Why Not Real Estate Appraisal As A Career?

A lot of my friends have been bugging me laTely, about writing an article that lets people know how great it is to be an appraiser. Knowing me they know I love to write blogs, and since I am an appraiser, they are surprised I do not write a whole lot about it. Not even sure why it never dawned on my before, I'm going to start. The industry is changing as a result of the turmoil in the housing market.

The powers that are being ratcheting up requirements. In every state, not just a single state. They are trying to standardize licensing, testing, etc. Any time an industry goes through such a radical change there is a big turn over in the professional population, and this is no different. There is a percentage of people out there who just feel that they past the time to keep up on the higher educational requirements – and chose to retire. There is already a pending crisis shortage of commercial appraisers, and residential appraisers will soon follow.

The timing couldnt be better – if you are looking for your first career, or changing careers. Or even if you would consider changing careers because you need flexibility.

The problem is, when you come across a legitimate offer out there, that can change your life, you're so used to hearing all the "static" from work at home jobs that you dont believe it. Yes it sounds too good to be true that you can be your own boss and make $ 100,000 a year.

The catch is that its real, so it takes some REAL work. Another catch is that its better you've already invested in your formal education up to the point you have some college degree of some sort. You need to take some evaluation specific classes, but having gone through the process – its definitely worth the effort. The most important thing is – the pay off is way out of proportion to the costs.

I got lucky, and had a friend in the business that walked me through the process. If I didnt have that, I might not be an appraiser now.

I did search the internet at the time but didnt really find much about how to get into the industry. But now there is a place that does just that: Helps you get into the industry, tells you how to find a job, what classes to take, etc.

Its ResidentialAppraiser.biz so if you're thinking about it, you should visit them – the requirements go up in January 2008! …

University of Pennsylvania

The famous University of Pennsylvania is situated in the city of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania in the country of the United States of America. The University of Pennsylvania is one of the few universities of the US that came into being at about the same time the country was established. As a result, the University of Pennsylvania boasts of a rich history. It is a reputed University and is part of the prestigious Ivy League group of universities. Benjamin Franklin, who was an important citizen of Philadelphia when Philadelphia and Pennsylvania were in their earliest stages of development, is credited with being the founder of the University. He was a student of the University himself. Franklin initiated several progressive reforms in the College of Philadelphia – that was the name of the University then – so that the College became one of the main seats of higher learning of the New World.

Aim, Goal, Motto

The University used the great Roman poet, Horace’s work to devise its motto. The English translation of the Latin words (composed by Horace), the University represented in its motto were: ‘of what avail empty laws without good morals?’ These words were changed gradually over the years. The present motto is: ‘laws without morals are useless.’ This is only a slight modification of Horace’s original words. As the University of Pennsylvania, also known as the University of Penn, proudly proclaims that ‘laws without morals are useless’, it should examine its own laws and morals thoroughly. Can the University be so cocksure of its own laws and morals?


The University of Pennsylvania is celebrated for its many departments or schools such as its School for Engineering and Applied Science, School of Nursing, College of Arts and Sciences and ‘The Wharton School’, the well-known B-School of the world. The University of Pennsylvania is eminent for encouraging its students to pursue multidisciplinary careers. The University urges its students to study for more than one degree at a time and to pursue majors in subjects that are not commonly studied. It also allows a great degree of flexibility in its course curricula so that students with children and working students can study comfortably at the University.

The University of Pennsylvania is home to several graduate schools as well where students pursue graduate courses, professional courses and research programs. Some of these schools are the University of Pennsylvania Law School, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science, and other schools.


The University of Pennsylvania observes very strict admission procedures just to show that it is a great university and that it admits none but the best. It generally admits only 16% of the total number of applicants who apply to the University. It ensures that those it admits have secured top places in their respective high schools. Only 60% to 65% of the admitted candidates actually get through …

Social Sciences In The Blessings Of Psychology

In order to stress the importance of psychology and its distinct and intricate attributes, here is an attempt to reveal the essence of the discipline of psychology. In doing this, this essay will answer: How does psychology's mission add unique elements to the social sciences?

