studies, they can nominate them for the benefits in the event of their death.

Students can also insure their assets like computers, cell phones and other items that they use everyday. Since these are expensive devices, having them insured for theft or damage would be a good idea. In case the items are stolen or damaged, the insurance company would pay for the repair or replacement of these items. These are some of the insurance policies that students might need during their years in college. …

Engineering Degree Difficulty – Is It Really The Hardest Degree To Pass?

Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering. These are the some Engineering degrees. Is it really the hardest course to pass?

High school graduates today want an easy pass in life. Sorry to tell you, if you want to earn money, you have to work hard for it. In order for you to be given the opportunity to earn money, you have to pick a college degree that you will excel in.

To get eng'g. course students should work hard. Engineering degree is not so hard if the student works hard to pass it.

Engineering course has a reputation of being the most difficult major to pass. Because of this, many students do not include engineering in their list of courses to take. On the other hand, there are still those students who are up for the challenge and there are those that have dreamed to become engineers someday. No amount of intimidating words will stop these people from getting their engineering degree.

It is true that Engineering courses are difficult. Neverheless, nothing comes easy in life nowdays. Learning to play an instrument is hard and excelling in a sport is difficult too. Ask yourself, why not invest on a course that can prove to be rewarding through your life? It will just take you 4 years to get your bachelor's and you can start earning big money for yourself already.

If you are determined to pursue an engineering degree, do not let anyone talk you out of it. Your first days in college will be intimidating. People will tell you that the engineering course will be very difficult and you should switch. These are the words of cowards and you should know better.

You should know that the more difficult the course is, the more rewarding it will be at the end. Look at med students who take at least 8-10 years to become doctors. Once they become doctors, it is just an easy walk in the park for them. Preparation is key to go through the engineering course. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Dedicate yourself and be committed. If you have all of these, you will pass the engineering course with flying colors.

While you are at it, strive to excel even if it is difficult. Do not be someone who studies just for the sake of passing. Nonetheless, enrolling in an engineering degree does not mean that you have to cut down on your social life. Your classmates will prove to be very helpful to you to surviving this degree. Do not be scared about this degree. You will also learn more about teamwork as engineers always work with a team. Good luck and have fun becoming an engineer.

Engineering degree is not so difficult if the students know itself what kind of engineer degree he wants and he is interested. In short students should be hard working. …

Three Advantages of Taking College Courses Online

You spend years and years doing the same job without moving a step forward towards a much better quality of job and life because you are certainly lacking something. Same job, same boss, same place, no scope for success makes one depress. A better college degree might have done something for you. Time is not a barrier for achieving your goal. For some of you, it might be a difficult task to join a college for a degree during your work.

This is not a problem of a single person; most of the youngsters today face the same problem. Keeping in view this problem, most of the universities and colleges come up with a solution of Online Degree Programs. Online degrees are becoming more common every year since the number of students enrolling, for online degree programs from colleges and universities, is increasing every academic year.

Students get attracted by these college courses online because of its advantages. Some of the main advantages of these college courses are:

More Convenient

One of the reasons why students choose college courses online is because of its convenience. You are not bound by any means and you can easily manage your working schedule if you are enrolled in an online college course. These degree programs do not ask you to pace your life rather it helps you in slowing down the things according to your convenience. Convenience has now become one of the objective and trademark of online schooling.

More Affordable

Another major advantage of these college courses online is that they are more affordable as compared to the traditional college courses. Reason? Obviously you save lots of money that you would have spent on transport if you had chosen traditional schooling methods. Since you are not required to be present physically in the school, it saves lots of money for you. Getting what you want at a cheaper cost is what most of us dream about. This is what you get in college courses online. You get a good professional degree at a really affordable expenditure.

No need to Vacate

One of the most realized benefit of college courses online is that students need not to attend the classes physically. It gives them flexibility in terms of geographical locations. College courses online also allows the faculty to be at different geographical location. They also need not to deliver the lecture in a real physical classroom. Students can schedule their coursework according to their professional and personal obligations. Even if you are out of country, you can easily complete your credit hours online. You will be no longer required to leave the comfort and ease of your own home.

All of these advantages makes college courses online more versatile than any other traditional college course. The convenience, flexibility and diversity of subjects make online college courses one of the most favorite options for students who are finding it difficult to adjust their academic schedule with other commitments. It gives better education without altering …

Are Universities Looking for You?

