No More Mac and Cheese for College Students

The majority of college students do not have a clue how to cook. We're about to show you how easy it really is.

Believe me when I tell you that you definitely do not want to eat macaroni & cheese and Raman noodles every night. This is terrible for your body. Beside, cooking does not have to be difficult and complex. All you have to have are the right recipes and an imaginative heart.

There are recipe books that were made especially for college students who have no time and no cooking skills. Consider purchasing Starving Student's Cookbook, Cooking Outside the Pizza Box, The Healthy College Cookbook, or another college cook book. You'll certainly be glad you did.

For some people, recipes just are not their thing. Do not fret! When dinner time rolls around just grab a bunch of stuff that go well together and chuck them in a pot or frying pan. Try chicken, rice, and steamed carrots. Also try ranch style beans, corn, hominy, garbonzo beans, (leave the juices for a stew) ground beef, tomatoes, and diced green chili. Add a bit of salt & pepper and throw some cheese on top. Experiment all you want.

Other simple meals: spaghetti, chicken Alfredo, chicken Caesar salad, Stone soup (throw anything you want in it), hamburgers, macaroni tuna salad, three bean salad, and anything in a crockpot.

An additional piece of advice: absolutely do not skip breakfast! Cereal, fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal make quick and simple breakfasts. Or try pancakes, muffins and biscuits. If you do not have time to make them from scratch, buy a mix! Skipping breakfast is hard on your metabolism. Avoid it as much as possible. If you're really in a hurry to take a granola bar or banana, just get anything in your stomach.

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Is the Data Science Industry a Safer Career Option for Youth?


Data analysis plays a vital role in the functioning of a business and its decision making. The demand for individuals possessing the skill of data science analysis is increasing at a good pace. But there is a determined lack of qualified candidates for these jobs, making it a lucrative field right now.

As we know that work in the field of data science covers a wide array of industries, it provides many job opportunities and also a handsome salary for the professionals with knowledge of this field. Possible job titles include Data Analyst, Data Engineer and Data Scientist.


There are many institutions and organizations which have an aim to provide learning and opportunities for the next generation. They train the youth who opt for a career in the data science field and provide a platform which connects youth with all the necessary resources to get a job in this field. They provide better course structure which helps the students to concentrate on the course and make better use of their time. The aim of these organizations is to bring data analysis knowledge to each and every interested student in the country. Data analysis is a field with broad application and requires a good command of many areas such as programming, mathematical algorithms and statistical knowledge, among others. Basically, if someone wants to pursue a career in data analysis they should have a good command of mathematics and statistics. The business world is making a major investment in order to improve their use of the field of data science, providing all the resources which are important in this field for their professionals. Beginners in this field should start with a certification course which will boost their chances of starting a lucrative, fulfilling career in the business world.


These types of courses play a significant role in shaping newcomers into professionals. These courses teach various techniques and polish their skills. These educational organizations provide highly educated teachers who are at the top of their field to guide students at each and every step. Online certification courses also help the individual in learning to solve real-world problems by having the students undertake and complete data science projects as part of the coursework. They offer an inclusive course structure which is designed around the student in order to let them work smarter and more efficiently.


With the advancement of digital technology, there is a huge demand for data professionals. Youth should take the necessary steps to obtain certification in the field of data in order to improve their employment prospects and secure a good-paying job in an exciting field. This is the perfect time to enroll in a course on data science as companies are realizing the advantages of using data science in their businesses and demand for these professionals will only increase. …