The Importance of Self Assessment in Job Hunting

Though you may have a dream job in mind, it may not be the perfect one for you. Before you fall for one or the other jobs you have in mind, it is best to make a self assessment. Self assessment will be able to tell you whether to pursue your dream job or choose something else for which you are made. Self assessment is the process of gathering information about you in a scientific manner and applying it in the career planning process.

Once you have completed your self assessment, you will have a clear idea of ​​goals you want to attain, the industry that will best suit your mind and whether you are undecided and confused. This will save you from switching jobs or career too often. It will also help you lay a solid foundation for future pursuit of a career. Self assessment can be done any time – as someone fresh out of college looking for the first job or as an experienced individual planning a career change.

Self Assessment – Points to Ponder

Here is what a typical a self assessment will be like – Taking stock of your values ​​and interests, your personality and traits and your aptitude for a particular profession.

  • Here are some qualities and expectation you need to decide upon:
  • Appraise the level of autonomy you want at your work
  • How much you want to help individuals or groups
  • Whether you want prestige at your workplace
  • Your perceptions about a secure job
  • How good you are working in a team
  • How much you are willing to participate in social activities
  • Your idea about receiving recognition at workplace
  • What you consider as good salary and perks
  • What you wish to accomplish at the job
  • How much of skill you possess and how you want to improve upon it
  • Your willingness to take up leadership or managerial roles
  • How much you want to influence others and accept responsibilities

Self Assessment Tools

There are many tools available in the internet to do a self-assessment. They are mostly objective-type questions you need to answer honestly. At the end of a test you will receive a score. Some tools will even suggest the best industry you fit in. If you want a professional appraisal to be made, you should meet a career counselor. They will conduct a test and come out with a result showing what is best for you. They will also be able to tell whether you are fit for taking up a job or taking up self-employment.

Self Assessment Skill Appraisal for Career Change

If you are looking towards career change, and have some experience you may want a skill evaluation made. Skill evaluations cover the following aspects – basic skills, management skills, people skills, system skills and technical skills. Each one is a specialty in itself. Here again there are many tools available in the Internet which you can use extensively. We suggest you take tests at more than one website and …

College Works Painting – A Means to Assist the Community

At some point, you could have conceived of getting a make over for your house or perchance doing some of those hazardous exterior painting of your house? If you’ve responded yes to these queries, then let College Works Painting do the chore for you. The consecutive inquiry that could be expected is, why? Different individuals could conceive that these are college students who are unpracticed with exterior painting, but in fact, they are wrong. College Works Painting uses students in college who are well-versed with the job they are employed to. These are students in college who work for their tuition fee and are superb at serving it. These are well-trained students who have incurred skills in painting as well as dependable skills in managing businesses.

The profits are extended with College Works Painting. Taking In College Works Painting for your tasks related to painting both inside and outside your home may mean that you are really lending help to the future of these students who have to make their way to graduate college. These programs are intentional to aid the students to develop efficiency when it comes to business as well as help them develop into a good leader and handler as these types of program and help them to discover leadership and managerial skills. As College Works Painting also assists to give to the disabled, other charity groups, or those who have special needs.

The platform provides quality painting servicing at a cheaper rate compared to those firms that have fees that are way above your budget. The College Works Painting program offers competitive rates that involve top quality craftsmanship with good customer service to add with.

Meantime, college students who are searching to cover all the fees to be paid while going to school that are burdening their parents are studying a couple of advices on business, leadership, managerial skills, likewise the quality of the work they are doing. Not to mention the process they do for the community. The kinship between contractor-client amends when students are openly aware of the issues being tackled and that they are able to communicate with their customers about the demands, potential problems the task might place, and other events that are required to be comprehended.…

Today in Science Class – Instilling Christian Values ​​in Today's Children

What do you do when your child comes home from school and questions questions about God versus what he learned today in science class? It's normal for kids to question beliefs and values ​​and it's difficult to counter the information that's being fed to them every day in public schools.

Christian educator, David Millette, has written a brave new book, Today in Science Class: Ben's Big Bang Botheration, that will help children and parents in the quest to retain Christian values ​​in the home.

Ben's Big Bang Botheration is the first in the Today in Science Class series and deals with the issue of Creation and the Big Bang theory. Middle school student, Ben, loves science and has always enthusiastically studied class subjects. But laTely, Ben's teacher has been presenting the theory that everything on earth just happened and was not created by God. These teachings are completely opposite from those that his parents and church says are true – and Ben wishes answers.