Social Science

Social science has a number of different factors and is made up of many different disciplines which include geography, anthropology, psychology, political science, economics and sociology. Although some of these disciplines have been researched and developed more thoroughly than others, psychology may be argued as being the most prominent. Psychology's theories have been evolving for well over a century and are the subject of continuous debate in the academic world and beyond. The key factor that differentiates psychology from the other five social sciences is its individual humanistic focus. The study of psychology is based upon the human condition (who am I? Why am I?) Whereas the other five disciples are focused on humans as a group (who are we? Why are we?). It is this factor that separates psychology from the other social sciences.

The four main psychological theories to be discussed below are:

o Psychoanalysis

o Behaviorism

o Humanistic Psychology

o Bio-psychology


Little value was giving to the discoveries of early pioneers of this social science until in 1900, when Sigmund Freud developed the first theories of psychology. Freud's most fascinating theory was psychoanalysis which was based on observations made in his private practice in Venice. David G. Myers of Hope College in Michigan describes psychoanalysis as Freud's theory of personality that attributes our thoughts and actions to unconscious motives and conflicts. The techniques Freud used to treat patients with psychological disorders were sessions to expose and interpret unconscious tensions. Freud used these sessions to analyze the dreams that his patients had, believing that dreams were the ultimate road to the unconscious. Although only a very small percentage of current psychologists follow Freud's theories and clinical methods, they continue to resonate in the popular mindset often laying the foundations for more recent theories.


Shortly after publication of Freud's psychoanalysis theory, Russian biologist Ivan Pavlov began publishing accounts of his experiments on animals involving revised response which searched conduct that was motivated by a series of rewards and punishments. Inspired by Pavlov's experiments, John B. Watson founded the move of behaviorism shortly after World War One. Many believe Watson's theory was a reaction to Freud's often controversial psychological theories. In any case, Behaviorism, like most psychological theories in the early years of discovery was thought to be a break-through in social science.

Humanistic Psychology

In the 1960s, a third wave of psychological theory came into play. Humanistic psychology has many differentiating theories yet a majority of humanistic theories conceive of personality developing continuously over time. Psychologists of the humanistic revolution derived much of their inspiration from the humanities. In particular, Eric Erikson, who was influential in the humanistic movement, much of the enthusiasm surrounding humanistic psychology was due to the …

Putting College Tuition Out of Mind – What This Can Do For a GPA

When students successfully put tuition worries out of their mind, they notice an increased grade point average and a much more successful college career. This can have last year's effects on a student's ability to navigate the job market once they graduate and find a job they really want and will enjoy. Students should exhaust every possibility when it comes to paying for school, as an education can do wonders for a student's ability to stay competitive in the real world and find a good paying job they love.

Image tuition woes can have a devastating effect on the student's ability to function properly while in school. Many students find concentrating difficult and near impossible when they are worried about tuition and money matters. Students who are successful in putting these issues out of their mind will enjoy a college career much more promising and satisfying than students who spend their four years struggling each semester to come up with the money necessary to attend school and earn their degree. Once the degree is done, students may feel relieved, but their college career may have been limited by their constant worried and the time devoted to coming up with college tuition money each semester.

Students should always apply for scholarships, grants and other forms of free money for their education. These are excellent resources for finding money when finances are tight and the family can not support the student for all four years of college. Overcoming the college tuition barrier will help students become successful and put the issue out of their mind so that they can pay attention in class without worrying about the matter while the professor is lecturing. This usually causes students to miss important points and makes it more difficult to retain information while studying. Students whose attention is fully devoted to the task at hand will find school much easier and more enjoyable.

When college tuition is not an issue, students will find that their grades are looking better and their overall college career is more successful. When scholarships and grants do not add up to the price of tuition, students should seek out alternative ways of earning money. A college internship is a great way to earn money for school and can help students gain valuable experience for the real world once they graduate. A college internship on a résumé will help to get the employers to notice them, but the experiences and job skills they learn will help them land the job they want. Earning money for school and finding a way to get some real experience is a great way to kill two birds with one stone while in college.

