Language Translations for Real Life: Love Language Translations – She's Got That "Je Ne Sais Pas"

They say that the language of love transcends cultural borders. Love can indeed be lost in translations, or at least confused in translations at times. Sure men might be from Mars, and women from Venus, but imagine if they were not even from the same galaxy! How do you localize a relationship?

So you're a happy single person, with no attachments and a thirst for life and new adventures. You've grown up learning English as a second language, and possibly Spanish or French and even Italian as additional languages. Being a European, you are accredited to cultural and language differences, and the general etiquette of meeting someone from another country, who also understands the internationalism associated with being European.

Now you've decided that it is time for a major change in your life, to try something very different, to go to America and study at an American university to earn an American graduate degree. This can only help advance your career and give you the valuable life lessons of living abroad as a young adult. So you pick a school and pack your bags, buy your tickets, say goodbye to your home, and go. While at university, what do you study? International Business, of course! Now this story is not about international student life at American universities, we'll save that piece for another time …

This story is about that one night at a social outing with your buddies, over bees … from across the distant room, you spot her …

Who is that girl? Where is she from? What is her name? How can I meet her? She's got that, " Je ne sais pas" … You tap your buddy and ask him about that girl … He responds, "Oh her? Yes, she's in my class, I know her, do you want me to introduce you? "

Fast forward a week later, after your first date, and your buddy asks "So how did it go last night?" "Well? I'm not sure if she completely understands me, or did I her … but we're seeing each other again Friday."

In today's global society, a growing number of people are found to speak a language different than their native tongue to their partner. In some cases, the mutually common language is not even the native language of either partner. This is typical in major international cities like New York and London, I personally know tons of tri-lingual couples, for example like this international couple who are friends of mine living in San Francisco, where the husband is French and the wife is Japanese and they speak English together.

Can Love Language be localized? I'm never Dr. Ruth nor Dr. Phil, but I can tell you a few tips that have helped along the way …

Tip # 1 – Honesty: If a woman asks "Am I fat?" No matter where she's from or what language you speak, never say "Well, just a little on the legs and the bottom" even if …

Survey Fillers: A Career for Individuals at Home

As the term suggests, survey fillers are individuals paid to fill up online survey forms. It is their responsibility to supply honest responses to questions. This is because the information that they provide has the power to influence the fate of a product or brand. In fact, companies rely on their opinions to come up with significant business decisions.

Survey fillers start with this profession by registering with an online survey company. They provide contact details and other information necessary to qualify them. If accepted, they will receive links to surveys, accomplish them and receive payment.

These people receive overwhelming number of surveys in their electronic mails. The quicker they response to every review, the more they will be able to complete the full survey. The more forms they fill up, the higher amount of cash they will receive. Some payments, though, come in rewards.

Survey filling is best for stay-at-home moms, retirees, college students and others. This is especially recommended for people who do want to work but do not want to spend 8 hours a day for it. They can take as many or as few surveys as they want. They can also choose which assignment to accept and when to do it. For instance, a mom who has a husband and kids to take care of can work when the kids and husband are out of the home or when they are asleep.

Some persons are cynical about this job. This is because they find the payment too small at less than $5 dollars for an hour. But if survey fillers are to ask, this is not an issue only if the respondents are quick to provide data. They claim that they can earn between $1,000 and $2,000 dollars a year. This is by just investing 60 minutes of their time a day.

If you are one among those interested in becoming survey fillers, you may consider signing up with two or more survey companies to maximize your potential to earn. It will require your honest answers, though, plus your patience in answering them. This is because the person who will review your work can sense if you are half-heartedly responding to questions.

To make sure that you are able to maximize your time as well, consider using time tracking tools. You may input your tasks into the system so you will not forget any of them. You may then monitor your time and your accomplished works so you know if you are keeping up with your target earnings.…

Job Search Secrets – Starting a New Career at Mid-Career and Beyond

When you were a kid grownups always asked you "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Now may be the time to ask yourself "is this what I really wanted to when I grow up?" Your first career may have been chosen by necessity or availability. The beauty of a second career is that now now you have the leisure to do what you really want to do and prepare yourself to do it in the way you want to.