Out of Ben's questions and search for the truth comes an understanding that God is the most logical explanation for the creation of our universe. Children who read Ben's Big Bang Botheration will be engaged in lively thoughts and conversations throughout the book and will begin to understand the concepts presented in school and at home.

The first half of each Today in Science Class book is written in story form and dedicated to children readers. The second half is specifically written to help parents and teachers understand what children of middle-school and teens are being taught in our schools and how to counteract the influence of those teachings.

Millette's promise is that parents must become their children's primary educators and be prepared to teach them why the theories that they're being taught in school are not correct. This can not be done through brow-beating or a "because I said so …" attitude. Parents must be armed with facts and the educated ability to sit down with their children and have meaningful conversations about God.

Millette has laid an impressive foundation in the first book of the Today in Science Class series – Ben's Big Bang Botheration. When a child believes the first five words of the Bible: "In the beginning, God created …," he has all the foundation he'll need to with the concepts and theories presented to him through his education process – and beyond. That's the focus of Milete's series.

David Millette's books may be the answer to our worries about the persuasion that schools have in our children's lives and a guide as to how we can maintain a stronger influence to help them grow into Christian men and women. Today in Science Class: Ben's Big Bang Botheration, is an excellent resource for parents and each future book will address a particular theory presented in schools and guidance for parents when their children come home with questions. …

Want a Dream Career? Get a Job on a Yacht!

If you're the "outdoorsy" type, prefer to work on a team, have a positive attitude and are a confirmed "people-person," you may fit right in as part of a yacht crew. Though jobs on most yachts are seasonal or part-time (depending on when someone rents it for a cruise), you will gain an incredible amount of experience while sailing your work days away.

A few yacht crew jobs include the following:

Chef / Cook

Diesel Mechanic

Flotilla Skipper

Host / Hostess

Sailing Instructor

You can apply for positions with private yachts; exploration ships that travel far and wide; commercial vessels; Egypt megayachts and superyachts, liners or tankers. But, where do you find these jobs, anyway?

There are several yacht crew-finder services for vessel owners and employers around the world. Remember, this is a global industry, and though you'll have a full decision-making authority on things like what kind ofessel you'd like to sail on and when you're available to crew, things like salads or if you will work a working holiday yacht cruise or as a voluntary crew member are large non-negotiable, particularly for entry-level jobs.

You can also work on shore-based jobs related to the yachting industry, such as outfitters or suppliers for deck and overall yacht needs like linen services or glassware.

And think about this: You pretty much get to decide ahead of time whenever you'd prefer to work on Carver yachts, Catalina yachts, Seaward Yachts, Pershing Yachts, or pal up with a few friends on the ship of your choice. The other good thing about yacht employment is that, because it is seasonal work, for the most part, there is a lot of turnover, so you will not have to "paddle the waters" very long while looking for a job!

Another good tip to know is that vessel owners are usually very generous and pay their crew very good (tax-free) wages, along with job "perks" such as the obvious, like travel expenses and great accommodations, plus a free vacation !! …

The Law in South Africa

The primary sources of South Africa law were Roman-Dutch mercantile law and personal law with English Common law, as imports of Dutch settlements and British colonialism. The first European law in South Africa was brought by the Dutch East India Company and is called Roman-Dutch law. It was imported before the codification of European law into the Napoleonic Code and is comparable in many ways to Scottish law. This was followed in the 19th Century by British law both common and statutory. Starting in 1910 with unification, South Africa had its own parliament which passed laws specific for South Africa, building on those previously passed for the individual member colonies.

Roman Dutch law is a legal system based on Roman law as applied in the Netherlands in the 17th and 18th century. As such, it is a variety of the European continental Civil law or Ius commune. While Roman Dutch law ceased to be applied in the Netherlands themselves already at the beginning of the 19th century, Roman Dutch law is still being applied today by the courts of South Africa and Sri Lanka.

While Roman law was mostly forgotten in the early middle ages, interest in the doctrines of Roman jurists returned when – around the year 1070– a copy of the digest of Emperor Justinian I was found in Italy. Scholars in the emerging university of Bologna started to study the Roman texts and to teach law based on these texts. Courts gradually started to apply Roman law –as taught in the university of Bologna (and soon elsewhere) because the sentences felt that the recognized legal concepts of Roman law were more apt to resolve complex cases than the Germanic laws, which had been in use before Roman law was revived. This process (the reception of Roman law) took place in Italy and then in the rest of continental Europe.

