How to Measure Your Professional-Career Growth – Panch Marg

Each person approaches career advancement in a different way. However, a scientific study has shown that there are only five broad ways these approaches different.

Thus, in any organization, employees may choose one of five major ways in which which they look at getting ahead in their careers. This commonality of approach is equally true, regardless of what functions the person performances, what industry he or she belongs to, what domain he or she specializes in, and the level or position he or she is in.

In other words, a career person can choose one of five paths, or Panch Marg, to his / her career destination:

1. The first path, or Marg, involves acquiring greater depth of skills or knowledge in one's area of ​​interest. In other words, the employee increases his or her subject matter expertise in the chosen field by studying some aspect of it in greater depth.

For instance, a stock market investor could attend training on 'futures' trading and add derivatives to his portfolio of investments.

Similarly, an actor might seek to add a dimension to his or her acting skills by joining a course in 'method acting' as propounded by the legendary Stanilavsky.

This mode of addition to your skills can take place, regardless of what industry you are in, or what your line of specialization.

A midpro is free to take this first path, within his / her current company, or outside it.

2. The second path implying scaling up one's area of ​​influence or control. Thus an actor involved in local television programs may aim at appearances on national television to entertain a larger audience, and thenby increase his / her sphere of influence. Most often, people seek career moves within their current functions but across industries.

3. The third path involves tailoring one's skills to increase the context in which one uses them. A television actor who also aspires to act in films would choose to walk up this path. Thus the same acting skills are adapted to increase variety in their use.

4. Traversing the fourth path calls for expansion of skills beyond your existing area of ​​specialization. For instance, think of an actor who trains to be a director, for a new role behind the camera, instead of in front of it. This path requires daring as it calls for developing cross-functional capabilities.

5. Taking the fifth path would mean abandoning your current career and doing something completely different. For instance, an actor may decide to give up acting and pursue a career in event management. This could arguably be the toughest path of all, as it calls for great courage of conviction, based as it is on one's 'inner calling'.

The five paths or 'Marg's correspond with adding depth, size, width, novelty and difference, respectively, to the skills a professional professional rings to bear.

The choice of path that a midpro takes to further his career is entirely up to the individual, and depends on his aims and …

Finding Scholarship For Single Moms – Getting $ 10,000 For Free

Even if you did not have stellar grades in high school, or if it's been a while since you've graduated, it is still possible to find scholarships for college. You can be rewarded for almost anything, including the fact that you're a single mom.

Many of these scholarships for single mothers are specific to the state you live in, so you may have to do some investigating if you happen to be considering an out-of-state school to make sure you applying for the right scholarship. You can find state-specific grants as well, and just like schools, they do not have to be repaid.

There are also many national scholarships available. One designed exclusively for mothers is the Raise the Nation program. This is awarded to moms who want to use education to improve their lives and careers, and hey, that's you because you're a mom and you're going back to school!

If you're a single mom who has suffered through some dark periods, such as domestic violence or drug and alcohol abuse, but you've successfully turned your life around, there are specific scholarships available to recognize your achievement. The Sunshine Lady Foundation is awarded only to survivors of domestic abuse. If drugs and alcohol were your demons, you qualify for the Women's Independence Scholarship and the Soroptimist's Women's Opportunity Awards.

One website that turns up at the top on scholarships searches is They award a $ 10,000 scholarship every few months. Do not be afraid to consider every opportunity you find. Being a single mom is tough, and you can make your college experience just that much easier if you do not have to worry about financing it. Dig everywhere to find lists and applications for every type of scholarship, and ask your financial aid advisor if you need help or advice. …

Student Dental Insurance – Affordable Options For Students

Whether your are 18 years old and just starting out in college or are an older student furthering your education, congratulations on taking such an important step toward preparing for your future. Besides studying and exams, students have other worries as well. One of them being where to find an affordable dental insurance plan. Whether you are looking for individual coverage or a family plan, there are ways to find cheap but quality student dental insurance.

1) ISO. The ISO, or the International Student Organization, is a great option for international students looking for student dental coverage. For people who live in other countries, but are studying at universities or colleges in the United States, the ISO is a great place to turn to to find an affordable plan.

2) A school offered capitation plan. This is a dental plan offered by the school itself that covers basic dental needs. While plans differ from school to school, it is not unusual for these plans to require that you see a set list of dentists. Often, the school will allow you to roll the cost of the plan into your tuition and if you are receiving financial aid or are on scholarship, the fee can be taken care of so you don’t have to come out of pocket.