Perhaps, choosing the right university is one of the most (if not, the most) sophisticated decision that someone has to make in his entire life span. Argumentatively or not, finding the right university is more important to a person than finding the right job. (In fact, I think so). As a matter of the fact, selecting the right university can be efficacious if someone can plant some parameters in his mind. Indubitably, this comprehensive selecting process varies from person to person depending on the candidates previous background, his favorite area of specialization, reputation of the university,duration of his desired course,expenditure,the location of the university and so on. Irrespective of those individual parameters, today I would like to talk about the best universities from USA for the future business leaders. So, here it is.

Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

If someone has decided to have an MBA degree sitting with the new entrepreneurs or with the young adults, then this Darden School of Business can be his first option. In this institute, the average age of an MBA student is above thirty. The Darden School of Business is located on the North Grounds, about one and half kilometers from the central University Grounds, as part of a graduate-professional complex that also includes the Law School and the Judge Advocate General’s School. Founded back in 1955, the school has developed in size, in the scope of its set of courses, and in the geographical diversity of its impact over the past six decades. As the reputation of the school continues to widen, the Darden School of Business offers MBA, Ph.D. and Executive Education programs.

Columbia Business School

If you are looking for having an MBA degree but unfortunately missed the previous intake and now have started thinking about waiting for the next one year, then the name of Columbia Business School may give you a sigh of relief. It is the only full-time day MBA program in USA that offers two intakes. Besides, it can be the destination for all young entrepreneurs who consider Warren Buffett, the CEO & chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, as their model. This legendary business magnate graduated from here and many people want to follow his footprints. Columbia Business School is the business School of Columbia University in Manhattan, New York City.

Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business

Probably, Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business is going to be the next big producer of female entrepreneurs as more than 40 percent of its MBA students are women. It is the graduate business school of Dartmouth College, an Ivy League research university situated at Hanover in New Hampshire of United States. The Tuck MBA features a scrupulous general management curriculum with a comprehensive residential community, and a faculty committed to unravel new knowledge and share it with students.

University of California at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business

If there is any future business graduate who loves learning in a beautiful campus, then this Berkeley’s Haas School of …

College Loan Consolidation – What You Need To Know

The rise in demand for college loan consolidation services is directly related to the costs involved with obtaining a college or university degree. Fueling the demand is the increasing cost of private enterprises in the United States. Whether it's for graduate school or to study abroad, students are mounting massive debts beyond what was reasonable years ago. The gap is widening between the cost of obtaining a degree and the financial aid given to assist those in need of funds. Today's graduating students are faced with a vicious cycle of borrowing more in order to pay college tuition. College loan consolidation can ease the burden after graduation by setting up a program to help manage your college debt.

College loan consolidation is a service that allows students to reduce the amount of their monthly installments in order to repay their student loans. This is done through one combined loan with an extended payment schedule which results in a lesser monthly payment. There are other benefits as well. Did you know that you could potentially save thousands of dollars in student loan interest fees over the life of your loan? By locking in fixed interest rates you can help avoid fluctuating interest fees. The savings on fees and lower monthly payments gives you more flexibility with your money. You could either save the money, invest it, or take a well deserved vacation.

Keep in mind that if you are thinking of college loan consolidation, that it is a good idea to separate the consolidation of your private student loans and your federal student loans. A potential downside to combining both is that you could lose the interest tax deduction benefit on your federal student loans.

On a final note, the lender you choose plays an important part in the college loan consolidation process so it is important to find a reputable company which has evidence of its credibility. Interestingly, some lenders may offer incentives via interest rate reduction if past student loan payments were made consecutively on time. It is just a matter of taking the time to compare different incentives between lending companies. Loan counselors should be able to assist you on the site of your choice to help you decide if what they are offering is what's best for you.

Image loan consolidation is a worthy option and can help to put more cash in your pocket. Currently, interest rates are quite low so now is a good time to research lenders and take advantage of the benefits. …

Image Rankings and US News and World Report

The current college ranking systems provide an easy way for prospective students to see how one institution ranks against another. This can make for a simple way to see which colleges will provide the best education. At least that is what the ranking system is supposed to do, in recent years though there has been some criticism regarding the methodologies used to rank colleges.

What are Admissions Rankings

Before we talk about what is good about the current system and what is not, it is important to understand how colleges are currently ranked in the United States. It is also important to know that there is more than one ranking system available.

The methodology that most of us are familiar with is the ratings that are given by the US News. This system has been around since 1983, and each year the ratings for colleges change. The US News ranks scores each institution with a score between 1 and 100, with 100 being the best, and they separate the schools into 4 tiers. The best schools are listed as tier 1.