In 15th century, the process reached the Netherlands. While Italian jurists were the first to contribute to the new science of law based on the Roman texts, in the 16th century, French lawyers were most influential. In the 17th and 18th century, the leading rôle was passed on to the legal science in the Netherlands. Members of the so-called school of elegant jurisprudence included Hugo Grotius, Johannes Voet, Ulrich Huber and many others. These schools managed to merge Roman law with some legal concepts taken from the traditional Germanic customary law of the Netherlands, especially of the province of Holland. Thre resulting mixture was predominately Roman, but it contained some features which were characteristically Dutch. This mixture is known as Roman Dutch law. The Dutch introduced the legal system of their state to their colonies. In this way, the Dutch variety of the European Ius commune came to be applied in South Africa and Sri Lanka.

In the Netherlands, the history of Roman Dutch law ended, when the kingdom of the Netherlands adopted the French Code civil in 1809. However, Roman Dutch law was not replaced by French …

Educational Benefits of Online Rebus Puzzles

Rebus puzzles are word puzzles that use strategically placed letters or words to represent a common phrase, saying, or word. They are a popular type of puzzle for both children and adults and can be very fun and educational at the same time. There are a few basic types of rebus puzzles that employ different types of designs that you must look at in order to solve the puzzle. Each type of puzzle has different educational benefits as well.

One of the most common types of online rebus puzzles is one that uses word positions to create another word or phrase. A puzzle that contains the word “man” placed inside the word “moon” creates the phrase “man in the moon because of the way the words are positioned. This type of rebus puzzle helps develop early reading skills by helping children to differentiate between and identify different words.

Some rebus puzzles will use word repetition and highlighting to lead the viewer to solve the puzzle. A puzzle with the word “base” written three times in a row with an arrow pointing to the first base would denote the phrase “first base.” This type of puzzle introduces the early learning concept of reading text in a certain order, either left to right or top to bottom as text is usually written in this way.

Sometimes an online rebus puzzle does not follow the traditional left to right or top to bottom pattern, rather it uses direction as a clue to the solution. The word “break” written with the letters from bottom to top would be solved as breakup. This type of rebus puzzle encourages creativity in early education and gives children the opportunity to look at words and letters in a different way.

An online rebus puzzle can also use size as an indicator of the solution. Very large or small words or letters are usually part of the solution. The word “fry” written in very small text would represent the phrase “small fry.” Rebus puzzles that use size to represent a solution also foster creativity in early education and are a way to introduce children to new ways of thinking about language.

Rebus puzzles can also use repetition as a way to represent a word or phrase. Puzzles that repeat a letter or word a certain number of times may allude to a word or phrase that includes a word that sounds like a number such as to (two) or for (four). The word “sight” repeated four times will represent the word “foresight.” This type of online rebus puzzle is valuable in early education because it helps children to make connections between numbers and words and to think of language in an abstract way.

There are many online rebus puzzles for you to enjoy, or if you need something more personalized you can always use an online rebus puzzle maker to create personalized rebus puzzles that are suitable for all age and ability levels. Rebus puzzle makers can be found …

Income Selling on eBay – You're in For a Treat With the University Learning Center

When you decide to make income selling on eBay there is a myriad of information available to help you get started. You could simply dive right in and learn for yourself. Or you could purchase a costly system. Whether you have already tried selling or if you are a complete novice, there are many ways to improve your chances of making profits from selling on eBay. The most complete information available is the eBay website University Learning Center.

The website has an excellent tutorial section available at no cost. This site teaches the seller how to research the market, how to sell items, ship them and collect payment worldwide. It also explains how to tap into Certified Providers as a resource. This website teachers everything you need to know to get started making an income.

In the "Basics of Selling on eBay" course, the University Learning Center guides you through opening your account, registering as a seller, researching and creating perfect listings, photography, setting prices, use of PayPal, monitoring your listings and completing transactions. The "Beyond the Basics of Selling" course teachers you how to fine tune all the basics such as growing your business and creating innovative and compelling listings. Both of these courses are offered in classroom settings for in person instruction.

Marketing tips for improving your income selling are presented in "Increase Your Sales" section of the University Learning Center. This section discusses many topics including market strategy, customer service and how to keep customers coming back to mention a few.

The University Learning Center covers everything you need to utilize the power of auctions. The four sections (How to Buy, How to Sell, and Increase Your Sales) will inform you and guide you to success in making an online income from home. …