Where Is Jill Nye the Science Gal?

I am in the process of trying to start an Association for Women in Mathematics chapter at my University. I was not really inspired to do this until recently when I came to a sad realization while viewing the "people who inspire you" section on my Facebook profile … none of them are women.

What is worse is that when it comes to literature, history, and business I know of many examples of women who figured prominently and made significant contributions, but in science and mathematics I can only think of a few. Of those few, most are in the social sciences and some met with some pretty terrible fates (ie Marie Curie). I am also well aware of the stories of women who would have had their names in the history books, but alas their work is overshadowed (and not credited properly) in history books by their male contemporaries, even thought their work is what made it possible for those men to make important discoveries.

I began to also realize that as a child growing up I had no female role models in math or science when it came to pop culture. I loved Indiana Jones and wanted to be an archeologist for the longest time. I watched Beakman's World and Bill Nye the Science Guy every chance I could. All of my childhood science heroes were men.

Even today when I watch television or go to the movies it is still mostly male characters that dominate the world of math and science. Women, when cast as scientists, are often characterized as brilliant, but so socially flawed that they are to be pitied.

In the media women who are gifted at math and science and who are also cool, fun, interesting, and desirable are mostly portrayed as doctors, psychologists, or nurses. All of these are noble fields, but these are not the only science fields. Women are rarely portrayed in the applied and theoretical sciences such as engineers, mathematicians, scientists, and researchers.

Even my favorite shows like Big Bang Theory and Bones do this. The one "normal" character Bernadette in the Big Bang Theory still had to contend with the possible emasculation of her future husband by her earning a PhD. Although she is normal, especially in comparison to most of the other characters in the show, Bernadette's character is subjected to the sexist storyline that she should walk on eggshells because she dared to be an accomplished female scientist who would make more money than her less educated and less completed husband to be. Other characters like Amy Farah Fowler are meant to comically mirror the bizarre Sheldon Cooper character, or as in the case of Leslie Winkle are characterized as women who behave as men do (even sexually); one would assume because she is in a male dominated profession.

In Bones Dr. Brennan is so dependent on her logic and facts that she pushes people and her feelings away because they are not as reliable. She is …

3D Computer Animation – Careers

Just think, the characters of your favorite 3D animation films are the collective products of 3D artist’s long work hours in pursuit of the best feature to be produced. Animation studios both big and small employ creative artists with a broad background in art and design. This is why skilled artists possess the passion for animation. In Hollywood’s golden age, two dimensional cartoon episodes were drawn by hand. As advances in technology came along, the techniques employed in making animations have been fine tuned and as a result, 3D animated films being produced currently have become more realistic than their predecessors.

Multi -dimensional graphics are used in computer animation. In two-dimensional animation separate layers or frames are used to produce motion. In three-dimensional animation, the character is manipulated by moving points along a virtual skeleton within the model. If you want to become a successful animator in the 3D computer animation industry, then you need to focus on animation careers where opportunities for advancement exist. Animators today need to be technologically savvy.

The use of the newest technology and software to breathe life into the inanimate has become common practice in the industry because computers make animation production tasks easier. All hope is not lost if you are interested in animation, but are not blessed with talent or are tech savvy as there are educational opportunities that help people with their computer animation careers. 3D computer animation course offerings include the fundamentals of artistic design, drawing, graphic design, video design, cartooning and other basics of animations. If your desire is to become an animator, you should consider earning a degree in animation from an accredited college or other institution of higher learning. Several Art Institutions are offering courses that teach both technical skill and practical application. Schools offering certificate programs that involve shorter durations of study can be found online for many different fields of study including computer animation.

With all this opportunity, do not expect to become the next best animator overnight. A lot of practice and patience is needed to acquire the skills needed in animation. With a few years of practical application under your belt you will be well on your way to becoming a successful animator. Animation companies prefer to employ animators with good references from schools and from in the field. With enough skill and experience, you’ll be ready to conquer a career in 3D computer animation.…

What It Takes to Become A Good Chef

The art of cooking is a delicate and complex matter. When one masters the proper way how it should be done, everything else follows. Do realize that cooking is not just all about chopping and mixing ingredients in a hot boiling pot; the presentation, style and taste all matters. End results should always be exquisite. It should have a classy touch with a tinge of convincing taste to make it all memorable to the diners.

Becoming an expert chef takes time; well, everything does and since learning is the elementary factor that should be utilized for cooking, an open mind and unrelenting will have to come first. If you want to be a chef, you have to put your heart and soul to it.

As early as possible, expose yourself to anything that is related to kitchen chores. Even by simply standing by your busy Mom at the kitchen as she makes dinner, already counts as a good experience for the long travel ahead to becoming a chef. Consistency and practice are important in developing your cooking skills. Even when you think that you are not good at cooking or in any kitchen chore at all, trying your best to what you can, with all your might can make a difference.

Do not hurry up when learning. You may think that under a quick way of learning how to become a chef is more convenient. For the time being, it is; but it will not matter whether you finish first or last in studying as what is being accounted for when you are in the real world, is your output.

When you have enhanced your cooking skills, do realize that you can be good in this type of profession. And when you continue to learn new food recipes, trends and others in the culinary arts, an even secure career will open its doors for you. Just remember that learning how to become a chef is like an ongoing practical education. Trial and error situations will happen, and it should but it's an excellent way of learning and increasing your cooking knowledge. …