Some students believe that a college internship will interfere with schoolwork. In fact, it is usually quite the opposite, as an internship will help them clear their mind of their studies. Coming back to their studies after getting away for a few hours at a college internship will help students clear their …

The College Crisis: How To Minimize Student Debt

Student Loans- We Hear About Them All the Time

Actually, taking out loans to attend college has become the norm. The average tuition for a state school sits at $ 23,000 per year, while the average tuition for a private university is double that at $ 45,000 per year.

With the cost of a proper education blasting through the roof, more and more students are forced to take out loans to cover what the university's financial aid package does not. Approximately 75% of students currently in college have taken out students loans, and experts project that students graduating in the class of 2014 will leave school approximately $ 30,000 in debt!

But that's not the worst of it. Despite the rising cost of education, less than 50% of college students will graduate with full-time employment! Because of the lack of financial stability, more than half of the population has to move back home after school.

Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do to minimize your debt .

1. Careful Planning

Tuition is not the only expense. When you're considering your college budget, remember to include all of the factors. Rent (on or off campus), furniture, books, food, toiletries, and emergency funds add up. Formulate a realistic budget for yourself, and stick to it.

Not sure how to go about calculating your true expenses? USnews.com has a great tool to calculate the 'net price' of about 300 colleges:

Super Tip- Urban schools may have more additional costs than traditional campuses

2. Outside Scholarships

Although universities do offer financial aid packages, you should not bank on that as your only source of funding. Full scholarship financial aid packages are rarer than the Hope Diamond, and even partial scholarships financial aid packages are generally reserved for families who fall under the poverty line. To ensure that you'll be able to make up for the bulk of what your package does not cover, apply for as many external scholarships as possible.

Still confused about what's inside your financial aid package? Check out College Board's comprehensive Financial Aid Award Explanation page for more information.

3. Minimize Your Time

With AP exams and programs that allow high school students to take community college classes, it's possible to enter your freshman year of college with a semester's worth of credits! By credits earned in high school, you can save thousands of dollars by graduating a semester (or even a full year) early.

Another way to ensure an early graduation is to take the most credits allowable by the university. Most universities require 12 credits per semester to be a full time student, but will allow you to take up to 18 without an additional charge. But listen to this: Did you know that you are charged for those additional 6 credits when or not you use them? Take full advantage of your tuition money!

Super Tip- Not all colleges accept all AP scores. Before taking the exams, check out the colleges on your list and

The Reasons to Become a Degree Graduate

Attaining higher education has been a requirement nowdays to be able to have a good career or if not, a good paying job. Those fields such as education, psychology and medicine are among the few. Once you are a degree graduate, you have an edge for professional positions. So should you ask yourself what is the better thing to do after finishing college since you will most likely be faced with serious decisions? Why not considering seeking for job then and still continuing your graduate school?

Yes, you heard me right. You can actually do both. If you have that kind of eagerness to achieve more in life, those two things are as possible to be done. The best is to focus on a particular field and balance your time table while you have a job to keep.

Two categories are present if you will opt to be a degree graduate from an online program. Masters and doctor are those two. The benefit of attending online is that you can still have the time to complete your task in other things. Your classroom will be anywhere as long with internet access. For instance, you can do it with a business trip or while having lunch breaks. That actually depends as to how you manage your time.

With the advent of technology, learning online will give you a different environment and a mode change to your past education. The quality education that every university is offering can still be readily available online.

So think about some ways to continue your education without jeopardizing the chance to still earn. Think of what are those things that remain interesting to you. It would mean taking more of life's opportunities. If you will work on that specific field then you will have a skill that is in-depth.

As for basing that to salary, that is your key benefit. You will have that above the average level compare to those who do not have degrees or undergraduate for that matter. If you are thinking of as to how much it will cost you the true answer is that it may be expensive. You know in the first place that graduate school is something. Of course be aware if your salary can suffice your education.

