Ancient Greek Atomic Science Was About Mothers and Their Babies

Once upon a long time ago, living in ancient Egypt had its good times as well as its bad times. Some scribe wrote that during the good times, kindness within the family seemed to increase the ability of Egyptians to get the most out of life. Egyptian pyramid builders had to know about the stuff of geometry and the scribe figured out that there were two sorts of geometry. One sort was about lifeless things like stone pyramids and the other sort was about living feelings. The feeling stuff was different, because it could be used to think about ideas that went on forever, while the lifeless stuff did not. The living geometry was used to try and figure out about the feeling stuff belonging to the geometry that went on forever. They called that the sacred geometry of the immortal soul.

We know a bit about this subject because it was used to describe the meaning of ancient Egyptian paintings that were painted during the 1st Kingdom of Egypt. Egyptian writings in stone tells us that about 4000 years ago a terrible drought wiped out the 1st Kingdom and one hundred years later the people restored government back into existence. However, new rules applied, the geometry used to explain mercy, compassion and justice had to be used to put those ideas into political law. We might refer to the people doing this as belonging to a sort of mystery school. Some Greeks, including our old school friend Pythagoras, went to Egypt to learn more about the secrets of these Mystery Schools.

After a while several Greek Universities were set up to figure out more about the eternal mysteries and the ancient Greeks added more good stuff ideas to those of mercy,compassion and justice, including love, freedom, and truth. In geometry all of these ideas had to balance each other in order to correctly solve political and scientific problems. Things got more and more complicated and the universities decided to invent a science devoted to the living stuff as well as the logic about the dead stuff. Their life-science was known as the Science for Ethical Ends. The idea of good and evil was sorted out. Good was about the health of the universe and evil was figured out to be the destructive property of unformed matter inside the atom. Those Greeks were getting so clever they figured out a way to measure how much the earth weighed and how far away it was from the sun and they had figured out some pretty incredible stuff about atoms.

Pythagoras learned about The Music of the Spheres, that as the moon and stars moved about they sang a sort of song that could be heard by the atoms moving about within humans. This sort of musical communication between celestial bodies and small atoms is well known today and it’s a bit like the communication force that shatters a wine glass when singing a high note. The moon could be considered to …

Good Study Habits For College Students

In this article you will learn some of the good study habits for college that students like you can take advantage of to get better grades, become a better student and succeed in every subject even if some of them are difficult for you. Being a college student should not be a daunting stage in your life instead by following good study habits you could make a college one of the best experiences in your life. Here are some good study habits for college students:

1. Attend Class . It is so easy for many students to miss class in college but do not let this happen to you. Skipping class could mean that you are missing key information for your next exam or a "surprise" test from your beloved teacher. Next time you think about missing class, think twice!

2. Take Notes. Taking notes is something you should be doing already, however you could make your notes even more fun to read and come back to if you use colors and high light what ever you think is most important. Plus, your notes could be a life saver because they help you remember what the professor said about a certain point.

3. Beat Procrastination. Procrastination is a mayor issue for most students not only in college but in school in general. It could keep you from giving it your all to school. The best cure for procrastination is to ignore it by not thinking what you are about to do. Just get up and do it now! …