Here are 7 steps you can take to get from here to there.

Assessments. Both informal and formal evaluations can help you identify the general type of job that will make you happy. Informal evaluations are a way of looking back over your career and leisure activities and identifying those that you did well and most enjoyed doing. There is a wide variety of formal evaluations which can help you pinpoint your work style and give you clues about the type of job that would make you happy (working with people, with facts, leading a team, perfecting a process, etc.).

Internet Research. What you have identified your interests and work style, now is the time to go to the Internet and check what you can find out about careers that you think are good possibilities. There are even some websites where you can arrange to "shadow" someone in that position for a few days.

Target possibilities and craft your questions. Once you have narrowed your options down to one to three possibilities, spend some time thinking about the questions you want to ask when you talk to people already in that field. The better your questions are, the better the quality of your research. Go in to talk to people totally prepared.

Network to find and meet people already in that role. Contact the people you know, in all of your networks, and ask them if they know anyone who is doing now what you would like to be doing. You want an introduction and an opportunity to find out from them what their job is really like.

Identify your transferable skills and / or training or credentials needed. Look at your background with the information gained by talking to the person in your new field. Check out if there are specific credentials that are required in you new field and what you need to do to acquire them.

Get to know the community – organizations and hanging out. Getting to know the community can range from getting involved in the professional organizations that are important in your new field to hanging out at a deli in a building where a number of your targets are located.

Create your marketing plan and make your move. Your marketing plan is a description of the role you want to play and a list of organizations in which you would like to play it. You will find sharing this will send your referrals through the roof. …

Average Cost of Living in London on a Graduate Salary

Graduates who relocate to London for work post-university, are often concerned about the living expenses associated with London. Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to the question 'how much money will I need to earn in order to live comfortably in London?'. As you can imagine, every graduate who moves to London has a different set of circumstances and criteria as to how they'd like to live their life in London. However, we'll use this article to break down some average costs for you.

By using Salary Track's November 2009 report, the average gross salary for graduates working in London was £ 25,000 per annual. This is £ 2000 more per year than the average graduate salary in the reminder of the country. A person earning £ 25,000 would take home £ 18,273.65 (depending on their tax code) after tax and student loan deductions. The Student Loan Company take 9% of everything you earn over £ 15,000 from your earnings, so in this case, you would pay £ 900 per year back to the SLC.

Rental costs in London are extremely variable, but there are some key factors that are a fairly good indicator of how much you'll have to pay per month in rent. If you wish to live by yourself, then this is probably going to be the most expensive option available to you. If you're a couple sharing a 1 bed flat, then this would put you at an advantage to the solo tenant, as you'll be able to split the cost of the bills and rent straight down the middle. Next if you're willing to live in a shared house, then you could save loads of money, as there could potentially be 4 or 5 of you to split the bills with. Finally, the icing on the cake for cheap rent, would be if you're a couple sharing a bedroom in a house with other people living there. If you budget around £ 500 per month (or £ 6000 per year) for your rent, then generally this should buy you some reasonably comfortable accommodation in a decent area. However, this changes if you're planning to live by yourself, in which case you'll need to set at least £ 650 and even then you're likely to live in an extremely pokey space.