In the world, there are lots of things that require learning before you ever take the full advantage of such. Let us site the library as an example. Can you imagine the counting of different subjects in there in which it can be studied? You can start to read the book now but in years or months you will still have to deal with reading it. The point is because we can be a lifelong learner if we wanted ourselves to be. To become a degree graduate, for one, will surely give rewards to all your efforts and add an amount of knowledge in which you so pursued of learning. …

Data Science Certification – Flight to a Glorious Career


Data scientists are experts with the expertise and skills to interpret the complex data. They combine a mathematician’s and a computer scientist’s skills. This enables them to straddle both the business and IT worlds. That’s why they are paid really well, in comparison to other analytical experts.


With the progressive growth of data science across each and every sector of industry, technology trends have shown how significant they are for the effective functioning of a diverse range of businesses. One can learn data science at a variety of institutions. There is no need to go to college for several years and get a degree. Today, we can acquire an equivalent qualification through on-line data science certification courses. The best part of a certification course is that it is similar to a data science degree and one can study at his/her own convenience.


DATA TRAINING is essential for professionals and freshers looking for a career as because:

  • The data-driven economy has made organizations open their doors to big data, increasing the value of a Scientist who knows how to effectively drive the value of a large amount of data. It helps you acquire a competitive edge over others and to stay one step ahead of your competition.
  • A recent report from the TDWI clearly states that “46% of organizations cite inadequate skills and employees for Big data Analytics”. It can help the organizations to fill the gap and inculcate skills which employees lack and also help experienced professionals to advance in their careers.
  • The enormous growth across industries is a clear indication of the variety of job opportunities available in industries across various sectors. Getting certified leads one to greater heights in the professional hierarchy where is plenty of room for aspiring data scientists.
  • The application of big data is not a passing or temporary trend. It’s here to stay and will escalate at an exponential rate, further holding out a promise for the future in the field of data science. Their future looks secure.
  • With the wealth of information available regarding fresh job seekers available on social media, corporate databases etc, Data Scientists can hunt fresh talent for the organization and recruit the best to fit the organization’s needs, speeding up and streamlining the recruitment process.


They have the capability to add value to the organization and to their careers. Today, a data scientist is a vital component in the success of any organization as they have the necessary skills to handle complex problems.…

What It Means to Be a Modern Online Educator

Traditional college instruction is part of a well-established tradition that has remained fairly unchanged over time. Becoming an instructor in this environment has meant conformity to teaching standards that have also remained fairly unchanged. A college professor is associated with someone who is a subject matter expert, likely to achieve a position with tenure, and have dual roles as an instructor and researcher. It is expected that they will be published authors of scholarly journal articles that have been peer-reviewed and contributed knowledge to their field. While this form of education and instructor still exists, there is another academic institution that has also been established and it is an online college and university.

For a modern form of online education you will not likely find any positions that are labeled professor. Most online universities hire adjuncts and many refer to their instructors as facilitators. Some universities expect their instructors to complete annual professional development requirements but rarely does that include publishing peer-reviewed journal articles. What is needed now more than ever is a new category of educator, one who meets the needs of students who participate in this modern form of education. Now is also the time for online universities to embrace this new form of instructors, those who can be called a Modern Educator.

From Traditional to Online Teaching

The traditional format for educating students is the lecture-driven class. The instructor delivers information to students and they must demonstrate what they have learned through various assessments. They know that their instructor or professor is an expert in the particular subject area for their class. This method of instruction is the same style that is used in primary education and it is teacher-centered. As technology has brought new possibilities for the field of education a new format developed – online courses and online degrees. At first traditional educators taught these courses but over time that has changed, especially as adjuncts filled a majority of the instructional roles. Now with online degree programs and online schools having been fully established in the education field, a new type of educator was also emerging.

