Career Fields That Use AutoCAD

So you are the master of AutoCAD, you know it front to back, you know it like the palm of your hand, you could use it hung upside-down blind folded and with one hand. Well you get the point.

Now that you know how to use AutoCAD … where can you go from there? I wrote an article about Earning Money with AutoCAD, but what if you want a career? I did some research and I am going to go through the different kind of jobs you could get from knowing AutoCAD.

It can safely be said that any job that requires a virtual model, such as a piece for a machine or an entire product. This is where Industrial Design comes in. Industrial design is more about improving a product for mass production. Although you might think that you do not need AutoCAD for industrial design, you would be wrong. (Sorry) CAD comes in gently mostly when looking at the aesthetics of a product because it is easier, faster, and inexpensive to make on the computer than to make a prototype.

Another field to look into would be Architecture. This is probably # 1 for AutoCAD. Architecture is such a broad term, but CAD is defiantly used for the layout of buildings in architecture, whether it is a house or an office. If you are building a house, you will find that most of the plans you will receive now are done digitally. The designing of houses and house layouts is a field that interests me and I suggest you check it out as well because it is really fun designing a custom house for everyone to see and hopefully buy.

The last field I will look at is Engineering. Engineering is another broad term. There are many types of engineering, such as electrical, architectural, civil. Engineering deals more with the actual forces on different types of materials or structures. There are different types of programs that will actually let you create something using the same skills as CAD but you can select a material and put different forces on it and see how strong it is. This field would probably not use AutoCAD as much, but the other programs run on the same concept so it is a great start.

Just to recap, the three main career field you could look in are Industrial Design, Architecture, and Engineering.I really wanted to address students who do not know what they would like to do as a career yet but have skills in AutoCAD. I hope this is a kick start into your career in one of these three fields.