3) Dental insurance scheme. Another form of student dental insurance that is offered by the school itself is a dental insurance scheme. This plan is offered by a private insurance company but in agreement with the school. Because insurance companies can afford to give discounts for group coverage, the fact that many students participate makes securing this type of coverage cheap.

4) Discount dental plans. Sometimes, if you are not anticipating needing much dental work at all, these discounted dental plans can be a much more affordable way to go. Unlike insurance, you don’t pay premiums. You pay a nominal annual fee and get access to a list of dentists that will do basic work at greatly discounted prices. Another great thing about these programs is that they also offer great discounts on major dental procedures in case of emergency.…

All These Worlds Are Yours – The Appeal of Science Fiction

I've been fascinated with science fiction stories for as long as I can remember, though, I must confess, I never thought of science fiction as being mainstream literature. I, like many readers, pursed science fiction as a form of escapism, a way to keep up with speculation on recent scientific discoveries, or just a way to pass the time.

It was not until I met with my thesis adviser to celebrate the approval of my paper that I had to think about science fiction in a new light. My adviser works for a large, well-known literary foundation that is considered to be very "canonical" in its tastes. When he asked me if I liked science fiction, and if I would be willing to select about one hundred stories for possible inclusion in an anthology that they were thinking about producing, I was somewhat surprised. When he told me it might lead to a paying gig, I became even more astounded. I went home that afternoon feeling very content: my paper had been approved, and I might get a paying job to select science fiction, of all things.

Then it hit me: I'd actually have to seriously think about some sort of a method to select from the thousands of science fiction short stories that had been written in the past century. When I considered that the ideals of the foundation would have to be reflected in the stories which I selected, something near panic set in: science fiction was not part of the "cannon."

"While I pondered weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore," I reached a decision: I'd first try to figure out what science fiction "was," and then I'd develop a set of themes that related to the essence of science fiction. So, armed with this battle plan, I proceeded to read what several famous authors had to say about science fiction. This seemed simple enough, until I discovered that no two authors thought science fiction meant quite the same thing. Oh, great, thought I: "nevermore." (Sorry, Edgar, I could not resist).

Having failed to discover the essence of science fiction, I selected four authors which work I liked to try to determine what they contributed to the art of science fiction. The authors were: Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg, Orson Scott Card, and Arthur C Clarke. At the time, I did not realize that two of the authors, Asimov and Clarke were considered "hard" science fiction writers, and the other two, Silverberg and Card, were considered "soft" science fiction writers.

So, you might ask: what is the difference between "hard" and "soft" science fiction. I'm glad you asked, else I would have to stop writing right about now. "Hard" science fiction is concerned with an understanding of quantum sciences, such as astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc. "Soft" science fiction is often associated with the humanities or social sciences, such as sociology, psychology or economics. Of course, some writers blend "hard" and "soft" science …

Career Change Resume Writing Tips

Your career change resume is a very specific tool, quite unlike a 'normal' resume so you must approach it's creation differently.

Here are some tips to make sure that your career change resume is up to the job of getting you to interview.

Now, because the aim of this document is very different from that of a normal chronological resume, in other words the aim is to help you move into a different career, then the recent career history becomes less important than the skills you developed.

These skills must be presented in a way that supports your career objective, so starting at the top:

Under your name, address and contact details you MUST add a targeted, job-specific career objective statement. This is a clear statement of intent, so spell it out by saying exactly what job you are pursuing. This way there is no confusion about what you want to do from the start of the resume.

Next on your career change resume it is best to add a bulleted skills section. This is a short list that helps hiring managers quickly see that you have the requisite skills for the job. Only include those skills that are directly relevant to the new job and leave out any that you may have but are unrelated to your new objective.

Write a personal profile summary. Focus clearly on the skills and qualifications that are required for the new job. Get as much information about the intended role as you can so that you can understand the depth and level of skills and personal attributes needed. When you are clear weave your own qualifications into the personal profile statement of your career change resume. Remember any experience that is relevant, regardless of where it comes from such as volunteering or even hobby work, can add significantly to your presentation and so increase your chances of getting the role you want.

Many jobs, although different on the surface, have common skills requirements and these core skills are also your most transferable skills. For example you may include: communication skills, project management skills, customer service delivery, and excellent organizational skills as these would apply to so many jobs. The most important part of this although is not to just claim the skill but to provide evidence to substantiate the claim, quantify your resume results wherever possible.

Stick to these tips for your career change resume and you will be very pleased with the outcome of your efforts. …