The ratings are based on collected data that take into account the following factors:

• Peer Assessment – Reputation of the school based on a survey of presidents, provosts, and deans from other institutions

• Retention – The graduation rate over a 6-year period, and the retention rate of first year students

• Student Selectivity – A combination of data based on: test scores of students, the percentage of top percentile students admitted, and the student acceptance rate as a whole.

• Faculty Resources – Data that includes the student-faculty ratio, the average salary of faculty members, and the education level of the faculty

• Financial Resources – Average tuition rates per-student

• Graduation Rate Performance – The difference between what the expected rate of graduation was and what the actual graduation rate turned out to be

• Alumni Giving Rate – The amount of money received from donations by alumni

The first four elements on the list account for 80% of the total score. Peer assessment alone makes 25% of the rating, and that is where the criticism of the US News ranking system comes in.

The Good and the Bad

In recent years there has been some criticism of the current rating system. It has been said that with the weighting given to peer assessment, student selectivity, and faculty resources that it becomes easy to pick which schools will come out on top. The largest schools and the richest schools will win out over the smaller colleges every time, regardless of the actual education that a student can expect to receive from the institution.

Looking at the historical data, these statements are true to a certain degree. Schools like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton always end up on top of the list. Some suggest that, to get a true measure of school performance, the ratings should give a larger weighting to factors related to graduation rates, salaries after …

How Stanford University Got It's Name

Stanford University, the private research university located near Palo Alto, California, is known around the world for the first class education it provides to roughly 6,800 undergraduate students and about 8,300 graduate students every semester. Interestingly, while the institution of higher learning is a place that literally hundreds of thousands of students dream of one day attending few know the back story that explains how the Northern California school came to be known as Stanford University.

The university, founded in 1891, shares its name with former California governor Leland Stanford, but the story does not end there. The school that now sits in Stanford, California (population approximately 13,000) was founded by Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Stanford in the late ninetieth century as a memorial to honor the untimely death of their son Leland Stanford Junior who died at the age of fifteen .

While traveling with his parents in Italy Leland Jr. was stricken with typhoid (today commonly referred to as Salmonella) which is a form of food poising in which ingested bacteria makes its way through the intestinal wall and into an area of ​​the body where it can cause sever damage to multiple organs. While trouble with Salmonella or typhoid is still prevalent in much of the developing world at fairly endemic rates (death rates are about 10% to 30% in untreated instances) for the illness to cause death in the developed world in the twenty first century is extremely uncommon. Unfortunately for young Leland Stanford Junior the circumstances surrounding his infection did not include the ready access to life saving antibiotics that are common today. The end result was the death of Leland Junior about two months shy of his sixteenth birthday. Today Leland Jr. rests in peace on the Stanford University campus alongside both his mother and father who were historically put to rest at the Stanford family mausoleum as well.

In addition to serving as a predecessor to contemporary famed California governors Ronald Regan and Arnold Schwarzenegger Leland Stanford Senior sat as a United States senator from 1885 until his death at the age of 69 in 1893. that was basically founded Leland Stanford Junior University while serving as a US senator from California, an event that took place seven years after the death of his young son. The first student that was admitted to Stanford University in 1891 happened to be Herbert Hoover who would eventually become the thirty-first President of the United States in 1929.

Although nearly everyone reiterates to Stanford University by the short title that simply includes the two previously mentioned words the official full name of the school is Leland Stanford Junior University. In a somewhat clever, albeit insensitive manner, rival schools have been known to jokingly refer to Stanford University as a junior college as a play on the full title and the United States junior college system that prepares students for four year universities. …

No More Mac and Cheese for College Students

The majority of college students do not have a clue how to cook. We're about to show you how easy it really is.

Believe me when I tell you that you definitely do not want to eat macaroni & cheese and Raman noodles every night. This is terrible for your body. Beside, cooking does not have to be difficult and complex. All you have to have are the right recipes and an imaginative heart.

There are recipe books that were made especially for college students who have no time and no cooking skills. Consider purchasing Starving Student's Cookbook, Cooking Outside the Pizza Box, The Healthy College Cookbook, or another college cook book. You'll certainly be glad you did.

For some people, recipes just are not their thing. Do not fret! When dinner time rolls around just grab a bunch of stuff that go well together and chuck them in a pot or frying pan. Try chicken, rice, and steamed carrots. Also try ranch style beans, corn, hominy, garbonzo beans, (leave the juices for a stew) ground beef, tomatoes, and diced green chili. Add a bit of salt & pepper and throw some cheese on top. Experiment all you want.

