Career Transition Abroad Made Easy

What next? Changing jobs or taking a new career path can be very challenging and scary at the same time. It can be even harder if you are living and working abroad. Below, we will explore ways to make your career transition smooth and easy.

Preparing a Solid Plan of Action

Anna has been living in Manchester for the past 7 years. Her first job was working as a waitress. After a few months, she found a better job in the customer service department of a large corporation. She was excited and full of hope for her future. After staying with the same company for several years she suddenly started to ask herself "what am I going to do now, should I stay and ask for a promotion or look for another opportunity and follow my dreams?" She decided to step out, left the job, and shortly found another position which unfortunately did not work out. A few months later she was staying at home and looking for another job.

When you are thinking about a career change, it is very important to prepare a solid action plan. Looking for a job usually takes between 3 to 6 months. Ask yourself how many hours per day, week, or weekend you would like to spend on job searching activities. You need to identify your job target, update your CV, and think about your ideal and desired work situation. Write your plan down and take the first steps towards your goal: your new career. Do not go after the first opportunity like Anna did, but prepare a strategic plan and explore your options and possibilities carefully.

Exploring Your Options

What happens if you do not know which career path to follow, or have too many ideas and do not know which one to choose?

Grace is very successful in her career and also runs her own part-time business. She wants to quit her day job and fully focus on her own business – but every time she thinks about writing her resignation letter she gets a new opportunity in her job, be it a promotion or more responsibilities. She is confused and does not know what to do: follow her dreams or accept the security of the job?

When looking for ideas for your next job it is useful to explore some options. Once again you can do a brainstorming exercise and write down all options and the positive and negative sides of your decision. Think about which option could move you one step closer to your long-term goal. Who can help you, who can advise you? What can you do if your plan fails? These exercises can help you gain clarity about your situation and look at everything from different perspectives.

Reflect on Your Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Abilities

Before starting a new chapter in your career, stop for a moment and think about your background. What do you have to offer a new employer or the market? What are you …