Data Science Providing a New Dimension to the World of Marketing

Data science is spreading across all industries and sectors. There is an intense amount of data which is produced on an everyday basis. What is done with all such data?

Data in raw form can be of no use and one can miss on many opportunities. That is why data in today's world is given such huge importance and is worked upon relentlessly to find answers for various questions. Data science is a complex form of the interdisciplinary subject where mathematics, statistics, programming, and business knowledge is needed. It includes a data cycle where data is collected and stored, cleaned, explored, visualized and then interpreted to the management. All these activities, though sound simple, involves many tools, techniques, and highly skilled experts.


Data science has great application in all forms of business and organizations. Its major help is that it discovers hidden truths in the data collected and help in understanding market relevant issues. Some of the general benefits of data science are:

  • Increase business value by optimizing profitability, workflows, operational efficiency, workforce performance etc.
  • Better analysis of industry trends and risks by analyzing suppliers and customers and get updated on news and social media feeds.
  • Knowing one's customer by their preferences, demographics, demands etc and tailor products and services according to it.
  • Helps in recruitment by sorting numerous applications in less time and select according to the needs of the organizations.


Every business organization has marketing at their core and depends on it. They have some kind of product or service to market and sell for earning revenue. Now that data science is such an up and coming tool for businesses, marketing is not far from using it.

Market trends and demands are changing with inexplicable speed and the companies need to keep up with the changing environment or it can lead to losses and become obsolete. Ways data science is helping marketing are:

  • Demand forecasting: using predictive analytics one can predict the future demand volume. This helps businesses to be prepared for the future, either by heightening the demand if predicted low or increase production if predicted high.
  • Targeting and segmentation: this is done through statistical analysis and data clustering. Usually, businesses have many segments of customers and segmenting can help in increasing the value of the product and also targeting become cost-efficient. Creating micro-segmentation strategies and targeting improvements marketing efficiency.
  • Digital advertising: today digital media helps a lot in advertising to the targeted customers, so the product information reaches the one who is a potential customer. This also reduces advertising costs.
  • Increases marketing performance and speed : analytics keep on analyzing data sets and decides which marketing campaign is working and to what extent. This helps save money and time from getting wasted on campaigns which are not fruitful.
  • Customer satisfaction and feedback: analytics keep a continuous check on customer feedback and reviews, which in turn helps in improving the product and customer service.

From product designing, production to …

Career: Will Someone Need To Create A New Identity If They Have Lost Their Job?

When it comes to what someone does for a living, there is the chance that it is a big part of who they are. In fact, it might go even further, with one seeing this area of ​​their life as their whole life.

One is then not just going to go to work and then to leave this part of their life when they come home; it will be something that they live and breathe. During their time off, then, they will most likely spend a lot of time thinking about their job.

More Work

Along with what goes through their mind when they are not at work, could be what they have to do for their job. This could be work that they have to do or it could be work that they choose to do.

However, due to how connected they are to what they do, they might not even think about having time to do other things. They could say that what they do is so enjoyable that they do not have the need to do anything else.

The Glue

Therefore, in the same way that cement will be what keeps bricks together, their job will be what keeps them life together. Without this job, their life would probably be radically different.

But, as just about every waking hour of their life revolves around their job, this is not going to be much of a surprise. It would be very similar to the effect that a break up would have on someone if they did practically everything with their partner.

All Consuming

Being in a relationship would have defined who they were, which is why this would also hit them hard. If there is no separation between someone and their job, they might not even have time to have a relationship.

Or if they are with someone, this person might be used to being overlooked and not feeling as though one values ​​them. Even when one does spend time with them, their mind could be somewhere else.

In The Middle

Now, someone like this could have a very well paid job and they could be right at the top of the hierarchy, so to speak. As a result of this, this could be something that allows them to receive a fair amount of positive feedback from others and to experience a fair amount of stress.

At the same time, one might not have a job like this, yet it could still be something that they find deeply rewarding. In general, the stress that they do experience could simply keep them on their toes and not be something that is too much for them to handle.

A Loss

If, for some reason, they were to lose their job, it could be incredibly difficult for them to accept what has taken place. The world will not have come to an end, but it could seem as though their world has.

In addition to losing their job, it could seem …