The bills that you're required to pay in London are not any different to ones that you'll have to fork out for in the rest of the UK. They include council tax, utilities such as electricity, gas and water and optional bills such as for a mobile phone, landline telephone, television license, satellite packages, broadband etc. When it comes to council tax though, it's worth knowing that there are 33 different council boroughs covering Greater London and they each have quite different council tax rates. Wandsworth and Westminster Council charge the cheapest tax rates in London. Whilst Westminster Council covers some pretty expensive areas of Central London, Wandsworth Council includes desirable, yet affordable areas of …

The Best Options For Online Colleges

There are a few things you should know about online schools before you read on. They offer a great variety of different classes and areas of study. Going to a traditional college, you have to go in and sit for hours on end on a very exact schedule. With an online school you can create your own schedule and it is extremely easy to access. This allows people to keep an eye on the rest of their life. They can get a job on the side so they can work and do school at the same time. The cool thing is that you can do it at multiple places. You could head down to the coffee shop down the street and at home. You could even do your schooling in another country if needed!

There has been a rise in the number of online universities. Their popularity is rising every day. The University of Phoenix has proved itself time after time as one of the top schools out there .. They have about 16 different schools and 200 campuses around the united states and British Columbia. A study showed that the average amount of time to complete a degree at Phoenix is ​​about 20 months. Then you can move on to your career or transfer to a traditional college for a higher degree. It has become the one of the largest accredited online schools since it was founded it 1976.

With about 9 area's or study, including business, health science and business, Kaplan University is another one of the top schools. Being founded in 1937 Kaplan has grown with the ages and is far ahead of their time in their teaching methods and have great educational resources at their hands. People who have or are serving in the military get special rates and those who are not or have not been in the military can apply for a great or financial aid.

DeVry University is an online school that offers 5 very specific and different college's in different area of ​​study. One of the best things about this school are the 90 locations in the United States and Canada. They offer 3 different options for schooling. These are going into class, doing all your work online or doing a bit of both.

Doing college online costs a lot less than going to a regular college. They work perfectly with everyone's schedule. It also helps that most online schools offer the going in or doing it on the computer option. They are a great option for people with busy lifestyles who want to get their degree. …

Why the Charlotte Mason Method is a Good Choice For Your Homeschool Education

I heard about the Charlotte Mason method of homeschool early in my homeschool career. My daughter was in Kindergarten and several of the mothers in my homeschool group used the Charlotte Mason Method. I preferred using a standard curriculum, however, as I was new, nervous, and still afraid of ruining my daughters life!

However, about a year later, we had moved to another town. And as luck would have it, our house backed up to the local elementary school. One day as my daughter sat at the kitchen table doing her studies, I looked out at the school, and I suddenly had the thought – why exactly am I homeschooling? I knew that having her at home was way better than having her in school for a variety of reasons, but with that perspective, I decided that I wanted to do more than just give her a school-based education at home – I wanted to give her something more. Something that she could not get even at the best of schools, something that only one on one time at home with me could provide – and so I started to look more into other forms of homeschooling, rather than just using a private or Christian based curriculum at home.

The Charlotte Mason method was exactly what I was looking for – using living books instead of text books, helping the kids to learn a knowledge of the subject, not just memorize a few facts, and most importantly – working to develop the child as a whole – Spiritually, intellectually, creatively, and physically. I knew immediately that the Charlotte Mason method would be perfect for our homeschool.

What is the Charlotte Mason Method?

The first thing you need to do is become familiar with the Charlotte Mason Method. There are plenty of books that can help, but the Original Homeschooling Series by Charlotte Mason is the best, although a long read (six volumes). You can also purchase shorter versions or notes of her series if you want the speed reading version of her philosophy.

Basically, Charlotte was a British educator who believed that education should be about more than just memorizing facts, passing an exam, training for a job, or getting into the right college. Charlotte Mason believed that education was a discipline and a way of life. The goal of an education was to find out who we were and how we fit into the world of human beings and into the universe God created.

Charlotte Mason believed (and I agree) that children are able to deal with ideas and knowledge. Children are not simply blank slates or empty sacks to be filled with information that has been pre-screened by a middleman (teacher or textbook writer.) A Charlotte Mason education includes first-hand exposure to great and noble ideas through living books, not text books in each school subject, and through art, music and poetry.

However, the Charlotte Mason Method is a very carefully planned out method where books are chosen …