Other simple meals: spaghetti, chicken Alfredo, chicken Caesar salad, Stone soup (throw anything you want in it), hamburgers, macaroni tuna salad, three bean salad, and anything in a crockpot.

An additional piece of advice: absolutely do not skip breakfast! Cereal, fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal make quick and simple breakfasts. Or try pancakes, muffins and biscuits. If you do not have time to make them from scratch, buy a mix! Skipping breakfast is hard on your metabolism. Avoid it as much as possible. If you're really in a hurry to take a granola bar or banana, just get anything in your stomach.

NOTE: Use of this article requires links to be intact. …

Common Mistakes and Pitfalls Made By Students In Academics

One of the important aspects which can give your academic performance a huge setback and tough fight is the study habits employed by you. So, whether you are a college student, high school or doctoral candidate; seminars and lectures would not be fruitful if you stick and follow the useless self-study procedures and research.

However, majority of the students in the US make a huge mistake in this scenario. The high-profile researchers from the Kent State University have evaluated the study pattern of most students and published their results in their medical journal. As per the results only few students live up to their reputations. They often employ practices like highlighting, re-reading, summarizing, etc. which are just low utility habits and they would actually affect the performance.

Reading Two Times Will Help in Understanding

The question is does it really work. Somewhat! Various studies have shown that re-reading helps in memorizing data and is beneficial for students who have to work with two dimensional data like grammatical rules, terminology, structural details, formulas, etc. With regard to comprehension, it is different.

When it is about the criterion task, then you can say that the effect of the rereading will be durable. But researchers feel that most of the effects are related to recall based memory steps while the benefits it has on comprehension is still vague. That is why there is a great need to distinguish between your analytical and mnemonic capacity. Here you need to think whether a lot of regurgitate of the material has to be done or not. Sometimes you may get a positive answer, but if it is not. Thereby it means that you are just wasting your time.

Highlighting the Content Will Help in Understanding

Now with regard to underlining and highlighting, you have to really understand the concept. Without, the properly mapping of the argument is done in the passage, you are just distorting it. This is the reason why highlighting can not only be a waste of your time, but would pull down your performance.

Researchers have come to the conclusion that in most of the situations, it has been found out that highlighting does very little in boosting the performance of the student. It may be beneficial for students who have knowledge required to highlight contents more effectively or when the given text is difficult. However, on higher level tasks, it will hardly hurt the performance and will need inference making.

While reading in sequence, it is important that your highlights are not or should not form disjointed in-dept details and should provide a bullet point summary of the passage. Else, you brain will be following two different versions of a given text. Together with the given commentary and annotation, proper highlighting shows a significant aspect of the transition from a high school academics to the next level called as higher education. So, if you have not reached the first year college writing, then it is better to ask your adviser or faculty. …

Scholarships Available For Working Mothers Too!

A number of working mothers strictly have considerable amount of time to think about returning to school in order to acquire a degree. In spite of the fact that they can not afford both time and money, there are several working mothers that would love to strengthen their education. They want to continue education to improve their educational credentials so that they can either take a step ahead in their present careers or even switch to new and more rewarding ones. Working moms specifically prefer online degrees.

Because of the growing demand for working mothers to continue education, college scholarships for working mothers seem greater than before. Furthermore, working moms may be eligible for other scholarships that they are still unaware of. For instance, family of military gets scholarships. So, if your grandmother served our country, make sure to have a look at the scholarships available in relevant categories.

Although finance is a major problem faced by working moms, it is not the only problem that they have to deal with. Majority of working mothers confront the challenge of arranging time to attend classes because of their hectic schedule. Of course, the option of studying online can save them a reasonable amount of time. Online studies are perfect for working mothers. The financial assistance office of the online programs can be quite beneficial for working moms but again, the mother has to be her own backer. According to the studies, students who collect more information and get in touch with more than 3 colleges usually have to make fewer Tuition payments and gain more assistance. One must keep in mind that all colleges are not alike, therefore getting as much information as possible is very important. Press the financial assistance office to help you get a clear idea about doubtful scholarships as well. You can start your search by visiting one of the reliable online internet portals and choose the interesting programs and consequentially call for free information. Become a knowledgeable consumer. Certainly, you would not purchase the first vacuum cleaner you came across – well, attending college is somehow similar to investing in another "product" – you can not just enroll in the first online college you discover.

Lastly, remember that studying for an online degree is extremely convenient as compared to the traditional system that requests for attending classes and so can be modified to satisfy an individual's requirements especially when it comes to working mothers. The flexibility of online education helps working mothers in balancing their work, daily chores in addition to studies. …