Evolution to Modern Teaching

With the growth of online learning came the need for hiring a large volume of instructors. Some online universities have classes that begin weekly and others offer courses starting monthly. Hiring adjuncts was the answer and the majority of jobs teaching undergraduate students have been filled by instructors holding a master’s degree in the subject field they were teaching. Over time the number of instructors qualified to teach online has grown substantially and now many adjunct positions require a doctorate degree. What has contributed to the increased pool of available online instructors is the fluctuation in enrollment numbers, the limited number of full-time online instructor positions, and the increase in degree specializations – especially those related to online teaching. There are also many online schools that offer online teaching specializations and those students who complete their master’s degree are added to the pool. It is …

Get Dressed and Get Hired

Tying a tie properly may tie you to your next employer. A properly tied tie is essential to a good first impression. With the recent outcry regarding athletes wearing flip-flops to the White House, it's similar to a review of socially acceptable fashion rules is needed.

Gone are the days of Leave It To Beaver and other such shows which often depicted the strong leader of the family proudly donning a suit and tie for his daily job and any other social occasion. Today's impressionable society takes more cues from the Internet than from Nick at Nite.

Formal Friday night dinners are a thing of the past and many churches have relaxed their dressing expectations, so it's possible that a young man could get through college without ever having to tie a tie. Even if they went to a formal dance they may have worn a clip-on bow tie.

Many young men graduating from college do not get hired because of the way they present themselves. They have a general disregard in how they dress for their interviews and when it's time to knock the socks off of a potential employer, the focal point of their suit is out of focus.

A professional appearance can be as important as a complete resume. Prospect employers look for consistency in a
potential employee. Even the most polished resume does not coordinate with an applicant in a t-shirt and jeans. Wearing a suit without a tie is like avoiding a handshake or leaving your name off an application. If an applicant wants to set themselves apart from others, they'll take the extra steps to present the complete package.

A poorly knotted tie projects sloppiness and reflectores poorly on one's abilities. Take the time to learn the proper way to tie ties because you're worth it and your professional career may depend on it! …

The Ethereal Sounds Of Classical Music – Learn The Violin

The Violin has always been one of the most popular musical instruments to play and has seen a resurgence in the last few years with more and more people beginning to learn the classical style of music.

Since the renaissance the violin has been a main component of most classical music scores and this continues to be the case even today.

Belonging to the bounded stringed instrument family the violin is played by gently allowing the bow to fall down and across the strings on the main violin body under the weight of your arm. The bow string once made from horse hair is generally a synthetic substitute today.

'Pizzicato' is the term given to the playing of the strings with your fingers, but the more common usage for your non-bowing hand is to create the notes using the strings on the violin body.

Even if you've never been particularly musical in the past, there's nothing to stop you learning the violin at any age and there are more ways to learn now than ever, thanks to the internet.

Let's delveeeper into the various routes open to you.

One of the more traditional ways to learn violin would be at an educational institution such as a school or college, however this route is usually a full time student role and if you've already left school, then this option might seem a tough step especially if you have to work nine to five.

If you live in a reasonable size town or city, you might find night classes available where you can take up the violin. Costing less than a place on a full time learning course and taking less of your spare time, this option would be valuable as long as it exists in your area. You should also find there are fewer people in the class so more one on one tuition.

Hiring a personal teacher should get you playing faster than any other option, as the instruction will be solely focused on you and you'll be driven to succeed. The downside to this option is the cost and the risk of you not being compatible with your instructor, especially if they do not appreciate your learning needs. This route must be managed well from the word go.

Some classes to learn the violin are now taught online, but this basically basically mimics what you'd learn in class. Instead of going along to a college, you'll log on and learn from the comfort of your own home. Make sure to find out how reputable these online colleges are before you enroll, unless the process is much less formal.

Online books and e-books offer the latest promise of future violin stardom. For a small monthly membership fee or one-off charge you can purchase an e-book written by violin experts that include tutorials, assignments and pre-recorded videos. A very valuable learning tool for people with busy lives, as you can pick up and put down the course when it suits you, …